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Chapter One,



Used in reference to a person or multiple people.

Other synonyms include which, that one, that fact, that other, the one in question.

"Hey, she's coming to!"

"Is she seriously going to be all right? I mean, she just saw Sensei, one of the world's most guarded secrets."

"He's pretty scary looking at first too,"

I groaned, the voices overwhelming my sensitive ears. I could hear the rustling of clothing and some footsteps as well, all pacing around me in random patterns.

"Looks like she's awake."

What were they saying? It sounded foreign to me, yet somehow quite familiar.

I peeled open my eyes to a pair of golden irises looking down on me with concern. I sucked in a surprised breath and instinctively pushed away from the girl who was holding me.

"Is she scared of Megu?"

"Maybe. She probably doesn't know where she is." I quickly scanned the room anxiously, feeling trapped when I saw the large crowd of teenagers hovering around me and the brown haired girl. I stood up and stumbled backwards into a wall, my new legs not cooperating with my thoughts.

"She looks like a deer caught in headlights," A boy with brown hair on the top of his head and blonde on the side snickered, earning scowls from the rest of the group. I glanced around again and noticed that they were all wearing the same thing and there were desks and chairs littering the room.

A classroom, the words drifted into my mind without my consent, prompting me to frown in confusion.

Come to think of it, I didn't even know where I was. Or who I was. Or what that… thing… was. I shook my head, eyeing the teenagers who came close warily.

"Hey, who are you? What's your name? How did you get here?" A boy with dark brown hair and golden eyes spoke quickly, giving me a reassuring smile. I stared at him blankly. Some of the words sounded familiar but he went too fast. "Do you understand me?" His expression changed to one of worry.

"Oh, don't worry about it, Yuma-kun," One of the girls sighed, flipping her blonde hair behind her shoulder. "I'm sure she's just faking it."

"I don't know, maybe we should wait for Sensei to get back," Sensei. I remembered that word. Teacher, guide, learnt man, wise, mentor, instructor. "She doesn't look like she understands anything we're saying."

"She doesn't look like she's from around here either, I mean, look at her hair!" The girl gestured to my face, storming over to me and pointing at my hair. I flinched back a little, reaching a tentative hand back to my hair, pulling it forward toward my face.

Red. Long, straight, blood-red hair.

"Ara, ara, is our guest awake?" Without my noticing, the door had opened, revealing the yellow creature from before sliding into the room. I made a strangled noise akin to that of a dying cat, and shuffled back a few feet, watching him carefully. "Oya?" He tilted his head as I moved.

"Sensei, she won't tell us who she is," One sounded like he was whining something at the thing, which I now saw was wearing a hat and a teacher's outfit. Sensei? I looked up at him in bafflement. This terrifying creature was their teacher? "And she doesn't look like she understands Japanese either."

"Interesting," The octopus-thing hummed, staring me down. I met his gaze, fear coursing through my veins as I looked at his beady black eyes.

"She also seemed scared of me," The girl who had held me piped up, standing up from her position on the ground and dusting off her knees. The teacher listened to her before speaking to me.

"Sensei's going to take a bit of a peak inside your brain, okay?" He sounded like he was asking me a question.

"Sensei, I don't think that's a good idea," A blue haired (…was that a boy?) teen took a step closer to me, his small and lean build somewhat relaxing me. He wouldn't be able to hurt me. "You might just make this all worse."

"Nonsense. It'll be over in a flash, Nagisa-kun!" The blue haired boy frowned and stepped closer to me, shooting the concerned glance that the people in this room seemed to do so well. Actually, most of the group had moved back towards various desks, following the scene from afar.

Suddenly, the octopus stretched out a tentacle and flicked it toward me, making me shriek.

"No, no, no!" I yelped loudly, my voice coming out harsh and raspy to my ears. "Don't come near me!" I felt tremors in my body start, shaking me violently as I slapped away the slimy thing. The creature looked intrigued and moved closer, ignoring what I had said.

