*Nick and Judy at Spoken Lyrics Night at the ZPD*

Judy, looking up from some sheets of paper: Uh…?

*Nick gives her a double thumbs-up from the darkened crowd of off-duty officers*

Judy: O.K… "Nick, you're always there. A catch of no compare.

Your studliness unrivaled, your bod a burnt-orange idol."

*Judy makes a face at the song Nick wrote for her*

"Nick, you're oh-so sweet?"

"Nick, make love to my feet." *crowd mutters, Bogo scratches his horns*

"Nick, you are so bold. Nick, you rock my world."

*Judy gives him a look of disbelief, he nods*

"Nick, you lookin' fine. You sexy fox of mine."

*Everyone bursts into a literal roar of laughter, everyone but Nick*

Judy: NICK. *crumples up papers and stalks towards him*

Nick, calmly looks down at his sheets of paper: "Judy, my sweet dear.

I think it's very clear. There's none other to compare, to the friendship we both

share." *Judy stops, everyone settles down* Though sometimes you are quite

rough, I know that true love must be tough." *Nick smiles up at her* You're my

Carrots, I'm your friend, and we'll be together until you finally get your pen."

*Holds up carrot pen*

*Judy's eyes water as she hops into his arms, his paws cradling her thighs and supporting her lightness. They then share a deep, brief kiss. Everyone stares*

Nick, looking into Judy's eyes: You're dismissed.

*No one moves*

Judy: 1… 2…

*Everyone gets up and leaves except Ben*

Nick, grinning: 2 and a half.

Ben, gushing right beside them: 2 and three quarters.

Judy, smiling into her love's deep green eyes: Three.

*They both kiss even deeper as Ben hugs them*

The End.