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Star vs. The Forces of Evil: My Star


What went wrong?

"Well, this is just great!" Marco sarcastically exclaimed. He, along with Ferguson and Alfonzo, were locked in the castle's dungeon and were chained to the wall with iron shackles that were wrapped around their wrists and ankles. Luckily for them, unlike in some dungeons, they were allowed to sit on the (dirty) floor, but had both hands above their heads so that they could not use them, and their feet were also of little use since the chains prevented any real movement.

"Cheer up Marco. We tried our best!" Ferguson told him.

"Cheer up? Ferguson! We are locked in a dungeon!" Marco argued, causing Ferguson to frown. Marco sighed, looked at the ceiling, and spoke "I wonder what time it is. Not like it matters anyway..."

"Dude! You can't just give up! We've come so far, and Star's waiting for you!" Ferguson argued, trying to lift the boy's spirits. But Marco sighed sadly, chuckled, and replied "Me? Sure didn't look like it"

"Hey! You know as well as I do that she was under that liar's control! We have to get back up there and stop him!" Ferguson demanded.

"I wish we could, but what can we do? We're chained to the wall and even if we broke free, we'd have no way to open that door! *sigh* Well, at least, it can't get any worse" Marco stated.

"Unhand me you fools!" The three suddenly heard a high-pitched voice shout in anger. Next, they heard the cell door open, and saw a big guard throw Ludo in, then closed the door and walked away. Ludo also had to chains around his wrists, but his feet were not chained. Either they had forgotten or they just didn't want to bother with it.

"I stand corrected..." Marco muttered.

Ludo got up, dusted himself off, then shot in the direction of the guard that had thrown him in "Don't you know who I am!? I am the all-powerful Ludo! Release at once or face my wra-"

"Can it Ludo!" Marco shouted at him, not being in the mood to listen to his high-pitched and annoying ranting. Ludo shot Marco an angry look, then spoke "Well, if it isn't Karate boy! Tell me; how did your 'brilliant' plan work out, not like the result isn't obvious!"

"Sais the guy who got betrayed by his own henchman... twice!" Marco shot back, and Ludo groaned in frustration. Alfonzo then stepped in "Woah woah! Guys, knock it off! This isn't helping anyone!"

Marco sighed, then spoke in a saddened voice "Yeah, you're right. And besides, I'm the reason we're in this mess..."

"You're darn right!" Ludo spoke causing the three boys to turn their attention to him. He continued "If you hadn't interfered with my plan, both the wand and the mirror would be mine!"

Marco frowned "Me? Last I checked, you're the reason the mirror fell into his hands, Ludo!"

"Actually Marco, it was kinda your fault" Alfonzo explained.

"You were the one who trusted him..." Ferguson added.

Marco rolled his eyes "Ok maybe that was my fault. But if Ludo hadn't stolen the mirror, none of this would have happened in the first place!" He argued.

Ludo sat down and somehow managed to cross his arms, then began "Well it's too late now! We're stuck here!"

From outside, the sound of fireworks could be heard, along with the blowing of several trumpets and the cheering of people that were on the streets. Marco again sighed, and then stated "Boy, I really messed up big time! And to think this all started out so well..."

1 week earlier

The sun had just come up and was slowly rising along the horizon. Inside the Diaz household, Star was happily sleeping away, enjoying a peaceful dream of beating up monsters and setting things on fire. The alarm clock went off, and Star lazily reached for it with her left hand and turned it off. The girl sat upright, yawned, stretched herself, then looked out the window.

"Good morning Mr. Sun!" She happily exclaimed and waved at the sun. She then spotted a bird resting on the branch of the big tree outside of her window "Good morning Mr. Bird!" she greeted the creature and waved her hand. The bird looked at her, widened its eyes in horror and rapidly flew away. Star raised an eyebrow, and then shrugged.

She then heard barking coming from below her bed and spotted a small brown puppy. She smiled widely and picked it up, causing the puppy to wiggle its tail and shoot two lasers from its eyes "Good morning laser-eyed puppy!" She greeted it, and the puppy barked in response, then licked her on the cheek with its small tongue. Star giggled, spoke "Oh, you're so cute!" and set it back down. The puppy then ran off, and Star sat on the edge of her bed.

