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The sun poured in through the window, the light hitting Mileena in her face. She stirred a bit before sitting up, she looked at the room trying to take in where she was. After remembering about yesterday, she thought back to the debt she was going to repay today. Mileena moved the covers off of her and slid off the bed. After making her way into the kitchen she saw Justin cooking, a delicious aroma filled her nose.

"Nice to see that you're up", Justin said as he glanced back at her, "I'm fixing breakfast for us".

"What are you making, it smells better than most of the royal meals I've had?". Mileena sat at the table and watched him.

"Nothing special, just some eggs, sausage, and bacon. Complete with some homemade biscuits.", Justin finished up with the eggs and placed the plate in front of the empress.

She took an experimental nibble at them and widened her eyes before devouring them completely. She then dove into the bacon and sausage, leaving next to nothing on the plate. Justin watched as Mileena cleaned off each and every plate as if she hadn't eaten in days.

"You know there is such a thing as moderation, you can slow down to enjoy your food more.", Justin said as he ate his own breakfast.

Mileena glared at him, she always ate like this, but this was because of the Tarkatan blood in her. Justin went back to his plate, Mileena stood up quickly and sent a snarl at Justin. He simply retaliated with a glare to her, causing her to back off a bit. Mileena made her way outside to look around, off in the distance she could see what she remembered to be a city.

"Enjoying the view Empress?", Justin asked as he came outside as well.

"Not really, just remembering when my father invaded this realm. I came along and killed many humans, which felt amazing to feel their blood slide down my skin. It was cool, but yet warm at the same time, and the cries of them as they died were like music to my ears.", Mileena turned to Justin, about to continue tales of her victims when she was stopped by a flick to the forehead.

"Mileena, I am a human and I don't like hearing about times you've killed my kind. There's a lot more to life than just taking other lives."

"Don't start trying to turn me to the 'good side' as soon as I repay my debt, I will leave here.."

"And go where Mileena, face it, you're an outcast from your home. Just like me.", with that Justin went back inside the house, leaving a confused Mileena behind him.

She watched him as he went back into the house, confused on why he called himself an outcast. However he was right about one thing, she was an outcast, unable to even go home. She let out a sigh and went back in to see Justin next to some parchment with a pad of colors in front of him.

"What are you doing?", she asked him as she stood behind him.

"Just some painting, I do it in my spare time to just clear my mind." He gestured to the various framed paintings that decorated the walls.

Mileena looked around and inspected them, they were incredibly lifelike. It was as if they were simply windows, she looked at all the different landscapes in each one.

"Why are there some many different kinds?", she asked as she continued to look.

"They're all places I've been, the world is a big place Mileena, and most of it is devoid of humans."

"I've been wondering about that, why are you so far away from humans. I thought your kind liked to stick together."

Justin shrugged, "I'm not what you may call 'a people person', I like my solitude just fine".

An hour goes by and Justin put the brush down, rubbing his shoulder. Mileena having decided to try and watch TV. got up from the couch and placed her hands on his shoulders. Justin tensed a bit, but soon relaxed as Mileena started to massage him. He looked back at her and saw something new, Mileena's expression was soft, almost peaceful. He let out a sigh as all of his tension soon left his body, Justin stood up and turned to Mileena.

"Since when are you a masseuse? I thought an Empress wouldn't need to know that kind of thing."

"I was made to be the perfect combination of beauty and deadliness, so one thing that was put into my memories was the knowledge of how to pleasure a man. This combined with my strength meant I could seduce anyone, then rip them to shreds."

"You're getting too into it again." Justin warned Mileena again.

"My apologizes, anyway do you feel better"

"Yea, you did an amazing job, thank you."

Justin smiled at Mileena, causing her to blush for the first time in her life. His smile seemed to brighten the entire room and push off any bad feelings. Mileena looked away from him and went into the bathroom to splash water on her face.

"Get a grip on yourself, you can't be falling for a human. Could I? No, no I'm not, even though he has shown me nothing, but kindness after knocking me out"

Justin looked at the bathroom door, confused on why Mileena was acting so strange, but then shrugged and went to cook some lunch. Mileena stepped out and could smell some food being cooked, she made her way to the kitchen to find Justin boiling something in a pot.

"Have you ever had spaghetti?"

"No, what is it?"

"Well, it's noodles that are topped with sauce and meatballs. I made sure to make the meatballs big, cause you're more interested in eating that."

Mileena nodded and went into the living room to wait. For some reason her mind was going through many different emotions, most of them she didn't know what they were. She kept going over everything that has happened since yesterday, and the more she thought about it, the more it hurt her. Finally she couldn't handle it anymore and broke out into tears, causing Justin to put the food on hold and see what was wrong. Justin sat next to her and put a hand on her shoulder.

"What's wrong Empress, I thought you were above crying?"

She sent a growl at him, "Shut up, I'm not crying….", she put her face back into her hands and continued sobbing.

Justin hesitantly brought his arms around her, but then decided it needed to be done. He brought her into a hug and ran his hand through her hair as she cried. He figured the pain she was going through was the final acceptance of her life. Justin looked at the woman in his arms, she looked so different without the scowl and angry demeanor, she was quite beautiful.

"Mileena, I know this is hard for you, but you have to trust me on this."

She looked up at Justin, "Trust you on what?", she asked confused.

"I will provide you shelter here, this can be a new life for you. I'm not gonna lie, you're starting to grow on me and I don't want you to leave."

Mileena sat up and looked at him, "Why would I stay here, I just want to repay my debt...".

"Shut up about the stupid debt!", Justin yelled out, growing tired from her talk of a debt.

Mileena jumped at the sudden increase of his voice, "Why, it's the only reason I'm staying here, give me one reason why I should.".

Justin stayed quiet for a few seconds before moving forward and planting a kiss on Mileena's lips. The empress froze at this, but slowly relaxed into it. Justin wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her closer. After awhile Mileena broke off from the kiss, putting her forehead against his.

"What about our meal?"

Justin chuckled as his eyes seemed to flash, "I'm about to have a meal of my own.", he stood up with Mileena in his arms and started his way to the bedroom.

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