"I don't believe Sensei's ever heard that language before."

Whatever I had done, it had only made him more interested in me. My heartbeat started racing, I felt a cold sweat start to form on my skin, tears pricking my eyes. I shakily stepped sideways against the wall, trying to put more distance between the octopus and I. He reached out a three fingered tentacle towards me, almost in slow motion, putting it on my cheek. I felt my heart stop.


Most of the class left me alone after that.

The teacher was in what looked like shock, slumped dejectedly against the chalkboard at the front. Oddly enough, his face had turned a weird mixture of purply-blue.

"Well, what did he expect?" The boy who had tried to talk to me sighed, shaking his head at the teacher. "It's only natural that she would be scared of him." His face turned a deeper shade of blue.

"Hey," The blue haired boy who was standing next to me spoke. I glanced over at him. His soft blue eyes matched his hair, and he seemed to be shorter than I was; not that I knew what I looked like. "Are you okay?" I stared at him helplessly. He looked down, as if in thought for a moment before his face lit up. "Nagisa," He pointed to himself and said it again. "Nagisa."

Is he telling me that that's his name? I wondered, hesitantly repeating it after him. He looked very pleased with me when I did, so I supposed so.

"Megu," He pointed at the girl who had been holding me when I woke, her head popping up when she heard her name.

"Megu," I parroted, fiddling with a strand of my hair. Where was I? This didn't look normal to me. Then again, I wasn't one to talk. I couldn't even remember my name.

"Yuma," He pointed at the boy who was surrounded by the rest of the teens, the one who had asked me something. He flashed me a quick smile and a wave.

"Yuma," I hummed. Something was familiar about this language but I couldn't figure it out. It was at the tip of my tongue, as if I already knew it somehow. "Nagisa, Megu, and Yuma." Nagisa gave me an approving smile.

"Yes, I'm Nagisa," He then pointed to me. I looked at his hand for a moment before shrugging.

"I don't know," I sighed, feeling my mood fall a little. He looked at me in confusion. I pointed back at him, trying to show him. "Nagisa." He nodded and followed my finger. "Megu." I went to the last boy. "Yuma." He nodded again. I pointed to myself and shrugged, shaking my head. Nagisa gasped.

"You mean you don't know who you are?" Whatever he exclaimed, it was loud enough to catch the class's attention.

"She doesn't know who she is?"

"How can you not know your own name?"

"Quiet down, everyone," The octopus was back and kicking, his face now back to the original yellow colour. "Sensei's sure there's an explanation for this!"

"Yeah, she's an alien from outer space to kill us," One scoffed, glaring at me. Nagisa scowled at him and shuffled in front of me.

"If she doesn't have a name, why don't we give her one?" A girl with bright orange hair put her hand up, grinning at their teacher. His face changed to orange with a red circle, startling me.

"What a good idea, Kurahashi-san," He turned to the rest of the students. "Now, everyone, let's brainstorm!"

"Chair," Nagisa pointed at the chair he was sitting on. "This is a chair." In the short time I had been here, I picked up a few words thanks to Nagisa. He was a sweetheart. He had me repeat names of things after him, trying to help me learn the language. I now knew the words for chair, lunchbox, wall, and name.

"Chair," I repeated slowly, the way he pronounced it seemed different than how I did it. "Cha-ir." I frowned, mildly annoyed that I couldn't get the accent. Nagisa only looked amused by my sulking.

"Have you guys come up with anything yet, Kayano-san?" The blue haired boy called up to the front of the room where they were having a debate about something or other. A girl with turquoise hair shook her head.

"We can't come up with anything that suits her," She sighed, a couple of her classmates joining her. "I mean, how often do you meet someone like her?" Nagisa hummed and examined me, looking me up and down from head to toe.

"Why don't we call her Sumiye?" His friend 'oh'ed. "And we could call her Sumi for short." He offered, the girl looking very impressed with what he said.

"Oh, I like that!" She squealed, turning to the rest of the class. "Hey, guys, guys!" A finger came into my view, as did a grinning Nagisa.

