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[ What Can I Say ] - [04]

"Intertwined Lives"




The 29 year old woman known as Ivy Rizzo sat behind her desk working on paperwork for yet another upcoming mission for her Zodiac team, when her second in command Luciano walked in.

"Well?" she prompted as he sat down in front of her.

"It is just like the rumors say Ivy. Hayato is currently in Japan with the other candidate to become the Decimo, Tsunayoshi Sawada only son of Iemitsu Sawada leader of the CEDEF," he said handing over a folder.

She sighed softly while looking over the pictures, "How is he?"

"He is good from what I saw. He has declared himself to be Sawada Tsunayoshi's right-hand man. He takes his self-appointed title very seriously," he continued.

She frowned slightly as she came across a picture of a baby in a suit, "So the Nono has sent the Arcobaleno Reborn to train his heir. I can take comfort in knowing that Hayato will be very well protected at least."

"Hayato looked at peace and happy from what I observed. Tsunayoshi unknowingly has already started to gather his guardians, Hayato will take over Storm. Rain, Sun, Thunder are confirmed and Cloud is just a matter of convincing him… Mist is somewhat unknown."

"That means he will have to fight Prince the Ripper sometime soon. Knowing Xanxus he will draw them all into battle just for the chance of creating destruction and getting back at the Nono," she said scowling already pulling out her phone.

When the person on the other line picked up she ordered, "I need you to send more explosives and supplies to Hayato Gokudera in Namimori, Japan. Make sure to include those items I put aside for him," before hanging up.

"He looks at home," she whispered with a soft smile as she stared at the group picture with her godson smiling brightly, green eyes shining. "It's a relief to know that he has finally found what he has been searching for all this time."

"Is there anything else?" she asked as she caught his apprehensive look.

"It seems that the Arcobaleno called in Trident Shamal as well. He is stationed in Japan for now keeping an eye on the Decimo candidate and on Hayato," he informed her quietly.

There was a long moment of silence as she stared down at the candid photograph of Hayato scowling at a smirking Shamal.

"Hayato is really safe then. That- that is good to know," the words came out soft but strained, as she closed the folder and kept the photos of her godson with her.

Shaking her head and putting all those creeping feelings aside she grabbed some different folders and slid it towards her friend. "Give this Virgo and Cancer… I need them to go by tomorrow at the latest. The yellow one is for Taurus and Scorpio- they need to leave tonight, the purple on is for Gemini- I need them to do surveillance on the VARIA for a week before they can come back to report."

Luciano nodded and left soon after.




"The CEDEF is blacked out," Taurus said.

"Blacked out?" Leo asked incredulously.

"Yeah. All communication with them is down. We've tried contacting Sawada, Iemitsu but we haven't gotten anything," Sagittarius told us.

Ivy sighed frustrated with it all.


Ivy was just getting home when Gemini appeared before her and urged her inside with grim faces.

"Well? How bad is it?"

"Four days ago they sent the Rain Officer Superbi Squalo to retrieve the Vongola Rings. A member of the CEDEF named Basil ran off with them. However, Squalo caught up with him in Namimori, Japan where we assume Basil was headed to give Sawada Tsunayoshi the rings."

"Squalo and Basil engaged in a fight in a shopping district where Sawada and company were relaxing. Squalo fought against the potential guardians of Rain, Storm, and the potential Decimo until Dino Cavallone appeared."

"Cavallone then allowed Squalo to take the rings and the incident was over. But once Squalo returned to VARIA headquarters they discovered Cavallone tricked them with fake rings. At the moment the VARIA is headed to Namimori, Japan to confront the others."

Ivy stared in disbelief as she sank to the couch and groaned. "What bullshit…"

The twins looked at each other uncertainly, not really knowing what to do now.


"Nono is missing," Scorpio informed her.

"Missing?" Ivy said in a flat tone, causing Scorpio to wince. "How the fuck is he missing?" she hissed.

"We don't really know…" he trailed off nervously.

Seething she punched numbers on the phone, "Leo get down here now."

Minutes later he rushed in, "What is it?"

"Nono is missing. Find out what is going on," she ordered eyes narrowed. "Scorpio explain it all to him. You're both dismissed."

They both walked out worriedly staring at their boss briefly.


Shamal had just arrived at the Sawada household when Reborn gestured for him to sit down on the couch. He eyes the letter in the hitman's hands warily.