"Good morning wand!" She exclaimed as she reached for the nightstand. She moved her hand around in order to find it, then looked at the nightstand; her wand wasn't there. Star took a few moments to register it, then remembered "Oh, right..." she said in a somewhat saddened voice. The girl frowned angrily and crossed her arms "Stupid lizard-butler!" she exclaimed in a frustrated voice.

How long had she been without her wand? Who knows? After she'd sacrificed it to save Marco, her parents decided to keep its remains, then sent out several of their men to look for the missing star-shard, but no matter in which dimension those men looked, the second half of the star was nowhere to be found.

The days flew by after that and Star gradually, with Marco's help, adjusted herself to life on earth. Some customs were still very unusual to her, and she still hadn't figured out how the magical contraption called a 'toilet' worked or where it transported the offerings to. Her latest offering was supposed to be some giant sharp-toothed lizard, but it managed to somehow get away and she thought it wasn't worth the trouble of tracking down. Overall, however, she had made good progress, although she still frequently got into trouble due to not obeying some rather ridiculous earth laws, but Marco usually got her out of trouble.

She sighed, got out of bed and walked to the big mirror that was mounted on her wall, picked up a brush, and started combing her hair, like a normal, non-magical girl. She remembered the days when she still had her wand, and how simple it was back then to perfectly comb her hair in a matter of moments. "This is taking forever!" She exclaimed in a frustrated voice as she couldn't get rid of some split ends.

After she had finished combing her hair, she took out her usual clothes from a nearby drawer and dressed, but on a pair of shoes, then smiled when she saw her reflection in the mirror. "Hah! In yo face magic! I can do this without your help" she proudly proclaimed. Star looked at the clock, then rushed downstairs to meet the Diaz family for breakfast.

When she came downstairs, she found the living room empty. She turned her head from left to right and scanned the room, then exclaimed "Marco? Mr. and Mrs. Diaz, where are you?"

She never heard an answer, so she decided to look in the kitchen. Upon entering, she began "I'm here! So what's for breakfast-" she stopped as she noticed that the kitchen was also empty. Star scratched her head, then started looking around the whole house for them. She went to Marco's room, only to find it empty, then to the bedroom of Mr. and Mrs. Diaz, which was also empty, and finally went as far as going to the bathroom, where she found no evidence of anyone being in there.

Star stomped her foot in annoyance and spoke "Where are they? It's like they've disappeared off the face of the earth...". She thought for a few moments while scratching her chin, then widened her eyes and turned her attention to the toilet. She glared angrily at it and pointed her finger at it "You!". Star walked over to the toilet, opened the lid, and spoke "You did this, didn't you? You swallowed the Diaz family! It all makes sense now, you're evil!"

To her surprise, the toilet didn't answer, so she continued "Playing dumb eh? Well, I've figured out your plan! Now bring the Diaz family back!" she ordered. The toilet remained silent, and Star spoke in a menacing voice "Not talkn' eh? Well then, I know just how to make you cooperate".

Star walked out of the bathroom and soon returned with a big, red hammer. She raised it above her head, and demanded: "Either you bring them back right now, or I'm bringing the hammer down... literally!"

The toilet didn't respond to her threat, so star glared angrily and tightened her grip on the hammer "Alright! Don't say I didn't warn you!" She hissed and readied herself to smash the toilet. Before she could, however, she heard a strange noise coming from outside. Star raised an eyebrow, put the hammer down, and pointed at the toilet "Don't move!" she ordered, and then rushed downstairs to the front door.

Star opened the door and nearly fell over from shock as a large group of people, probably half the town including Marco, Mrs. and Mrs. Diaz, Ferguson, Alfonzo and even Miss Skullnick shouted "SURPRISE!" in unison. Star jumped in surprise as confetti cannons went off, covering her with glitter and thin strings of various colours. Above their heads, a big sign was being suspended on two long poles. Before Star could read it, the group shouted in unison "Happy 1 year on Earth anniversary Star!". Star looked at the sign; on both ends of it were pictures of her face, and the words 'Happy 1 year on Earth!' were written on it.

Star was still in shock, then remembered the date on her calendar this morning; they were right! Today was indeed her 365 and 1/4 day on Earth, which was, coincidentally, the same length of a year as in Mewni. Star squeed in delight, then spoke in a super excited voice while clapping her hands and jumping up and down from excitement "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I cannot believe that you guys actually kept track of how long I've been here!"

