"Hey Dipper you good? You look like you saw one if those category ten ghosts. And then fell in a pool." Wendy said slightly laughing. "Come on Dipper you can do this it'll be ok she likes you she won't kill you for this." Dipper tried to reassure himself as he walked towards her. As he went to kiss her just fast enough so the awkwardness could occur afterwards. "I don't think so!" A voice they had dreaded hearing spoke. "Pacifica." Dipper growled. "Oh a nice hello would be nice but I guess that just means your little friend will suffer more in the end!" Pacifica said in a singsong voice. "I don't think so Pacifica this time we will not spare you and kill you." Dipper said as he allowed fire to spark up in his hands. "Oh I think not I think you will be my boyfriend whether you like it or not." Pacifica said hissing. "No he already has a girlfriend. And its me so back off." Wendy said growling as she transformed into her Demon form. "Not for long." Pacifica said snickering as she charged at Wendy. As Pacifica charged Dipper ran to help Wendy but she yelled for him to leave and Pacifica proof the shack and hide. "No! I won't leave you!" Dipper yelled. "Don't worry I'll help her you go!" Gabby yelled as she charged at her sister eyes turning blue mixed with red. "I thought you weren't a Demon!" Dipper yelled as he noticed the glowing. "I'm not I only have some powers similar to one! No now scram!" Gabby yelled as she battled Pacifica. "No!" Dipper yelled. "Fine then I'll make you!" Wendy yelled and then he was back at the shack. "How are you mastering your powers so quick?!" Gabby yelled shocked. "No idea but at the moment it doesn't matter!" Wendy yelled back. "No please tell us its not like you'll be alive much longer." Pacifica said in a singsong voice. "No!" Wendy yelled and then charged at Pacifica her claws suddenly longer and teeth sharp and jagged and her while body glowing and she managed to chop off one of Pacifica's four heads. "Why you little lumberbrat!" Pacifica screamed and then she grabbed Gabby with one of her mutated arms and then started to slowly choke her. "If you want your friend to live if you will give in!" Pacifica demanded knowing that as tough as Wendy was she would never let someone innocent die. "Fine we have a deal on one condition you let me see Dipper one last time." Wendy demanded. "Fine deal now bring Dipper here say what you need to and then I can torture you!" Pacifica said. Then Wendy snapped her fingers and Dipper was back. "Wendy!" Dipper yelled as he ran towards her. "Hey I don't have much time you have to kill Pacifica I can't because of the deal I made but you can because you haven't made that deal " Wendy explained. "I can do it." Dipper said confidentiality. "Oh and Gabby can help you but I can't." Wendy added on. "Ok " Dipper said. "Hey be strong. For me." Wendy said smiling at Dipper and then she started glowing. "What's happening?" Dipper asked slightly panicked. "I'm transferring my energy to you." Wendy said looking at Dipper who had been quite tired. "No save your energy!" Dipper said worried she would give out on him. "No I'm not fighting you are you need it more." Wendy said then the process was complete. "Times up!" Pacifica said then with a snap of her fingers she strapped Wendy to a torture table and then turned it on full power but before Dipper could try and attack Pacifica she snapped her finger and he was put in a special holding chair that could block Demons powers and restrict them from moving around to a certain degree. "Hey Pacifica you forgot to invite someone to the party! Me your own sister! Oh well I'll just invite myself." Gabby said as she went to attack Pacifica. "Oh I could never forget you dear sister I was just getting to you I even have a special seat for you!" Pacifica said mockingly. And with that the two charged at each other full force. "Why do you even try to fight me when your not a Demon you'll just lose just like when we were little." Pacifica said as she threw blows at her sister. "So today could be different! Maybe I've gotten stronger!" Gabby said as she threw just as many blows at her sister. For a while they kept fighting until Pacifica overpowered Gabby and put her in a magic proof cage. "Now for my date!" Pacifica said as she strolled over to Dipper. "Get away from me you fake blonde brat!" Dipper yelled as he struggled to try and get out of the chair. "Your not going anywhere new boyfriend!" Pacifica said in a singsong voice and sat down in her chair. "So tell me were do you want to live when we get married?" Pacifica asked crazily. "Divorced and far away from you with you hopefully dead. Snarled Dipper. "Your hilarious!" Pacifica laughed. "Get away from me you Physco creepo!" Dipper said trying to kick Pacifica "Never!" Pacifica said grinning evily then she kissed poor Dipper right in front of Wendy and made it extra long and the whole time Dipper was struggling to get away and