AN: This is an AU story where Mileena escapes from D'Vorah and manages to find a way to Earthrealm. Since I've been playing Mortal Kombat XL quite a bit, I will be focusing on this story for a while. Anyway hope you enjoy it.

(3rd person POV)

"Damned Kytinn bug, she injured me more than I thought.", The wounded empress said to herself.

After D'Vorah had managed to defeat Mileena, she blinded D'Vorah and escaped through a hidden portal. She knew this portal lead to Earthrealm, but she had no choice. After coming out the other side, the empress she saw it had lead her to a large field of grass. After taking in her surroundings the empress took off, trying to put as much distance between her and the portal as possible. Mileena knew she had to find some meat, for once it didn't matter if it was from a humanoid or not. The more her feet made contact with the grass, the more her wounds bled. She kept running until she saw a house on the top of a hill.

"A house, that means a human must live there. Which means a fresh meal for me.", Mileena mused to herself.

She sneaks her way up to the house, there wasn't much in there. It looked like fairly empty except for a cooking area and a relaxation area with the Earthrealm invention she believed was called a Television. She slowly made her way around the house, looking in all the windows to try to find the occupants. After going around completely she saw no one was inside, after letting out a growl she steps into the house. After making her way to the human cooking area, she looked in the cabinets to find some meat. However she was unable to find anything except boxes of dry wheat like substances.

"What kind of human doesn't eat meat, maybe the occupants already left. Damn it, that means I'm not going to be able to eat for today.", she said to herself, not noticing the figure behind her.

The figure knocked her in the back of the head with a metal bat, standing over her, he now checked to make sure she was still alive.

"You're stupid Justin, you don't just attack someone with out saying something.",the man said to himself as he looked at the woman he had hit.

His eyes widened as he saw the woman, she was bleeding all over and the new bump on the head wasn't going to help her. Justin picked up the woman and put her on the couch and went to the bathroom to get bandages and medicine. As he came back into the living room, the woman began to stir before rushing to her feet. She looked around and saw a human male standing there, eyes widened and sweat dripping from his forehead.

"Pathetic human, do you know who I am?", Mileena asked, trying to show confidence, but was still hurting.

"Well I know you're hurt, and you should let me help you" Justin said, his voice was already quivering.

Mileena narrowed her eyes, but sat down anyway, she knew she would need to be at her full strength in order to kill Kotal. For the moment she would let this lesser being tend to her, as it should be with every being. After Justin saw the woman relax, he made his way over to her and started to apply the disinfectant. This caused her to hiss, making him try to hurry up. After getting her bandaged up Justin put up the medicine with a sigh. He had been trying to keep his composure through the entire ordeal. Whoever this woman was, she is quite beautiful, almost royalty like. He looked back at her and decided it was time for some answers.

"So, what's your name?", He asked her, trying to act as a good (however forced) host.

"You may address me as Mileena, the Empress of Outworld.", Mileena said holding her head up high.

"Outworld? I think I heard about that on TV. Well anyway my name is Justin", Justin said as he introduced himself. Truth be told he was only 3 when Outworld tried to invade Earth. Now 25 years later, he had heard that earth was in trouble due to a place called Netherealm.

Mileena's stomach let out a growl, signaling that she was starving. Justin headed into the kitchen quickly and pulled some steaks out of the fridge. He put them on the stove, their juices coming out, only to sizzle against the hot surface. Hearing the sounds, Mileena stands and makes her way to the source of the sound. When she got into the kitchen, an amazing scent filled her nose.

"What is that smell, it's better than what I usually eat.", she said, her mouth on the edge of drooling.

Justin looks over at her confused, "It's just steak, I've been meaning to cook it.".

Mileena made her way over to him, walking in a way to show off her hips. This action caused Justin to turn around and focus back on the food, his face becoming more flushed with color. Mileena wrapped her arms around his chest, which to her surprise was heavily muscled. She continued to hold him, pressing herself up against him, she knew men loved her body, so she would use this to her advantage. While Justin was cooking, he could feel Mileena's breast against his back, this was causing him to stir a bit.

"Um, Miss Mileena can you please move, you're being quite distracting." He said, causing her to let go of him. No one has ever declined her touch, whether it be for pleasure or for her royalty status.

She finally managed to answer back, "There is no need for the 'Miss', only as Empress or Mileena, and you only get to call me that because you're saving me.".

"Saving you? I mean I know I dressed your wounds and feeding you, I'm just being considerate.".

Mileena took a step back, this human was different than the ones she has fought and killed. This one seemed to actually care about her well being, even if he managed to knock her out. She sat herself at the table and watched with interest. The man put various spices onto the meat and before too long was finished. He put the plate in front of her and she slowly lowered her veil in order to eat. Justin turned around and saw something that chilled his blood.

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