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Chapter 44

The Revenant tied up and Corvus and Hiccup made their way to the Council Halls while Piper took Astrid on a tour of the Island. When the two chiefs entered the reception hall just before the main chamber it's self Corvus saw that many of the other members had bandages and wounds, some more severe than others. Someone shouted his name and Corvus turned to see Jabari walking over to them. The African Chief hugged them both so hard it drew a bark of pain from Corvus as he practically broke what was left of his ribs.

"Sorry my friend you should have said you were injured." Said Jabari apologetically when Corvus explained. "How did you get hurt? Where you attacked too?" Both Corvus and Hiccup's eyes went wide and the Black man simply nodded. "A lot of the members have been attacked. Either their homes or them themselves. Some had been killed but were not sure reports are still coming in.

Corvus had a hard look in his eye which made Hiccup uneasy. "Jab, if many members have been attacked then this means we have an enemy out there someone with just as much reach and organisation as us, if not more. This is an act of War. Is that why we're here? Is this a war briefing."

"No, or at least not for the attacks. I've only heard rumours but apparently the scouts have been almost completely wiped out. Only one ship has returned."

Corvus may as well have had ice in his veins right now. The Scouts had gone with no intention of fighting but they had been well armed. For only one ship to return was extremely bad.

The Bell sounded three times which meant the Council members were to take their places and the three of them made their way to their balconies.

The Primearch and the Matriarch greeted the somewhat reduced council and thanked them for coming at such a time.

"We understand that most of you have come under attack in the past few weeks and though that is an issue we need to address it is not the reason for the summons." The Primearch paused while the murmuring subsided before continuing. "As we said in the last gathering a Scout Group was sent to the west to discover if the rumours of a enemy there were true. The group has been decimated most of them are dead or missing and the few survivors are traumatised that they can barely give us anything." More murmuring this time more agitated and louder than before. "All they could give use is that there is a huge force of Human and Dragons on the western world and their leader is a masked Demon with fire for eyes and metal talons. He sends a message." The Primearch and Matriarch focused and sent the vision of the message lifted from the Scout's mind.

The Council members saw a overcast sky filled with raging lighting as if it were the wraith of the Gods themselves. A Figure stepped into view it was clear the Scout was on his knees looking up. The Figure was tall and broad a mix of hide and metal covered his entire body and an all covering helm hid his head and face. His eyes truly did glow as if on fire and his hands where sheathed in four long curved blades that dripped with rain and fresh blood. The figure looked down at the Scout.

"Don't fear little thing I need to take a message back to your Council. Listen up. Hear it is." He bent down so the burning eyes and the terrifying mask filled the view. "You have no power here. None. This is my land not yours and we don't like to be probed. I don't like to be probed." He took hold of the Scout's chin to emphasises his point, then he spoke softly, "If you value your lives you will not come here again my armies are greater than yours and we know you. Each and every one of you. If you come here again your villages, your tribes even your precious Council will burn. Your very people will become ash and slaves and we shall take all that you hold dear and render it to dust." He stood. "You got that?" the view moved as the scout nodded. "Good." He drew the word like a blade. "Now, who hear is the crew of that ship?" He pointed and the view looked round to see a small ship, one of the ones sent, as the scout looked back a number of other scouts and crew could be seen all bound and on their knees beside the view. around five of them said aye and the Demon looked back at the Scout. "Excellent. Take those and this one to the ship see them off. I have some meat to carve." The Scout was dragged to his feet and forced to walk towards the shore behind them around the thunder could be heard screams of mercy and pain and over it all Laughter.

The vision faded and the Council Chamber returned. Corvus staggered and felt warm blood trickle down his lip from his nose, He looked over at Hiccup who was holding his head and Toothless and Sigrid attended to their riders. Corvus quickly wiped the blood with a piece of cloth and leaned over to Hiccup "Are you ok?" Hiccup just groaned something about being hit round the head with a mace and Corvus passed him a cup of cool water. "Take it easy it all was hurts like that the first time." Hiccup thanked him and drained the water.

The Primearch spoke again. "I'm sorry that was so strong friends but as you can see this need to been seen. Given that and the seemingly coordinated attacks on members and innocents we have declared this and act of war and therefore The Council Of The Free People is now at war with this Western force and this Daemon. We will reconvene in two hours time to discuss the matter further, thank you. Council adjourned. "

Corvus played the last statement over again in his head. We are now at war. The entire Council allied together. Why did he feel it wasn't going to be enough.

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