"So… what did you need Reborn?"

The hitman hums. He sips his espresso and looks over at him, "I assume Gokudera asked you to train him?"

"Yes… he asked me yesterday after he got out of the hospital."

"I assume you told him no?"

Shamal replies with a dry stare.

"Imagine my surprise when I got a letter this morning with veiled threats demanding that I keep Gokudera safe and that I make sure that you will train him for his upcoming match," Reborn drawls sickeningly sweet, black eyes narrowed into a glare.

Shamal laughs, "What? Someone actually threatened you?"

"So Shamal… how is Gokudera connected to the Vongola's Black Operation sector?"

His breathing falters and his face falls, the smile is gone.

"It's not something I can talk about. If you really want to know I suggest you talk to head of the sector," he mutters flicking the lighter on.

Reborn shoots him a stern glare, "You better start training him or I will shoot you."

He gets up and leaves.


"Ivy will you be going to Hayato's ring battle?" Virgo asked quietly as she approached the makeshift desk in the hotel room.

The woman looked up startled, "Is it starting already?"

"It will in 15 minutes."

"Alright come with me Virgo," she murmured as she stretched and checked her weapons. "Make sure you bring your assault rifle just in case."

Sneaking into the school was easy, although it didn't escape her notice that the Crevello had taken note of their presence. She had always thought those pink-haired women to be freaky.

After receiving confirmation from Virgo of her well placed location with a good shot, she took her place in the shadows and resigned herself to watching.

Her hands twitched when she saw Shamal step into view next to the rest of the kids, taking note that he still looked very much the same. She watched Hayato- her beloved godson scowl at him.

"Xanxus?" Ivy asked through the com-link.

"He's still at the hotel," one of the twins replied.

"Let me know if he leaves."

"Got it boss."

"The battle is starting Ivy," Virgo prompted.

The battle itself was nothing special compared to what she had been through but she knew that this was something completely new to Hayato. Prince the Ripper of the VARIA was not someone many could battle against even less once his blood was spilled.

Ivy smiled warmly as Sawada, Tsunayoshi scolded her godson against acquiring the ring and sighed in relief when Hayato managed to stumble his way back to his group.

"Ivy it looks like the Sawada's Cloud Guardian is making his way to the school grounds. Should I clear it of the VARIA Lighting Officers?" Virgo asked.

Glancing down I noted the raven hair and the gleaming tonfa's and replied negatively, she could practically see the Cloud flames simmering under the boys skin. Smirking when the kid fought his way through the throng of officers like it was nothing, she stood.

"Let's head back Virgo," Ivy said giving her godson one last glance and making her way off the school grounds.

"Not going to talk to him?"

"I'll call Hayato when we get back," she replied smiling.

"Sure. Ooh look Ivy. Let's get some cake- this shop is still open," Virgo cooed while already dragging her inside.

Collapsing into her bed 30 minutes later she held her phone while staring at the ceiling.


There was a lot noise in the background.

"Hayato…" she whispered softly.


"Good job in your battle today…"

"I lost though," he replied brokenly sounding so much like the lost little boy she used to comfort at times.

She smiled softly, "You did the right thing in letting it go. A ring is not worth your life Hayato."


"No Hayato. You did well in letting it go. Your fighting has greatly improved…"

Scoffing he mumbled, "Not that he helped much."

"Hayato," she chided.

He grumbled and started yelling at someone else.

"Where are you?" she asked curiously.

"Hospital. The Cavallone have been treating us."

"Okay. Get some rest Hayato. You'll need to get healthy for the battles that are coming up," she whispered.


"I miss you Hayato."

"I miss you madrina."

"Love you."

"Love you."


"Find anything yet?"

Leo shook his head negatively.

"We're pretty sure the VARIA had something to do with it though," Scorpio reported.

She hummed, "Gemini's reports haven't turned up with anything to link them to it though."

"We'll keep looking Ivy," Leo aid reassuringly.

Giving him a dry stare she turned back to the reports in front of her.

"I spoke to Sawada Iemitsu already and he doesn't have any useful information," she told them.

"I'll tell Virgo to go speak to Cavallone Decimo he might know something considering he's been involved in this thing since the start. You're both dismissed."