"You are Sumiye," He declared. "Sumi." I slowly lifted a hand and pointed to myself.

"Su…miye?" Well, at least I had a name now. I gave him a small smile and said it again, more confidently this time. "Sumi."

"And so, that's how you find your errors when checking your sentences in English," I sat boredly at the back of the class, absent-mindedly tracing the cracks and dents on the wall. I let myself fall to the floor with a loud thump, startling a few of the students and making a couple giggle. "Sumi-chan, if you can't behave, we will have to put you in the hall." I stared blankly at him. I knew he said my new name, but I had no idea what he was trying to tell me. He looked like he was scolding me. "Do you understand?" I pulled a face at him, making some more students snicker.

"I don't think she cares, Sensei," A boy chuckled. "Besides, she doesn't even know what you're saying." The octopus stared back at me for a moment and I tilted my head in response. I had figured out that he wasn't going to hurt me, but I wasn't exactly planning on becoming buddies with him. Although, it might be better if I make friends with him.

After several more hours of boredom, I watched at the teacher put something recognisable to me on the board.

"Now, who can solve this equation if x= six?" He scoured the students who were silent as they tried not to get picked. I knew that. I knew that equation.

I stood up and walked down the aisle of desks, ignoring the teacher. "Ara? Sumi-chan?" I picked up the chalk and looked over the board.

x + 3x - 2 = ? x = 6

I mentally did the calculations in my head and wrote down 22 on the board. I turned to the teacher expectantly, waiting for his confirmation. He blinked, then gave me a smile, his face turning orange with the red circle again.

"Correct!" I puffed up my chest a little with pride. It was an easier one, but at least I found something I could do. "Well done, Sumi-chan." He reached out a tentacle and I darted away. I guess my body instinctively moved away from him out of habit. There was a flash of purple, then blue as he slumped over on the desk.

"Uh…" I gave him a sheepish smile. "Sorry?"

"Sumi-chan," Nagisa called me over to him as everyone started getting up and moving around. He made a 'come here' gesture, which I followed. He pointed at the girl with turquoise hair. "This is Kayano-san. Kayano."

He had become my caretaker, from what I could tell from a while ago. It appeared that the class was told to only come up to me with Nagisa one at a time so I wouldn't get overwhelmed. I suppose that octopus was good for something.


"Kayano." She gave me a friendly smile and a wave.

"Hi, Sumi-chan," She greeted.

"Hi?" I shifted my gaze over to Nagisa. I assumed it was something along the lines of "Hello" but I didn't want to mess up.

"Hi," He repeated, giving me a wave and a smile as Kayano had done before. I glanced over at the girl.

"Hi, Kayano?" I tried slowly, their words coming out odd-sounding to my ears. She grinned at me and turned to Nagisa.

"She's so cuuuuuute!" She cooed, clapping her hands together while my attention drifted elsewhere. His hair is so… weird. All of the people in this class -well, most of them- had wacky hair and eye colours.

I gingerly reached out a hand to touch Nagisa's hair, poking his head softly. He shifted to look at me, a bemused expression on his face.

"What's wrong, Sumi-chan?" I scowled, the words were at the tip of my tongue but I couldn't remember them. I shook my head and raised my hand again, reaching Nagisa's hair and playing with it. It was very soft, and looked like if it was let down, it would be very long. "Huh?" Kayano giggled.

"It looks like she likes your hair," She laughed, seeing my amazed expression.

"It's so soft," I breathed, only adding to poor Nagisa's confusion. "How is your hair blue? Is that even possible? I'm pretty sure natural hair colours are only red, brown, blonde and black," I babbled in excitement.

"What's she saying?"

"Probably something about your hair," Kayano guessed, watching my absolute fascination with it. After a few more minutes, I released him and sat down in a nearby chair, the birds chirping now drawing my attention. It seemed I had a very short attention span.

"Nagisa, Nagisa,"

"Hm?" I pointed at the window.

