p style="text-align: left;"It was a warm July night when Wendy and Dipper sat on the /p
p style="text-align: left;"roof of the Mystery shack star gazing and trying to see who could point out the most constellations and so far Dipper was winning. "Hey there's one!" Shouting Wendy pointing to a bunch of stars. "Hey its the big Dipper!" Wendy said excitedly. "Where?" Asked Dipper curiously. "There!" She said pointing to the constellation. "Cool!" He said happily. "Look there's an Axe shaped line of stars!" Dipper said excitedly. "Wow are we the first people to ever spot a constellation like that?" She asked curiously. Dipper wasn't sure but he wasn't about to disappoint his lumberjack princess. " Yes no one has ever spotted a constellation like that!" He said excitedly. "Wow cool!" Wendy said in awe. There was no response from Dipper Wendy looked over and saw her Dork sleeping sound asleep. She smiled lightly and picked him up so she could carry him to his room. She quickly tippy toed up the steps not wanting to wake Mabel or Dipper and then she silently tucked him and quickly kissed him in the cheek. "One day me and him can be together I promise." She silently promised. "One day." Little did she know that a certain brunette girl was silently watching and planning on a way to get to make sure they got together like Wendy said "One day..."/p
p style="text-align: left;" span style="text-decoration: underline;"Hey its me the Mando artist here and writer! I will probably update or try to update tomorrow night. Alright bye! 😁/span/p