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Chapter Two,

What, Where?


Asking for information specifying something or somethings.

This interrogative pronoun acts as a placeholder for unknown information, and so it has no direct synonyms. Other placeholders for unknown information in questions include where, when and who, which stand in for an unknown place, time, and person respectively.

After we came out of the bathroom, Nagisa looked like he was debating about something. He was frowning deeply and his eyes were shifting rapidly from side to side, as if he was calculating something at a rapid speed. I poked his arm cautiously.

"Nagisa?" He jumped in surprise, then turned, a small smile on his face.

"You scared me," He breathed a sigh of relief, making Kayano laugh. "She's a quiet walker."

"Really? I hadn't noticed," Kayano hummed, rocking back on her heels. "Let's see. Sumi-chan," I looked over at her. "Follow me!" I stared at her blankly, causing her to sigh and make a gesture at me to come. Obligingly, I followed her but much to my confusion she stopped. "I guess she's a little quieter but not really. Are you sure you didn't just space out?" Nagisa shrugged.

"I suppose I must've."

"Sensei, just give up," The nice girl who gave me cookies tried to pry the octopus away from me during what I assumed was P.E judging from the clothes and activities they were doing. He attempted to talk to me again and I just climbed a tree to get away. I didn't like octopi. Octopuses. Whichever. "Sumi-chan doesn't understand what you are!"

"Now, now, Hara-san, I'm sure if we explain to her who I am-"

"You're a weird creature that looks like an octopus, moves at Mach 20, is going to blow up the earth, and has successfully blown up the entire moon."

"Actually, we probably shouldn't explain who is is," The boy with a baseball muttered under his breath, at the base of the tree as well. I think Nagisa called him Sugino or something like that. "I could probably climb up and get her. Sumi-chan!" I swung upside down on the tree branch. "Woah. Wasn't expecting that."

"Ne, sensei," Hara, the nice chubby girl glanced over at her teacher.


"Couldn't you just move fast enough to pull her out of the tree and set her down without her noticing?"

"…" The yellow creature grinned up at me, making me flinch.

"W-What?" Almost as quickly as I said that, I was suddenly on the ground. I gasped and fell on my butt, completely baffled. "Huh?" What just…? The octopus smirked and green stripes snuck across his face.

"I also took the liberty of brushing her hair and washing her face while I was at it," He commented, the two teens in front of me "oh"ing and leaning down to get a better look at my face. My hair felt much lighter than it did a second ago. I reached a hand back and found it in a thick ponytail.

"Sensei, did you really need to style her hair too? Man, you even gave her hair decoration-thingies." Sensei, as I was starting to call him, puffed out his chest proudly.

"Looks good, doesn't it?"

"…Sure." I glanced up at the octopus who was still grinning smugly but glanced down at me. I eyed him warily, yet interestedly. I didn't know how, but I was certain he did that.

Kayano, who I was growing fond of in the few hours I'd known her, acted out something about the teacher during the last break between classes.

"Sensei," She pointed at the teacher, violently, waiting for my nod. "Made the moon-" She pointed out to the sky, gesturing at the crescent moon that had appeared at some point. "Go KABOOM!" The turquoise haired girl made a bunch of strange noises and mimed out something exploding, making me raise my eyebrows skeptically. Nagisa chuckled and Kayano blushed, then pouted at him.

"Sensei…" I thought about it for a moment, trying to decipher what she said, "Made the moon… explode? Or did it melt?" I glanced over at the teacher who was currently chatting with a blonde-haired blue-eyed girl who was named Nakamura Rio, I believed. I don't know what he said, but it made Nakamura angry.

"I think she gets it," Nagisa scrawled something in a notebook, flipping a new page open, much to my interest. What else does he have written down in there? I snuck a peak over to his pocket and saw another notebook with the same squiggles I assumed was their language. After a moment, Nagisa lifted the book and showed me a series of pictures confirming what I thought they said.

"He blew up the moon?" I mumbled incredulously, whipping around to stare at him in a mixture of terror and amazement. Nagisa tapped me on the shoulder, prompting me to turn around again. On the page was Kayano holding…a knife? An arrow showed her stabbing Sensei and an equal sign with a weird looking "Y" with a line through it. He drew a couple more, essentially getting the point across. They were trying to kill their teacher for some reason and it would get them some kind of reward.

I held out my hand toward him which he eyed with puzzlement. I huffed and took the notebook from his desk, ignoring the yelp of surprise, and took his pencil. The two teens watched me as I doodled in the notebook.

"Dead Sensei, happy Kayano with a treasure chest?" Nagisa examined my sketch. "She really does understand." I took the book back and started drawing again. "Come to think of it, we'll have to explain to Karasuma-san why she's here."

