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Chapter 45

Corvus could barely keep his eyes open. The Council had been talking of men, material and equipment for the war for six hours now the water and food each council member was provided with had been replenished twice and they had stopped for midday meal for an hour but still Corvus could feel his eyes getting heavy. He looked across at Hiccup enviously, he had brought his sketch book and pencils with him and was even now on his fifth or sixth drawing. Corvus leaned over to look at the completed drawings. They were of council members and their dragons. Each one was done with an impressive eye for detail at the distance they were at.

"Not bad. I'm more of a landscaper myself." Whispered Corvus.

"You draw?" asked Hiccup a little more surprise than he could hide in his voice.

"Why so shocked. You do it. Jab does wood carving and Koji does this painting thing. We all have hobbies."

"Hmm I guess I never thought of it like that."

"Corvus please stand." Came a booming voice that could only be the Primearch's.

Corvus did as he was ask and stepped up the balcony railing. "Yes My Lord?"

"Corvus , you Sky ships would be a great addition to the war effort. How many does your tribe currently have to spare?"

"Around fifteen." He thought for a moment. "Most of them as small as the one I came here on. However we only have one of the largest."

"I assume you have the plans for the vessel yes? How long would it take to build more?"

"I do, the small ones take about three to four months as for the largest the first time we built here she took a year. I think we can make them in around ten months. We have the facilities to make two of them at a time as well."

"Very good. Would you be willing to share the plans for these ships so we may make more?"

Corvus paused a moment. "I will share the design for the Small and medium ships but not the large. I'm sorry but there are secrets in them that I do not wish to make common knowledge."

There was some murmurs in the chamber to this and Hiccup realised that even though the Council was unified it wasn't trusting. Hiccup wanted to know who Corvus didn't trust and why.

The Primearch nodded "I understand. Thank you." He turned to address the chamber as a whole again. "Honoured Members with the forces currently at our disposal I ask you all to go back to your people and recruit as many as you can. I know this task is hard but we need as much manpower as we can bring. We shall join again in six months time and discuss our next move. Any objections?" There were none. "Very well assembly disbanded."

Several days had passed since the council's last meeting, they had returned to The Nest. Hiccup had been talking to Corvus about what Berk had to offer. They had decided that they would speak to the assembled Chiefs at the next Great Gathering, which luckily enough was in a few weeks time.

Hiccup and Astrid had informed Corvus that they would be leaving for Berk later that morning as they had been away for too long. Corvus had asked to show them something that he believed they need to see. So they had followed him for what seemed like hours walking down endless stair cases and hallways un till they came to a set of huge studded wooden doors.

"Behind here," said Corvus patting the doors. "Is what we call the War Forge." He reached out and pressed two of large iron studs on the door seemingly at random there was a loud metallic thunk for within the doors as Corvus pushed them apart with no real effort. Corvus stepped through into a dark chamber where the little light from the two torches wouldn't reach the walls or ceiling, or as Hiccup would soon find out the actual floor of the chamber.

Corvus walked over to a number of leavers on the wall and pulled the nearest down. There was the sound of banging then the sound of many chains taking weight. Corvus pulled the next two leavers along this time there was the sound or rushing water and it hitting both rock and wood. Finally Corvus stepped up to a brazier and lit it with his torch, the oil inside lit instantly and a soft whoosh ran around the room as other braziers mounted to the walls caught fire. Finally as the last one ignited Corvus turned to Hiccup and Astrid's stunned gaze.

"This. This is the War Forge. This is where we mass produce things. It found most of this already dug out. The water comes down from the sea and drives the wheels and bellows. In here we create some of the larger items such as the airship parts."

"This is incredible, how did you build all this?" Asked Hiccup.

"Most if it was natural. The water channels and the space. We will manufacture weapons and armour here in large amounts. We will be ready. Now you have a village to return too."

"Thank you for everything. I will send a Terror when the Chief meet is arraigned." said Hiccup offering a hand to Corvus who shuck it.

Hiccup's mood was that of trepidation and worry but all his other thoughts faded as he saw the familiar silhouette of his island home. Two of the patrol sentries had intercepted him. They had been sent to summon the Council Hiccup would need to tell them of the coming war.

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