Walking out of the makeshift office she walked into the living room, "Libra you're coming with me to the Mist ring battle. Virgo please go and talk to the Cavallone to see if they know anything about Nono."


He saw her sitting at the park bench just gazing up at the sky. She seemed to be alone- her usual shadow gone.

"Hello Ivy…"

"Hello Shamal…"

"Has Reborn called you yet," Shamal asked her as he sat down next to her at the empty park.

She looked the same as the last time he saw her. The one exception being her once long hair had been cut down to her shoulders instead. She was still so beautiful…

She scoffed, "He's been calling since he got my letter. But then again I knew he would the minute I sent it out."

"I would have trained him threat or no threat from you," he told her as he pulled out a cigarette.

She shrugged teasing, "I thought you needed a reminder."

Rolling his eyes he bumped her shoulder playfully.

"I saw his battle. He's improved a lot."

"Yeah he has."

"Thank you for watching him," she said softly.

He hummed lightly, "I wasn't going to come to Japan when Reborn asked. At least not until he mentioned that Hayato was here as well."

"Bye Shamal."

"Bye Ivy…" he whispered as he watched her walk away.


Ivy walked into the hospital with Leo at her side completely ignoring the men surrounding the building. On the private floor two of the Nono's guardians greeted her warmly before ushering into the closed off room, but making Leo wait outside.

The man chuckled at her as she came is causing her to roll her eyes.

"You always look so serious," he rasped.

"Well considering you can laugh you must be doing well," she responded plopping onto the chair.

He smiled widely.

"Tch… you had me worried old man when we couldn't find a single trace of you," she said with a light admonishing glare.

"I'm afraid I let my guard down around Xanxus," he informed her. "Coyote told me the VARIA is going to be fighting against Tsunayoshi and his guardians soon…"

"Yes Gemini told me."

"I've also been told that your godson is Tsunayoshi's Storm Guardian."

Ivy smile softly, "Yes my beloved Hayato."

He laughed warmly, "It's so obvious you care for him."

"Hayato… Hayato is everything to me…"

"Ivy…" he started pausing momentarily. "When the battle is over I need your team to retrieve Xanxus and the rest of the VARIA. Bring them back to Italy."

She looked at him saddened to see the sunken face and sad eyes.

"If that is what you want- I'll have Leo inform the others so they are prepared."

"Thank you Ivy."


Ivy stared at the injured VARIA members sprawled out on the private jet. Xanxus sat sulking in his chair glaring at her.

"We're ready to take off Ivy," Leo told her while glaring at the brooding Xanxus.

"Okay. Place them in our headquarters until Nono says otherwise. I'll meet you guys there in a few days…"

"You're not coming with us?" the twins whined from the back where they sat with the surly Squalo and overexcited Lussuria.

She shook her head, "I have something I need to do first. Bye everyone."

"Be careful," Leo said waving to her.

That night she laid in bed with her godson curled around her.


He was sitting down in his apartment alone with a bottle of wine on the table and a half-filled glass in his hand. The room was quiet aside from the background noise from the turned on television.

Reborn and the others had disappeared a while ago. No one really knew where, only that it had something to do with the Bovino's bazooka. It was this fact that caused many to worry, Nono and Iemitsu being some the more extreme cases.

All they could really do was wait and hope that when the group came back they were all fine and that there was no danger.

He sighed deeply taking a sip of his wine startling when there was a patterned knock on his door that was unknown to him. By the time he was at the door an offensive mosquito capsule was in his hand ready to be released.

When no one said anything he looked through the peep hole to see a man leaning against the wall. He was dressed in black, had a faire complexion and short sandy blonde hair- he looks familiar…

A bronze pin caught his eye standing starkly on the lapel of the man's coat. "Identify yourself."

The man huffed irritably, "Luciano, second in command of the Vongola's Special Black Operations. I am here on behalf of Ivy Rizzo."

His eyes widened as he dropped his capsule on the ground stuttering out a weak, "Why?"

"She wants answers since the Nono has isolated himself and the Arcobaleno is gone- you are the only one left. Now will you open the door? Unlike you, I don't have all day to waste around," the man said in a monotone voice but Shamal could see the anger in his eyes.

Upon opening the door the man stepped through, "She would like answers as to the disappearance of Hayato Gokudera."

He said nothing before flinging himself on the couch and snatching the wine glass off the table. "She keeps watch still?" he muttered mostly to himself.

