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"The Flower and the Mosquito"




The Rizzo family was not as well-known compared to other Mafia families; they were not overly powerful like the Vongola and they were not as big as Cavallone or as research oriented as the Estraneo. But members born into the family seemed to have the most potential when it came to being assassins and spies.

It was the fifth boss of the Rizzo family who managed an alliance to the Vongola.

For the most part the higher leveled family members of the Rizzo worked exclusively with the Vongola. They are valuable to different Vongola departments but make sure to remain relatively vague in identity to outsiders.

The girl known as Ivy was born into the Rizzo family. She lived a comfortable and happy childhood with her parents ignorant of the Mafia world. On a May evening everything changed, her mother passed away shortly after being poisoned by an unknown agent.

Her father tried to raise her away from the Mafia life- it was in vain.

Soon after her mothers' death the small girl had submerged herself into her studies. She quickly rose to the top of her classes and she started physically training herself slowly becoming stronger-faster. Her father could only stand aside and protect her from afar.

One day while her father was meeting with the Vongola Boss she wondered around the back of her family compound and came upon a large greenhouse. The greenhouse was packed with different varieties of flowers- more than half were poisonous, that is when the Green Dahlia was born.

Ivy Rizzo knew that she had come along way compared to her days as a young child. Quickly she had shed the sugarcoated words and ignorance choosing to see the world for what it truly was. By the time she was 13 years old she had started taking missions from her family. She fought through the adversity and showed them that she would not be held down.

As sad as it is females are not taken seriously in the Mafia world. Often they are merle trophy wives, assistants, informants, or whores.

She would not let herself be one of those people.

Not ever.

She fought her way to the top- made a name for herself among the Mafia.

A name and an identity that would show them she was worth more than the stereotypes.

She is a woman of power.

I'll show them, she thought briefly as she walked into the ball room standing tall and proud, and unescorted as it was unexpected of a high class woman. Dressed in a sapphire blue gown she lazily observed the crowded room.

Towards the center of the room her gaze briefly landed on the Vongola Nono who was surrounded by his guardians before drifting to a corner.

Not that far away she watched as a young male tried to hit on a woman and failed miserably; he was taller than her, brown hair and chocolate colored eyes, dressed in a black pinstriped suit. Humming lightly, she turned away feeling amused.

Straightening up, smile on her lips she confidently made her way to the man who one of her fathers most trusted allies.

Around her people gossiped and murmured rumors.

She knew the rumors that surrounded the Green Dahlia. The Green Dahlia was supposed to be a male assassin who worked closely with plants and often harvested the poisonous ones in order to use in battle. He was 6 feet tall, with broad shoulders and an unidentified face because he always wore a heavy black hooded cape adorned with vines of ivy, dahlias, and baby's-breath.

Everyone was expecting the Green Dahlia to show up and reveal themselves tonight- as a special request from the Vongola Don.

She couldn't help but laugh as she overheard a woman quiver, "It is said that he shows no mercy."

Another chimed in, "If he wants you dead- you won't know until he wants you to. Apparently he can manipulate his poisons that way."

"How terrifying," both said shakily.

They all thought her a man.

But she would prove them wrong.




Doctor Trident Shamal was only 17 years old but he was already a notorious assassin in Mafia circles; he was 5"8 somewhat lean but muscled, with dark brown hair and eyes, dressed in black suit.

He had grown up in a small family and in a small town. His mother Carmela ran an inn that was infamous for providing a safe place for Mafioso's to rest between missions and his father was a hit man working for the Vongola family.

Growing up hearing tales from his father so it was only fitting that he would follow that path; he was accepted into a private academy infamous for teaching children of Mafia families. Shamal quickly rose to the top of his classes despite his laid back demeanor, soon after discovering his affinity with disease carrying mosquitoes and explosives. By the age of 15 he was a freelance assassin, although most of the time he did jobs for the Vongola.

He was both an assassin and a healer, making him rather invaluable. Unfortunately, Shamal was quickly becoming known to be a womanizer often complaining about working for males.

Like many others, he had come to the Vongola's ball for the purpose of seeing the infamous Green Dahlia as it had been rumored that he would be revealing himself to the social circles tonight… and he was here for the women too of course.

The ballroom was crowded with different people and in the middle of the room the Vongola Don stood laughing at something the infamous Coyote said.

With a carefree smirk he turned to the brunet woman in front of him set on asking her out and failing.

From the corner of his eyes a flash of blue drew his attention. She had long black hair with gray eyes, dressed in a sapphire blue gown, and she walked into the ballroom with confidence. She was unescorted he noted amused- it was a bold move in these circles.

He discretely watched her glance at him before she walked towards the Vongola Don with a sweet smile on her pink lips. His guardians nodded to her and parted breaking the protective circle for the first time that night.

He couldn't help but smirk, his interest was piqued.

Then it came- the announcement that this girl was the famous Green Dahlia assassin.

Had he been drinking something he would have choked because there was no way this girl was that infamous assassin. The Green Dahlia was supposed to be a 6 feet tall man with broad shoulders wearing a heavy cloak and yet… it was highly scandalous when the Green Dahlia was revealed to be nothing more than a 17 year old teenage girl from the Rizzo family. She was 5"4, lean, with black hair and gray eyes, but she stood in the crowded ball room tall and confident in front of the Vongola Don.

When someone was foolish enough to launch a dagger at her back everyone gaped as she moved flawlessly plucking the it out of the air like it was nothing. She ran a finger down the glinting blade before it was sent right back to the owner's chest and then the unfortunate man keeled over convulsing while foaming at the mouth.

Poison, he thought.

Ignoring the whispering crowd, she turned back to the Vongola Don with a small smile and greetings from her father. Shamal could only grin as his body tingled with excitement before walking out towards the gardens a flute of champagne in his hand.

How interesting…




Name: Ivy Rizzo
Title: The Green Dahlia
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: April 17th
Flame: Lighting
Weapon: Scythe laced with poisonous flower extracts
Family: Vongola & Rizzo
Subsection: Special Black Operations Sector
Status: Alive

Name: Shamal
Title: Doctor/Trident Shamal
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: February 9thFlame: Mist
Weapon: Trident Mosquitoes
Subsection: Freelance
Family: Vongola
Status: Alive

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