"Are you kiddin'?" Marco joked "I've been doing it since the day you came to earth! In fact, I was the one who planned this whole thing! I bought the confetti cannons, baked the cake, organised for everyone you know to come here and flooded the school's faculty room just so you wouldn't have to go to school today!" Marco proudly proclaimed.

"That was you?" Miss Skullnick, who was standing next to him, asked while placing her hands on her hips. Marco nervously giggled.

"Wow, Marco! This is amazing!" Star exclaimed, then rushed forward and wrapped her hands around Marco, giving him a big hug. "Thank you soooooooooooo much!"

Marco returned the hug with a smile, then stated "No problem! Anything for you, Star." The two broke the hug, and Star looked around, then stared in amazement "Wow, everyone I know on earth is here!". She was delighted at the sight and even spotted Brittney standing among the crowd with an angry look and her arms crossed.

"Hi, Brittney!" Star happily exclaimed and waved her hand at the girl, who made a 'hmph' sound and stated "Just for the record, I only came here because I had nothing better to do"

"Well everyone, what are we waiting for?! Lets par-tey!" Marco exclaimed.

Everyone agreed with a loud and enthusiastic cheer, then the music started playing from the DJ booth that was located on the street. Apparently, Marco had also managed to have their street blocked for the rest of the day so that Star could enjoy her party.

There was not a single person who didn't dance or have a good time because there was plenty of dance music, food, snacks, drinks and a huge cake. The cake was nearly 10 stories tall, each one being a different flavour so that everyone would like it, and on top of it rested a miniature figure of Star. She was mesmerized by the cake and stated that Marco was a real 'wizard' when it came to baking cakes.

After a few hours of non-stop partying and dancing, the music suddenly stopped. Everyone looked at the DJ booth curiously, wanting to find out what was going on, and found Marco standing there with a bright smile and a microphone in his hands. "So, everyone having a good time?" He asked, and was answered with loud cheering. After it had stopped, he continued "Glad to hear it! But, before we continue, I would like to say a few words to our dear friend, without whom our lives wouldn't be what they are today, the same person that this party is meant for. I'm talking about Star Butterfly!" Marco exclaimed.

Everyone turned in Star's direction and cheered loudly, causing her to grin from delight. Marco continued "Star; exactly one year ago, you came to our dimension, and we all soon got to know and love you as an enthusiastic, free-spirited and fun loving girl, whom I have had the privilege of calling my best friend! You have done much for us this brief period of time, and we've decided to do something for you! So, without further ado, we would like to present you with this present, which comes from all of us! Ferguson?" Marco spoke to his chubby friend, who took out a present from behind his back and handed it to Marco.

Marco then made his way through the crowd and towards Star, and then handed her the small box. Star blinked twice, then ripped the paper off and removed the top. Once she saw what was inside, she placed a hand on her mouth and gasped, then looked at Macro with wide eyes. The boy smiled, reached into the box, and took out her present; a crown with star-shaped spikes. He then looked at Star and spoke "We thought it would be fitting for a princess to wear a crown, so got you one! Happy 1-year on earth anniversary and-" Marco lingered, then winked at his Father, who pulled a string that was attached to the sign, which caused the sign to expand downwards. The writing on the lower half of the sign read "Happy birthday Star!"

Star was completely shocked by this and took a few moments to process it all. Birthday? and struggled to find the right words as tears of joy started forming in her eyes "You guys... remembered it was my birthday too?" She asked in a teary voice.

"How couldn't we have?" Marco's mother asked in a sarcastic voice, then added "It was all Marco was able to talk about for the past three weeks! Well, that and claiming to have seen a crocodile inside the house, but you get my point!"

"I'm telling you it was there!" Marco exclaimed, but no one really paid any attention to him.

Star turned towards Marco, and smiled with teary eyes, then spoke "Marco, you..." she jumped forward and gave him another hug, this one being so tight that it nearly choked him, then loosened her grip and spoke while trying not to cry from joy "You're the best friend any princess could ever ask for!"

"Yeah, I know" Marco jokingly stated, and the two shared a laugh along with the rest of the guests. Star finally managed to regain her composure, broke the hug, and Marco lifted the crown. "May I?" He asked. Star eagerly nodded, and Marco placed the crown on top of her head. Star lifted her hands and touched it, and drooled from delight as her eyes sparkled. Everyone then exclaimed "Happy birthday, princess Butterly!"