"Of course, she keeps tabs on everything he does and is aware of everything and everyone that surrounds her godson," the blonde man scowled down at the other.

"All I know is that Sawada Tsunayoshi and his guardians have all disappeared as a byproduct of the Bovino family' time bazooka. The only thing that can be done is to wait for the effects to wear off and for them to come back," he recited staring at the blonde man in front of him with narrowed eyes. He did not miss the blonde mans' contempt for him or the anger in his eyes or the annoyance in his voice.

They were pulled out of their glaring contest as Luciano' phone rang. "Yes?" there was a series of answering hums, "Of course… I'll tell Capricorn to pick up Gemini in Cairo."

He handed him a note addressed to Hayato, "If you would please give this to Hayato when he returns." With that the man gave him a mockingly polite smile before leaving with a flourish of his coat.



When her phone rang she shot up from her desk where she had fallen asleep doing paperwork. The office lights were off and there was a blanket around her shoulders.

"Hello?" she answered groggily slumping against her chair.


"Hayato!" she exclaimed wide awake. "You're back!"

There was a slight shuffling in the background, "Yeah I'm sorry about disappearing like that."

"What happened? Did you get my letter?" she asked frantically.

"Shamal gave it to me when he came to check up on me earlier," he mumbled.

"Well? Are you going to tell me what happened?" she prompted softly. Going silent as the story of the possible future came tumbling out of his mouth.

He took a shaky breath his voice wavering, "You were gone. Shamal was gone…"


"Bianchi… future Bianchi told me you both died. Shamal was killed by some White Spell Officer trying to get information," he muttered sadly. "I sent him on that mission apparently…"

"Shamal is okay though. So you don't have to worry," she tried to reassure him.

"You were gone in the future," he exclaimed angrily. "You were gone!"

"I'm not gone here. Shamal is not gone here. It was a possible future Hayato. One that you stopped."

The tears broke through and she could hear him crying.

"It was my fault…" he mumbled shakily. "You died protecting me from an attack I didn't see! Shamal- I sent him on the mission!"

"Hayato! It was not your fault!"

"I should have seen it! I should have saved you!"

"Oh sweetheart…" she cooed. "Hayato listen to me. I would always die protecting you, I would rather be the one instead of you. It was not your fault Hayato. I died protecting my most precious person and that is okay."


"My beloved Hayato I would kill and die a thousand times if it meant that you got to live. I can guarantee you that Shamal feels the same way."

"I love you Hayato."

"I love you madrina."

"Hayato. I want you to go over to Shamal's place tonight. Stay with him," she told him gently.

He huffed, "I don't want to."

"You shouldn't be alone right now. If I was in Japan I'd go to you. Please Hayato I want you to go to your padrino and stay with him for the night," she pleaded while gathering her things from the office.

"Don't want to."

"Hayato," she said sternly. "Shamal loves you very much, you know that. He will be happy to have you there."

He sighed defeated, "Fine."

"I love you Hayato."

"I love you madrina."

A couple minutes later she pulled out her phone as she sat in her car.


"Shamal. I just finished talking to Hayato and I've sent him your way," she informed him closing her eyes.

"What's wrong?" he asked right away.

"He told me about the possible future they were in. Apparently we both died in that future and he took it very badly although he may not show it."

"He is on his way here?"

"He should be. Shamal he blames himself for our deaths…" she mumbled frowning. "I talked to him but I don't know if he really heard what I said. He shouldn't be alone right now."

He sighed tiredly. "I'll talk to him and make sure he gets some rest."

"Thank you Shamal."

"Of course," he muttered and the doorbell rang in the background. "He's here Ivy…"

"Okay goodnight Shamal."



Pain lingered.

Probably would never really fade.

They were no longer together.

But they were connected by their godson.

It would unite them in a different way.



There will be either 1 or 2 more chapters to this story.

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Name: Ivy Rizzo
Title: The Green Dahlia
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: April 17th
Flame: Lighting
Weapon: Scythe laced with poisonous flower extracts
Family: Vongola & Rizzo
Subsection: Special Black Operations Sector
Status: Alive

Name: Shamal
Title: Doctor/Trident Shamal
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: February 9th
Flame: Mist
Weapon: Trident Mosquitoes
Family: Vongola
Subsection: Freelance
Status: Alive