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It was the day after Wendy and Dipper had been Star gazing and Mabel

found out Wendy's crush on Dipper and she had to make sure that no

one else could ask out Dipper so her friend wasn't hurt. "Ok Mabel don't

mess this up people are depending on you." She thought feeling important

"Hey Wendy do you want to wake up Dipper by dumping ice cream and Mabel

juice on him?!" She asked excitedly because either way she was going

to do it Wendy or no Wendy. "I'm good dude you go without me." She said barely

barely looking up from her phone. "Ok!" Mabel said gathering up her supplies.

Wendy then texted Dipper a warning that Mabel was coming. He texted back

"Ok." I will be ready. "Oh and don't tell Mabel I told you." Wendy texted. "Ok" Dipper

replied. 15 minutes later both twins came down covered in ice cream and Mabel

juice. "Seriously Mabel? You just had to use Mabel juice?" Dipper asked

clearly annoyed. "Come in Bro bro it was hilarious!" Said Mabel laughing

like crazy. "That's what you think." Said Dipper heading back upstairs most likely

to take a shower and change. "So Wendy do you have any new crushes lately?Asked Mabel out of know where. "Yeah my bed!" She said laughing. "Oh ha ha!" She

fake laughed still real enough sounding to hide the annoyance in her voice that Wendy was not admitting to liking her brother. "No I meant any guys real human guys." Oh well I could tell you but I really don't want to." Said Wendy nervously. "Please tell me I won't tell asked Mabel desperately. "No." Said Wendy firmly. "Fine" Said the brunette in fake defeat but planning a way to get her to admit to liking Dipper. Just then Dipper came down stairs. "Hopefully I won't have to take another shower for at least a few weeks.' Said Dipper as if getting wet was the most horrible thing in the world. "So Wendy I was wondering do you want to go monster hunting with me and Mabel today?" Dipper asked in his nervous way. "Sure." Said Wendy with much happiness to get away from work. "Awesome!" He said with much happiness in his voice. "Alright let's go!" Wendy said. "Actually I just remembered I am supposed to meet Grenda and Candy at the mall today!" Said Mabel happily thinking Wendy and Dipper wouldn't suspect a thing. "Wait you said that you were coming today!" Said Dipper confused. "I forgot!" Mabel quickly lied. "Ok." Said Dipper. Then Wendy and Dipper left. "Ok Mabel time to put plan Wendip into motion!" Mabel said excitedly. When Dipper and Wendy reached the spot of the sightings were people had disappeared. Dipper told Wendy to look on her phone because he sent the info on the disappearances to her. "Sounds like Nome's stealing people for their queens." Said Dipper sighing. "Why?" Asked Wendy clearly confused. Me and Mabel's first summer here they tried to take Mabel as their queen" Said Dipper. "Oh." Said Wendy. "Yeah." Now stick with me or they might try and take you when your alone their tougher than they look." Said Dipper shaking. "Dude I think I can handle a couple of Nome's." Said Wendy confidentiality. "I'm sure you can but just in case stay by me." Said Dipper. "Ok." Said Wendy smiling at her dorks protectiveness over her. "Hey I think I here someone!" Said Dipper starting to prepare his leaf blower the Nomes weakness. "Is that Pacifica?" Dipper asked more to himself than Wendy. "Let me go or I'll sue you! Actually I'll sue you either way so let me go!" Screamed Pacifica. "Yup that's Pacifica." Said Dipper amused but still worried about her at the same time. "Let's go rescue her then and find the rest of the girls then!" Said Wendy eager to kick some Nome's around. Then with those words they jumped into battle.

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