Star looked at everyone, then smirked and shouted "I will have you know that I am 'Star' to all of you! Now, let's party like there's no tomorrow!"

"Yeah!" The crowd exclaimed, and Justin shouted: "Hit it, DJ!"

The music then started up again, and everyone proceeded to dance with even more energy than before. Star danced with Marco, feeling grateful to him for giving her such a fantastic party. She was touched that Marco had put so much work and effort just to throw her a party, and decided to, somehow, repay him for this great act of kindness.

Star soon got her chance spotted Jackie at the punch-bowl, and moved closer to Marco so that he would hear her over the insanely loud music that was playing, she shouted "Marco!"

"What!?" He shouted back, just barely hearing her.

"Look!" Star exclaimed and pointed at Jackie, who was talking to Janna by the punch-bowl. "Jackie is all alone right now! Now's your chance to ask her for a dance!" Star explained to him, but for some reason, those words came halfheartedly, as if she didn't really mean them.

Marco pondered the thought for a moment, smiled, turned to Star and replied: "Thanks, but no thanks!"

"But why not!? This is the perfect chance!" Star argued, not understanding the boy.

Marco grabbed her by the shoulders, startling her, then shouted "Because today is all about you Star. It's not every day you get to celebrate like this!"

"Actually, I and Pony Head used to throw parties like this all the time! I remember this one time, we invited princess Helga from the Vi dimension, and she drank so much punch that she went to the bathroom like, a hundred times! Oh, and this other time when-"

"Star!" Marco interrupted her, as she was going on and on with her wild stories as usual, and then continued "What I mean is, we're here celebrating your special day, and as your best friend, I wanna spend it alongside you" Marco explained with a smile.

Star took his words in, then got this strange feeling in her stomach, and her head felt light for a few moments. Again? she thought to herself. For the past few months, this feeling kept reoccurring over and over again each time Marco so much as said her name. Star didn't know what it was, but it was probably nothing important.

She shook the feeling off, smiled, and responded "Really? Cause if you wanna dance with Jackie instead of me, I won't stop-"

"Nonsense!" Marco reassured her and removed his hands from her shoulders. Star felt somehow, relieved. Relieved that he decided to stay with her instead of going to Jackie, a feeling whose origin she couldn't explain. She again shook it off and continued to dance with Marco. The two saw Ferguson and Alfonzo dump the punch-bowl onto Justin, who simply laughed and 'chased' the two around. The people who saw it laughed at the sight.

The party lasted all day and by the time it was over, all the food, drinks and even the gigantic cake were gone, and everyone felt like their legs were going to fall off. Most of the guests had already left, and the few remaining ones were also departing.

"This party was off the hook! I am definitely having you organise my birthday party, Marco!" Justin stated as he, along with Ferguson, Alfonzo, Jackie and Janna were about to leave. Marco smiled, "Oh, it wasn't that great, but sure thing!"

"Awesome! Well, see ya later dude!" Justin said as he waved his hand and left the backyard.

"Bye Marco! Bye Star! And happy birthday!" Jackie exclaimed, then turned around and left, Star and Marco waving her goodbye. Ferguson and Alfonzo trailed behind her, but turned around and exclaimed "Bye!" to both Star and Marco.

Now that all the guests were gone, Star and Marco went into the house, closed the door, walked up to Star's room, and collapsed onto her bed. Both let out a long sigh. "Phew! That sure was exhausting!" Marco stated.

Star nodded in agreement "Tell me about it! If my feet were made out of chewing gum, they'be all kinds of sticky right now!" she exclaimed.

"That... doesn't make any sense," Marco told her while raising an eyebrow.

Star smiled widely and spoke "Marco, this was the best birthday slash one year on earth party I have ever had!"

"It's the first one you've had..." Marco explained in a confused voice.

"Yeah, and it was the best! I can't imagine how this day could get any better!" Star enthusiastically exclaimed. Suddenly, the two heard a strange ripping sound coming from the direction of Star's mirror and noticed a pair of scissors floating in mid-air.

The scissors then cut open a portal, and through it stepped Star's patents, King and Queen Butterfly. Her father opened his arms and spoke "Hello beloved daughter of mine! Happy birthday!"

