Hey guys this is my first Fanfiction and I'm super excited about it! I'm going to be writing a series of one shots about Gravity falls so I hope you enjoy! :) Disclaimer- I do own Gravity falls or any of its characters

Out in the woods out there somewhere sits a statue

lying in wait for someone to shake the wrong hand

to release it and let it be free.

Waits for the young and naive to shake the wrong hand

and make the wrong deal.

Hoping to take revenge and shoot down the

shooting star.

Wishing to cut down the Pine tree and

melt the Ice bag.

Wanting to break the six fingered hand

and kill the lama.

Hoping to scratch out the question mark

and break the stitched heart.

Waiting to take out the rest after they

are gone.

Lying in wait for the young and naive.