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Chapter 3

Not too far away on a sandy beach a small fire smouldered to embers. Hiccup watched as the wood as it fell apart throwing sparks up in to the cool night air. Toothless watched them focusing on one at a time. Hiccup cast his gaze over the group only himself and Eret were awake, Valka and Astrid curled up with their respective dragons. Hiccup watched Astrid, she was sleeping peacefully under Stormfly's left wing her head resting on the bag as a pillow. She was beautiful, thought Hiccup. Who would think that she could go from this to a whirlwind of attacks when needed. She had shown this a year ago.

Barely a year after Hiccup had been named Chief of Berk they had been attacked. Some unknown Tribe had sailed from the south to sack Berk and wipe its blasphemous ways from the world. Hiccup had been away at a Gathering of the Chiefs it was only when a Terror mail arrived. Naturally he had made some allies among the other Chiefs and they allowed him to leave, silencing the hecklers. As it turned out Astrid had set the raiders packing after she challenged the leader to single combat. The Leader had lasted less than a minute before he had lost a hand and leg below the knee. With seeing what a woman could do they feared the men's abilities. The Village was once again smashed and on fire. Hiccup had blamed himself for not being there to protect them of course. How could he hope to match Stoick the Vast when his now wife had to fight for him.

"She may be your wife Chief but that's still creepy." Erets words shook him from his thoughts. "Fires about dead." Eret stated making to rise. "I'll get more wood and turn in I think."

"Don't bother yourself." Hiccup said getting to his feet. "Skullcrusher is asleep. Me and Toothless will go. I could use some time to my thoughts. And don't start that 'but your Chief thing' again."

Eret settled back down leaning on the Rumblehorn's Flank and pulling a blanket over him. "Fine. I'll keep a sword close."

"Thanks." Hiccup looked at Astrid's sleeping form one more time before climbing onto Toothless's back and taking to the sky. He could help the feeling of being watched, he had had the feeling all day but try as he might he could see anyone else.

Corvus landed with the rest of the group, Hector was as a shadow in the night in his black night attire. He almost startled Corvus and Sigrid as he materialised from beside a large tree.

"They are still there My Lord.

"Good. Have the groups encircle them. We sting the Dragons first then the riders. Three shots per dragon." the group split into their teams with Balthazar remaining with the Nightmares he had gathered. Three teams for four Dragons and their riders. Hector lead the way only the glint of his Crossbow's trigger guard gave him away.

They arrived at the edge of a small cliff overlooking the beach the map Hector had drawn was an exact copy of the other teams. It had relative positions of the others and distance to each target for the firing points. It was perfect the cool salty wind was one their faces so even the Tracker dragon would not smell them. The problem was there were only three. The fourth dragon, the Night Fury was nowhere on the beach. No tracks either that anyone could see in the moonlight.

"Do we act?" Asked Hector sighting down his crossbow.

"We are here now. Be ready to put the riders to sleep." Corvus said and Sigrid raised her tail fanning out her flaps. When Corvus gave the signal she dropped her tail and ten Stinger bolts flew across the sands. All were true and all hit their mark the Dragons reacted for a split second before their bodies went limp. Their Riders awoke and looked around in alarm. Not one of them saw the second signal and all three were hit with sleeper darts. The older male and Female fell almost instantly though the younger Female fought to sat on her feet and staggered back to her dragon before a second dart hit her in the neck and she fell forward hand reaching out to the Nadder's snout.

"Good. Very good. Sigrid let Balthazar know we are ready for him. Bag and bind the Riders. Remove all weapons."

"What of the other?" queried Gull.

"Me and Sigrid will find it. If it is still here at all. Take them to the cells. Ensure the dragons are nipped and their riders bound." With that he mounted Sigrid and took off in the direction of the nearest isle.

Hiccup's mind had finally stopped and he felt drained. All he wanted to do was curl up with Astrid and sleep. He'd gathered wood from an island he had been to before the tree bark burned with a pleasing aroma and Astrid had asked him to get some for the house too. Living with Hiccup and his two Terrors Nanna and Loki along with Toothless and Stormfly had as you can expect not left it smelling fresh. She hoped that burning it in the fire would help.

As they came over the ridgeline of the beach Hiccups heart stopped. They were GONE. The little pile of ash from the fire was still glowing but the beach was empty. Toothless was wide eyes as Hiccup. Toothless landed in the sand and gave a small roar to see if anyone answered, his Alpha standing over riding any 'Joke' the other may be playing.

"Mom? Astrid? Eret? Cloudjumper? Stormfly? Skullcrusher? Anyone?!" as he looked arould he saw tracks lots of them. Human AND Dragon. "C'mon Bud. Something has happened and I need..." He stopped as his prostatic foot kicked something in the sand. It was a dart of some kind Hiccup plucked the thing between his forefinger and thumb, wary of the needle. He sniffed. "Speed Stinger." He held the Dart to Toothless who's pupils turned to slits in his eyes. They had passed over an island with some Speed Stingers. He'd start there. Climbing onto Toothless' back and locking his foot into the stirrup. Grim determination on his face they dropped the firewood and shot off into the night.

"First the raid now this? Some Chief I turned out to2be. We were better off with Dad." Toothless cooed at his words. "Sorry Bud. I Know you're Sorry."