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Justin woke up when the sunlight hit his face, he tried to sit up, but was held down by something. He looked down and saw his lover sleeping deeply. He smiled and kissed her head, then carefully go out of bed as to not disturb her. Justin walked into the kitchen as saw the meal they never got to. He sighed has tossed it out as the noodles were already bad.

"I wonder if Mileena would like french toast, would be interesting to see if she has a sweet tooth, er fang."

Justin was about to start the meal when he looked outside and saw the sky was becoming blood red. He rushed back to Mileena in order to show her what was going on. He gets to the bedroom and lightly, but hastily shakes her.

"Mileena, Mileena, we have a problem!"

Mileena stirs and groans before looking at Justin, "What's wrong, not feeling up for round 10?".

"Ha ha, just look outside."

Mileena looked out the window and gained a confused look, "I thought Earthrealm's sky was blue?".

"It is, do you know what could be causing it?"

"I-I-I don't know, but it doesn't feel good."

Justin went to his closet and put on a set of clothes that look as though they take several attacks and still be good. Mileena pulled on her uniform (or lack of one), and looked at Justin.

"I don't want to sound rude, but do you know how to fight at all?"

Justin chuckled, "I relay on instincts and this", he then pulled out a bo staff, "helps me handle anything.".

Mileena nodded and looked out the window, "I think I may know where this is coming from?".

"Really? Where?"

"The Sky Temple, it's where the Jensei Chamber is."

"What the heck is the Jensei Chamber?"

"All I know is that it's where Earthrealm's life force is, meaning that if something is poisoning it, then this world is doomed."

"What?! If that's true, then we need to find this temple. Do you know where it is Mileena?"

She nodded and brought out an amulet and made it open a portal. Justin looked at it, intrigued as this was his first time even seeing a portal up close. Mileena cut this short as she grabbed his hand and jumped through. After going through the portal, Justin moved off to the side and started to empty his stomach as Mileena came up and patted his back.

"It's always rough on the first time."

"Yea, I can still feel as though my stomach want to leave as well. Where are we?"

"Close to the Sky Temple, since we don't know what's there, we should be cautious."

"Alright", Justin looked around and saw a cliff face that lead up to a temple, "We can climb that and take them by surprise."

Mileena nodded and the both of them rushed to the cliff and started to climb. Justin felt right in his element as he has climbed tougher cliffs before, but looked down to not Mileena had trouble catching up. He sighed and went back down and gestured for her to climb onto his back, which she accepted graciously accepted. Justin began the climb back up as Mileena kissed his cheek to thank him. After a few minutes of climbing the pair reaches the top and finds a wall to crouch behind.

Justin peaked over and saw several people, however their eyes were glowing and their skin seemed to be cracked with light coming out of it. He ducked back down before any of them had a chance to see him. Justin looked at Mileena concerned, hoping that she was OK to fight.

"Mileena, do you know who those guys are?"

She nodded, "They are Earthrealm warriors that were killed and brought back as revenants for Quan Chi.".

"So they're experts at fighting?"

"Yes you fool, also the one holding the fans is the being I was cloned from."

"Alright, lets see if we can take these guys out, or at the very least knock them unconscious."

The pair of them vault over the wall and draws their weapons to the revenants. The revenants turn and looked surprised at Mileena being alive and well. Liu Kang and Kitana step forward and take their stances.

Justin vs Liu Kang

Liu Kang launched himself into a flying kick, causing Justin to block with his staff. He then retaliates with a roundhouse kick to his opponents head sending him back a few feet. Justin spun the staff in his hands, prepared for another strike, while Liu Kang prepared jump. Liu Kang jumped forward kicking his legs in rapid succession hitting Justin repeatedly in the chest sending him back.

Justin coughed and looked up at his opponent, "I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this one."

Liu Kang chuckled and responded, "Then I shall make you choke.", he then shot off several fireballs which Justin dodged to the best of his ability.

"What the hell, you can shoot fire?"

"You were around Mileena and you're most surprised by my fire?"

"Well to be honest, I'm kinda surprised that I'm still alive."

Justin felt his ribs, he was sure at least one was broken, but he pushed the pain aside. He rushed forward, whipping the staff to Liu Kang's feet and sweeps him. As he was now in the air, Justin whipped the staff around striking Liu Kang's jaw, shattering it. Then he used the momentum and brought the end to Liu Kang's chest, cracking several ribs. He finished it up, by raising his leg and bringing his boot right onto the skull, caving it in.

Justin looked at his opponent to make sure he wasn't gonna move anymore, "Even I can win against an expert.".

Victor: Justin

Justin looked to Mileena as she finished fighting Kitana and went back over to her. He winced at the pain in his rib, but points his staff at Kung Lao. Mileena got her kunai ready for Smoke as Sindel sat on the sidelines.

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