"Outside?" I gave him a pleading look. "Please?" I was so bored, cooped up in here.

"I don't know…" He looked at Kayano, unsure. "Do you think that Sensei would be okay with it?"

"Oh, what's the harm? Poor Sumi-chan has been stuck in here all day."

I bounced down the hallways energetically, earning smiles from the two teens who were walking me outside.

"Careful, Sumiye-chan," Nagisa called. "The floors aren't very well done."

"You know, I wonder where she came from."

"Sensei said he didn't recognize her language. She doesn't look Japanese either."

"She's pretty smart, though. She's picking up on things pretty fast and she knew the answer to Sensei's equation."

"True." I didn't hear any more of the conversation as I had run ahead of them.

Reaching the end of the hallway, I flung the doors open and trotted out onto the grass, a wide grin stretching across my face as I took a deep breath of fresh air.

"Nagisa?" I turned to the two, who looked like their spirits had fallen. "Kayano?" No response. I frowned and moved closer to them, poking Kayano in the side. "Hi?" That jolted her out of it, her expression one of pity for me.

"She must be so lonely," She murmured. "Not knowing where she is, who she is, or what we're saying. All of her family… gone." I kicked her in the shin. "Ow!"

"Sumi!" Nagisa scolded me. "No!" I rolled my eyes with a huff.

"Oh yeah, I'll just leave you two to sulk out here in the beautiful day while I frolic around you. Makes sense." I scoffed, earning baffled looks from the two. "Damn, you two are so… melancholy!" I grinned, pleased that I could remember that word.

Words, words, words.

That's what everything came down to…and there never was anything I could do about it.

A sudden flash of memory made me woozy, the strength leaving my knees.

"You should have checked the contract, Miss," A man smirked at a woman with bright red hair like mine. "Words are always important."

In this case, it had cost her her family.

"Sumiye! Sumiye!" Nagisa sprinted over, bending down to check on me. His hands gripped by shoulders tightly as I looked at him dazedly with a sick feeling in my stomach. "Sumi! Are you alright?"

"Uh…" I mumbled, still out of it. "What was that?" My expression darkened as I tried to figure out what that was.

She looked like me, and the vantage point was from the floor… was it my memory? Was that my mother? I mused, allowing Nagisa to hold onto me for a moment longer. Kayano looked concerned as well, kneeling next to me. Or was it me? I didn't know what I looked like which made it very difficult to tell.

"Nagisa," I switched my gaze back up to his troubled eyes. "Mirror."

"…Mirror?" He exchanged a confused glance with Kayano, who shrugged.

"Um… Toilet?" That he recognized. He blinked at me in surprise and released me, looking a bit embarrassed.

"She fell down because she had to use the toilet?" Kayano chuckled.

"I guess she really has to go."

"Here it is," Kayano gently took my hand and led me into the bathroom, an uncomfortable and flustered looking Nagisa left waiting outside. "You can use the stalls here to-" I didn't bother to listen to the rest of her sentence, rushing to look at myself in the mirror. God, did I look awful.

My hair was a rat's nest, obviously not only straight since it was in a tangled mass around my head. My eyes were an unnatural purple colour, making me shiver. My face was round and had some baby-fat, making me look younger than I assumed I was. I was taller than Kayano by a good foot or so, I was probably around 5'5. The clothes I was wearing were worn out and ratty, a torn pair of cargo pants and a beaten up and scratchy black shirt.

I scrunched up my nose at my appearance, not at all pleased with what I looked like.

"Oh, so that's what you wanted. Smart." I glanced over at Kayano in her pristine and neat uniform and back down at myself. "Do you want to clean up?" She asked me a question, gesturing to the sink and then mimed washing hair. I nodded enthusiastically, making her laugh. She smiled and laughed a lot. "Alright. We'll do that after school." She pointed at the clock, then tapped a number meaningfully.

"After 3:00?" I commented, staring at the hand. That was around three hours away, so it wasn't that bad. I smiled. "Okay."