"Sensei in front of the class teaching and a question mark," Kayano mused, glancing at my notebook. "Does she want us to explain why he's teaching?" She sighed and shook her head. "That's too much for a tiny notebook."

"Why don't you use the chalkboard, then?"

"Sugaya-kun?" A boy with silver hair stood up and walked over to the board, grabbing a piece of chalk and tracing it along the board.

"Wow!" I followed him up, gazing at the art he had created in less than two minutes. It was a shaded comic showing me how the octopus had come to the classroom. "That's so cool!"

"Awesome, Sugaya-kun!" Kayano squealed, looking at the board with me. He gave us an embarrassed but pleased grin. I looked at him in awe and I'm pretty sure he blushed a little.

"And that was the last anyone ever saw of Yumera the great,"

There was one thing on my mind while I listened to the teacher drone away on one of the fictional stories. Why wasn't anyone questioning how I got here? Why did they treat me like a normal occurrence after I appeared? Did the octopus give them a reason? How did I get here?

Scratch that, it was more like twenty questions.

Unfortunately, I didn't have any idea either.

"Sumi-chan!" Kayano called from the door, "Let's go!"

"Where are you taking her, Kayano-san?" Geh. The octopus.

"Oh, I'm going to take her shopping," She grinned at him. "Sumi-chan only has those clothes and she told me that she wanted to have a makeover!" Nagisa gave me a look of pity.

"Nyuhahahah," The laugh he let out gave me shivers down my spine, that green striped face and beady eyed creature staring at me. "I'm sure you'll both have fun~"

What was she going to do?

Oh my god, okay, just breathe, I told myself, hiding behind the turquoise-haired girl. There were way too many people here for my liking. Kayano had dragged me off of the school property and out of a mountain -which I enjoyed very much- to a city full of shops and people.

She grabbed my hand and pulled me into a smaller shop filled with nice clothes. There were mirrors all over the place and neatly folded stacks of fabrics. We spent a good hour or so there, trying on clothes, accessories, and the like.

Eventually, Kayano decided on three changes of clothing for me and pulled me over to another shop. She picked out what looked like picture books and children books and put them in the backpack she had gotten me.

Lastly, she got me some notebooks, drawing supplies and candy. She also gave me a few round metal coins and some paper things that looked familiar.

"Now, where are we going to keep you for tonight?" We walked down a street that looked the same as all the other around us. I didn't know how she know where she was with the identical area. "I suppose you could stay at my house for tonight. Not like anyone else is going to be there." She chuckled sadly. "You don't even know what I'm saying, you poor girl."

"Kayano, are you alright?"

"Huh?" I stumbled slightly when saying the words.

"Ah-re you alright?" I repeated slowly. She regarded me silently for a moment before her usual chipper grin came back.

"I'm fine, Sumi-chan," Kayano smiled gently at me. "Thank you."

"Nagisa!" I squealed, tackling him with a hug once I saw him on the path to the school.

"Uwah!" I must've hit him too hard since we were falling to the ground. He let out a grunt when I landed on top of him. "S-Sumi-chan…?" He squeaked, looking incredibly flustered when I hugged him.

"Thank god you're here! Kayano was making me-!"

"Oh, Sumi-chan~!"

"Eeep! Nagisa, save me!" Poor Nagisa just looked completely lost and not sure what to do with a girl hanging off of him and another chasing me.


"Having problems, Nagisa?" A voice laughed from the side.


"Oh, did Sumiye-chan get new clothes?" Sugino gave me a thumbs up. "Looks nice."

"Sumi-chan! Come here, I have a beautiful dress for you!" I jumped up and pulled Nagisa up along with me, dashing down the path to the school yard to get away from Kayano who had been trying to make me into a fashion model since last night.

"Good morning, Nagisa-kun, Sumiye-chan. Ara, Sumi-chan, did Kayano-san take you shopping?" The octopus greeted us, waving a few tentacles at us as we sprinted closer to him. I internally debated between the horror that Kayano was trying to get me to wear and the octopus, deciding that Sensei was the lesser of the two evils. "Nyuaa?!" I scrambled up with back and up on his shoulders, away from the scary teenager.

Unfortunately for Nagisa, I left him behind on the ground.

"S-Sumiye-chan?" Sensei started freaking out, attempting to get me off of his back with his tentacles which I managed to dodge, somehow. I gripped his clothes with his nails -now manicured prettily- clinging onto him for dear life.

"Sumi-chan," Kayano whined, holding up a skimpy white dress that didn't even go down to mid thigh. "C'mon, just put it on!"


"She learned that word quickly," Nagisa muttered, glancing over at me in amusement.

