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Justin carried Mileena into the bedroom and set her on the bed. She looked up at him with interest as he removed his shirt, revealing a muscular chest covered in scars. Her eyes went wide as she sat up and ran her hands over the scars.

"W-what happened to you? Where did you get these?", she asked concerned.

Justin looked at Mileena, "Well as I told you, I've traveled all over the world, which meant that there were times I hurt myself climbing or fighting off wild animal.", he gestured to several bite marks.

Justin lift up Mileena's face to his and kissed her, which got her mind off the scars and focused back on him. He slowly led her back onto the bed, using his hands to slowly rub her exposed stomach, causing her to get goosebumps. Justin then trailed down to the crook of her neck, kissing and nibbling at her making her blush and twitch and every bit of contact.

Mileena joked, "And I thought I was the expert in pleasuring.", earning a chuckle from Justin.

"Well I'm no expert, I'm just doing what I think will make you feel good."

"The I must say your instincts are spot on, but now it's my turn."

Mileena grabbed Justin and flipped them over, she looked down him with a soft smile as she kissed him, being careful of her teeth. Justin reached up and wrapped his arms around her, bringing her closer to him. Mileena, meanwhile, was asking for entrance with her tongue, to which Justin allowed, interlocking his own tongue with hers. Justin could feel Mileena's tongue wrap around his own as it was actually quite long.

After awhile, Mileena broke the kiss and started to move lower until she got to the now clear bulge in Justin's pants. She set to work, removing them and tossing them to the side as well as his boxers, revealing his length to her. Mileena chuckled as she wrapped her hand around it and started to slowly jerk him off. Justin let out a moan as he didn't expect her hands to be so soft.

Mileena looked at Justin and smiled, "I have to say, you're quite well endowed with a gift.".

"Well thanks, but I have to ask, are your teeth going to cause problems?"

She shook her head and proceeded to use her tongue to wrap around his dick. Justin could feel how warm and wet it was. Mileena grinned at the sounds that he was making as she continued to pleasure him. She continued to lick Justin's length, getting faster as he kept making moans.

"Mileena, you weren't kidding when you said you knew how to pleasure someone."

Mileena grinned and unwrapped her tongue from Justin, "Well then let me show some more pleasure.".

She climbed over Justin and positioned herself over his length before slowly lowering herself onto it. Justin watched as Mileena began to moan in both pain and pleasure. He reached up to her and held her back for a bit.

"Mileena, is this your first time?"

She nodded, "Yes, but don't worry about me, I can force myself through the pain."

Justin looked at her for a bit, but let go of her. Mileena then lowered herself further on Justin, making sure she went slow. Justin gripped the sheets as he felt the insides of Mileena seemed to twist around his dick, almost sucking on it. His hands went to Mileena's breast, grabbing her attention to him. Mileena then reached her barrier as she looked at Justin, he nodded knowing that she was asking to continue. She forced herself down, yelling out in pain as she wrapped her arms around her lover as he did the same. After a bit, Mileena got used to the pain and started to ride Justin's dick. Meanwhile, Justin had brought Mileena's head to his and was kissing her deeply, causing her to blush wildly. Mileena continued to ride Justin, getting closer to her limit.

"Justin, I fell like I'm about to explode," she said letting out moans.

"So am I, let's see if we can do it at the same time."

Justin grabbed her and rolled over so that he was now on top. Mileena looked up in surprise as Justin began to pump in and out of her quickly, sending pleasure throughout her entire body. After a while, Mileena grabbed onto Justin and moaned loudly as she released all over Justin's thighs. Justin returned the favor by releasing his load into Mileena's womb, then collapsing next to her panting.

"Well Mileena, your debt has been paid, so what are you going to do now?"

"I think I found a place to belong for once, I think I understand something I've been feeling. I think I've fallen for you Justin."

"I could say the same about you Mileena, you're a beautiful woman and I'll do whatever I can to make you happy."

"Anything, you say?"


Mileena climbed on top of Justin, "Then I want to go again.".

Justin chuckled, "You're wish is my command Empress.", he kissed her and got himself ready for round two.

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