Wendy yelled curses out at Pacifica and Gabby was furious at her sister for doing such a thing. "Hmm I think we need a love potion that way you cooperate. I'll be right back boyfriend!" She added the last part extra loud and kissed Dipper once again not as long and once again he struggled to get away. "Dipper please help me I can't fight the pain much longer and soon enough it will be twelve and I will die.' Wendy said her voice quite and pained. "I'll try." Dipper promised. "I'm back Pacifica announced as she strolled into the room with the love potion. "There is no need for that potion I've realized who I love." Dipper lied to Pacifica. "Oh is that so?" Pacifica said. "If you love me you will agree to go on a official date with me." Pacifica demanded. "Ok I will but I can't in this chair." Dipper said. "Ok I will let you out!" Pacifica said happily. Dipper winked at Wendy when Pacifica wasn't looking. "Here you go!" Pacifica said as she released Dipper. Then Dipper then conquered up some pink roses and presented them to Pacifica. Little did Pacifica know that they were poisonous roses and whoever sniffed them including Demons would die instantly. "Why tha..." Pacifica never finished her sentence as she dropped to the floor dead. "Hold on Wendy I'm coming!" Dipper said as he rushed over to her. "Dipper there's only one hour left." Wendy said pointing to the clock on the wall. "Its gonna be ok." Dipper promised. "Hey once you guys are finished talking over there can you free me so we can banish Pacific's soul and stuff." Gabby shouted from her prison. "Coming!" Dipper yelled. "Hold on wait here." Dipper said as he placed Wendy in a normal chair. "Ok." Wendy said. As Dipper unlocked the chains from the chair they heard a thump. "Dipper!" Wendy yelled scared. "What is it?!" Dipper replied back worried. "Pacifica! She moved!" Wendy said scared pointing to the twitching blonde. "Actually that's her nerve cells from the snake part of her that's causing what your seeing." Dipper explained. "Oh well can we hurry up and banish her I'm still really freaked." Wendy said shivering slightly. "Dipper you have to hurry or else she'll be able to come back at twelve!" Wendy said pointing to the clock. "Don't worry I got it." Dipper said with a shrug of his shoulders. Then with that within twenty minutes Pacifica was banished forever. "Well its done! Now lets head back to the shack..." Dipper stopped talking when he saw Wendy bleading with blood everywhere and covering her. "Dipper do it now! For crying out loud she's dying!" Gabby yelled and screamed like a coach training there students for the last game of the season. "Hey if you don't want to you don't have to I'll be fine." Wendy told Dipper weakly smiling. "No your gonna live!" Dipper said and just as he was about to kiss her lightning struck the building they were in and it caught fire. Dipper picked up Wendy and ran out of the building with Gabby right behind him. "We have to get out of here now!" Gabby yelled as the building started to explode. Then Dipper started to run as fast as possible with Wendy in his arms and Gabby ahead of them occasionally slowing slightly that way they didn't get separated. Then they reached a spot were they could rest far from danger. "Gabby call the fire department and get Grunkle Stan!" Dipper yelled. "I'll stay with Wendy!" Dipper said. "On it!" And with that she ran off. Dipper then pulled off his jacket and covered the most fatal wound in attempts to stop the bleeding. "Hey your gonna be ok." Dipper said as he pulled a spare jacket out of his backpack being the dork he is he had a extra one. "Dipper I wanna see the stars." Wendy said looking at Dipper. "I don't think there will be any visible but I can do this." Dipper said and then from his hand appeared the constellation's. "Oh my gosh one minute till twelve!" Dipper panicked in his mind as he looked at his watch. "I see it I know my fate but just know I love you." Wendy told Dipper. "I know and I love you to." Dipper said and then he kissed her as the rain poured down around them. Then Wendy started glowing and all her injuries healed. There was no scars left except for one going right across her arm in the shape of the constellation that Pacifica had carved into her arm. "Wendy your alive! And Dipper mustered up the courage to kiss a girl and not faint." Gabby said happily. "Yeah bro bro you did it you saved Wendy!" Mabel said joyfully. "Yup." Dipper said just glad that Wendy was ok and truly loved him! "Hey can I get a pic if you two?!" Mabel said pulling out a camera from her purse that seemed bottomless. "I don't know ask Wendy I mean she literally just almost died." Dipper said. "Sure." Wendy said her voice exhausted sounding even after the poison had been removed from her after Mabel took who knows how many pictures they all headed back to the shack.

Hey guys I'm gonna do an epilogue so this story isn't finished yet! :) Mando out!🔥