Bit of a sort one but I though it was a good point to end it *Evil Laugh* Enjoy.

Chapter 4

Corvus was exhausted he and Sigrid had spent the night hunting for the illusive Night Fury to no avail. They had search all the Islands within the immediate area and found nothing. The morning Sun was creeping over the horizon when they finally stopped. Corvus' anger now burnt out.

"Sigrid. Let's stop. We aren't going to find them. Just get a few hours sleep and we'll head back." Sigrid didn't need to be told twice and was asleep in minutes. Corvus smiled before settling up next to the dragon's flank. Without even noticing Sigrid instinctively wrapped her wing and tail round him as if protecting her young.

Hiccup was frantic. They had searched the Isle if Speed Stingers all night, but apart from a small, long abandoned camp they had found no trace of his fellow tribesmen or their kidnappers. Toothless had wanted to continue the search not only for his sake but for Hiccup's too. His riders mate and mother were missing. Toothless would find them, Cloudjumper, Stormfly and the others too, for as Hiccup was responsible for the Humans of Berk, Toothless was for the Dragons. He would find them. Hiccup could see his friends determination but they had just narrowly avoided the third tree in the past ten minutes. They had to rest.

"C'mon Bud," Hiccup protested when Toothless had still tried to fly. The Dragon was stubborn and again tried to take off but his tail would not work without a rider. "Please, Toothless stop. I want to find them too but we're no good to them if we get injured." Toothless didn't hear him. Toothless didn't WANT to hear him, he wanted to find them. In one last attempt he tried to climb a tree but the branches broke and he fell hard. "STOP!" Hiccup shouted causing Toothless to finally stop his efforts and turn to face him eyes wide. "Toothless, please." Hiccup's voice cracked. "Please bud. I want to find the as much as you." Hiccup was stood head bowed, his hands as fists by his side knuckles white. "Please. I'm not strong like you are. I can't keep going. I need to," He looked up eyes filling with tears and anguish. "I need to stop. I don't want to but I have to." Toothless caught him as the last of his energy drained and he slumped to the floor. "We'll find them Bud, we have to."

The midday Sun was warm as it filtered down through the trees casting shadows on a cool steam that ran from the mountain top to the sea below. Sigrid lapped at the water before quickly grabbing a fish that had swam too close. She offered half to Corvus who declined as usual before happily gulping it down in one. Corvus stooped and cupped water in his had before drinking it. He then began splashing the cool liquid onto his face earning a grumble from Sigrid who was downstream of him.

"Oh sorry for polluting the water." He said sarcastically refitting his helmet. That was before Sigrid Knocked it flying with a whip of her tail. It bounced off through the trees on the other side of the stream. Corvus turned to look at his dragon, who was half slinking away and half trying to conceal her amusement. "Guess I'll go fetch that then?" he said stepping though the stream to go after his wayward helm. "And I have wet feet now!" he called back.

He found his helm sitting next to a broken tree branch. As Corvus straightened up he glance something in the corner of his eye and froze. Standing there clear as day was a Viking. He couldn't have been much younger than Corvus around twenty-one or so. Corvus saw shock in the man's emerald green eyes. Then as the second man glanced down at the quiver of Stinger bolts still strapped around his right thigh his face contorted in anger.

"YOU! Where are they?" Shouted the stranger pulling something from his belt. It looked like a handle of a sword but without a blade, however at the push of a button a blade extended from the handle and ignited. He then took a metal shield from his back onto his right arm.

"Your in no position to make demands boy." Corvus replied coldly dropping his helm to the forest floor and reaching behind his back to draw his own weapons. Two single headed axes slide from their scabbards on his lower back. Holding one in each hand he spun them scraping the blades on a piece of Flint set into his knee braces this produced a spark which in turn ignited the blades. At that moment as if sensing the clash that was about to happen both Sigrid and Toothless roar a challenge and ran to their rider's aid.