I was pushed out of the classroom for a bit during one of their test, so I decided to explore the school building. It was ridiculous, how much they trusted me. Then again, I mused, looking around the shoddy place, avoiding a window with giant cracks laced through it, I don't think I could do too much more damage anyway.

I wandered around for a bit to make a mental map but soon came across something interesting. It wasn't like the place was very big to begin with, anyway. Is that…Is that cupcakes? I sniffed the air, smelling something yummy. I followed my nose which lead me into an empty but well finished room with a fridge and a stove. On the counter, there were a bunch of cupcakes, as I suspected. Nobody was going to notice if one was gone… or two…possibly three…



"What's wrong?" Everyone dashed out of the classroom after their target's shout, hoping that he would be in some compromising position. They'd agreed not to start attacking until tomorrow so that Sumiye would know, but if an opportunity arose, there was no way they were going to give that up.

Kanzaki and Okuda were the first ones at the door, the rest of the class on their heels. Inside the room was their teacher and Sumiye, one absolutely devastated and the other very smug and proud looking.

"Sumiye-chan! Where did you get that icing on your face?" She grinned, licking her lips much like a cat did before it caught its prey.

"Yum," She giggled, brushing crumbs off of her new shirt. "Cupcakes are good."

"I had to fly all the way to the U.K for those," The teacher moaned, looking sorrowfully toward the almost empty cupcake box. Sumi glanced at him, then opened the fridge, revealing an assortment of other sweets and candies, making the other students glare accusingly at their teacher. Nagisa sighed and pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket, going around his teacher to reach the redheaded girl. He grabbed her chin and gently wiped off the frosting on her face.

"Geez, Sumi-chan, you're such a mess,"

"Haha, be more careful, sweetheart," A woman bent over me, a gentle smile on her face, wiping the juices from the deer we had caught and cooked off of my face. Her eyes were a warm pair of deep purple eyes, different from my slightly lighter shaded ones. Her hands were tough and calloused, yet warm and comforting to my small body. "You're such a mess," She sighed, smoothing my hair back. I felt my eyelids grow heavy. "Oh dear, sleepy already? I suppose Papa did grin you for a long time today," Her expression changed to a slightly guilty and sorrowful one, but she covered it up well. "Goodnight, my sweetheart, sleep tight. Papa and Mama are going to teach you how to shoot a gun tomorrow." My eyelids slipped, a welcome darkness taking over my vision. "I love you, I'm sorry,"

Sumiye suddenly felt cold and lonely, an ache squeezing her heart. She didn't know where that was but she did know was that woman was her mother. The realization slowly seeped in, her cheeky smile slowly fading from her face, Nagisa giving her a look of concern.

"Sumi-chan?" He leaned forward, a hand on her cheek. "Are you okay?" "Are you okay", something they had been saying something quite frequently to her. She could recognize it instantly. Sumi shook her head and wrapped her arms around Nagisa who stood there awkwardly, not sure what to do. The rest of the class whispered behind them.

"Should we go help?"

"Is she crying?"

"What do we do?"

Hara-san, the sweet, motherly figure of the classroom, walkover and placed a comforting hand on Sumi's back, running it in circles soothingly.

"Sumi-chan, it's okay," She murmured, slowly shifting her from Nagisa and hugging her. "It's okay."

For the rest of the day, I looked at the picture books Kayano got me and followed her, Nagisa, and Hara-san around. I doodled a little in my books as well, but the others didn't seem to know what to do with me.

I learned a few new words from the books and listening to the class. I was proud of my memorizing skills.

"So, what are we going to do with her, Sensei?" Kayano wondered, glancing over at the girl who was sitting in the back of the room. "We don't know who she is, she has no home that we know of, and she doesn't know Japanese."

"Are we going to keep her inside the school? Do we take her home with one of us? How would we explain to our parents?" The octopus raised his tentacles for silence.

"Everyone, quiet down," He ordered, taking in the various expressions of his students. A good chunk of them was concerned for her, but there was still a good amount of them that didn't care. "Sensei will create a home for Sumiye-chan at school, but we will still need to monitor her during the day." He paused, a smirk crawling across his face. "Sensei will watch her during the night."

"Ehhhhh…" The class looked at him skeptically.

"As long as she stays out of my way, I don't care," Terasaka growled, storming out of the room along with his group, leaving only half of the class behind.

"I don't particularly care if she's here either," Rio commented, her blue eyes narrowing. "But she better not interfere with the assassination." With that, she left the classroom as well, a few others following her.

Sensei sighed, realizing that this was going to turn out to be either a big flop or a massive turn around. He glanced at Sumiye, who was watching the class with large intelligent eyes. I can only hope that she doesn't make any of them angry.