"Mom! Dad!" Star happily exclaimed and ran over to them, then gave both a big hug. Her father wholeheartedly returned it, while her mother let her do most of the hugging, although she did have a smile on her face. "I'm so happy to see you two!" Star told them

Her mother dusted off her shoulder, cleared her throat, and spoke "We wouldn't miss it for the world, dear daughter"

"And believe me, we almost did! Helios wanted to destroy the Nir dimension, and I was occupied all day trying to explain to that thick-headed fool that he can't just eat a whole dimension without asking first!" King Butterfly stated. He then spotted Marco and raised his hand "Why hello there boy! Long time no see!"

"It's been a while" Marco awkwardly responded, not having the best memories from when the king last visited his house. Well, at least, he knew where Star gets her enthusiasm from...

Marco then made eye-contact with the queen, raised his hand, and greeted "Hi Queen Butterfly!"

She blinked twice, then bluntly stated: "I don't like you". Marco lowered his hand and frowned, having expected a different reply.

Queen Butterfly directed her gaze back to Star, and spoke: "Anyway, we're here, and we have a special surprise for you!" Her mother told her with a smile.

Star clapped her hands in delight "A surprise! What is it!? What is it!?" she asked impatiently while jumping up and down. Marco walked over to her and grabbed her by the shoulder to hold her down, then spoke "Woah! Take it easy!"

Her father took out a small, rectangular box from behind his back. The box was wrapped in green wrapping paper. He handed it to Star, then spoke: "Go on now, open it!"

Star was practically shaking from excitement and ripped the paper off of the box. Once the paper was off and she was about to open it, her mother stopped her, took the box from her hands, causing Star to give her a curious look, and spoke "Now Star, listen very carefully! We both know that you miss your wand, and sadly, our men have yet to find the missing shard. However, since it is a very special birthday this year, we managed to pull some string and get you-" her mother opened the box, and a bright, golden light shone out of it.

Star and Marco were blinded for a few moments and covered their eyes, but once the glow was gone, they both opened their mouths and gasped in shock; inside it was a golden star, the same shape and size as the one which was destroyed. Star took it out of the box. Her hands literally shook as she held it, and a big drop of drool escaped from her mouth and fell onto the floor. Marco also stared in amazement, then stated "Wow! It's like brand new!"

"Oh, it is!" Queen Butterfly spoke "We had the fairies forge a new one of out pure stardust! It took them a long time, and us a lot of money... but, we thought that no princess should be without a wand!"

Fer father then took out her old wand from his pocket and handed it to her. Star took out the broken star and slowly put in the new one. Once it was in, the want started emitting a powerful glow that blinded all of them. Once the glowing stopped, Star and Marco gazed at the wand in wonder; it was as good as new!

Star squeed loudly, and Marco gulped at the thought of what mayhem would follow, now that Star had her wand back. He sighed and spoke silently "Well, all good things come to an end..."

"Now Star" her mother began, catching the girl's attention "We only got you that because this is a very special birthday for you. After all, you are 15 now and you know what that means, don't you?"

Star pondered for a few moments, then spoke: "That I'm a year older than I was last year?"

"Well, yes... but... we don't mean that!" Her father explained. Queen Butterfly continued "Star, you are 15 now. So by our country's laws, you are to get betrothed within 7 days"

Marco recoiled in shock, while Star became even more excited "Yeah, betrothed! I love getting betrothed!". Star then turned her head towards Marco and asked: "Marco, what does 'betrothed' mean?"

"Star! It means that they want you to get married!" Marco exclaimed in a shocked voice.

Star waved her hand casually "Oh, pfff! Married, haha..."

It took a few moments for her to understand the situation, and when her brain finally registered it and when it did, Star shook her head, widened her eyes in shock and exclaimed "MARRIED!?"

End of Prologue

End notes:

Alright then, let me just explain a few things; I am aware that the wand probably won't even work (or maybe I managed to guess the plot, which would be awesome XD) but I thought that it would be way more fun this way. Also the part with the toilet; I found the episode hilarious, and figured that Marco probably gave Star some long and complex explanation about it, which she most likely didn't understand. That said, feel free to leave a review and favourite because I generally write much easier knowing that someone appreciates my work. Until next time!

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