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Chapter Four



A game played between two teams of nine on a field with a diamond-shaped circuit of four bases. It's typically played in the US, Canada, Latin America, and East Asia.

Synonyms include ball, game, and ballgame.

"Sugino, what doing?" Sumi poked a sighing Sugino in the side. "You okay? I help?"

"Sumi-chan…" Sugino sighed again, leaning backward in his chair. "I'm just a little tired."

"What?" The black haired boy paused for a moment before miming sleeping. "Ah, you're tired. Tired equals tired. Gotcha." The redhead opened up her notebook and scribbled down how you would pronounce it in Japanese vs her language. Sugino watched in interest, surprised she'd come up with such a good idea. There were various other words - or what he assumed was words- scribbled over the pages along with several doodles. "Why tired?"

"It's been a long day, Sumi-chan," Sugino sighed again, much to Sumi's confusion.

"It's a day?" And this was getting him nowhere. She'd gotten better but there were still a lot of words Sumi wasn't understanding. Nagisa and Kayano both had to go somewhere during break today so he'd been ordered (by Kayano) to watch over her.

"Hey, Sumi-chan?"


"Do you want to go play some ball?"

I held what I recognized as a baseball in my hands, torn and beaten. For whatever reason, I could remember a sport but not my own name. Figured.

"Do you know how to play?" Sugino kept repeating a word and I had no idea what it meant. He mimed throwing a baseball but that didn't make it any clearer. Does he want me to throw it? I stared down at the ball for a moment before chucking it at Sugino. He caught it easily. "I'll take that as a yes."

"What?" Sugino threw the ball back at me, prompting me to duck, letting it whistle over my head.

"Sumi-chan, you're supposed to catch it, not duck," He laughed, making me groan. He said "not". That means I did something wrong. What did he want me to do? I growled in frustration, jogging over to where the ball was and scooping it up.

"Huh?" I noticed an oddly shaped stick next to the ball. It was curvy and… furry? I poked the thing and it didn't move. I knelt down to get a better look at it. There was a grey and white furry animal of some kind lying on its side. It was still breathing but it didn't respond to any noises I made at it or any physical contact. "Is that a ferret?" It was very cute.

"Sumi-chan?" Sugino was calling for me, probably worried about why I was gone so long. "Sumi-chan, what are you doing?"

"Look. Animal." I gestured to what I assumed was a ferret. He raised his eyebrows.

"Sumi-chan, that's a wild animal, you shouldn't touch it." Dunno what he said. I'm gonna pick it up. I gently used my free hand to pick it up and hold it against my body. "Seriously, what did I just say?"

"What. Is. That." Kayano hissed, scooting away from the ferret I placed on her desk happily.

"A ferret!" I hummed, poking it. "It should wake up soon."

"…Is it dead?" She asked Sugaya, who shrugged helplessly. "Where did she even find it?"

"Outside," I pointed, making her groan.

"Sugino-kun let you bring a wild animal inside?" She shook her head in exasperation. "We really need to be more careful with her."

"Has anyone told Karasuma-san about her yet?" Karasuma? That was a new name. There was a chorus of "no"s.

"Well, how are we even supposed to explain her?" Okano interjected. "She appeared out of nowhere, she speaks a language nobody knows, she doesn't know who she is, and there's no record of her anywhere." Megu nodded in agreement.

"It's like she came from another world," She commented. That seemed to make the class freeze for a second.

"…You don't think…?"

"It's awake!" I squealed, interrupting their conversation. The ferret's eyes opened, revealing a pretty blue, contrasting to its black and white fur. It stared at me in utter bafflement, looking around. It let out a huff and laid back down on the desk. I grabbed some food from Yoshida's lunch -


-and offered the sausage to the ferret. It sniffed it, then gently took it from my fingers. It munched on it for a little bit, taking small bites from the offering. It made a pleased purring sound. I reached my hand towards it, letting it sniff me before I touched it. Soft.

"And now she's a freaking animal whisperer," Hazara snickered.

"What is that?" I glanced upwards towards Sugaya.

"It's a ferret," I emphasized the name. "Ferret."

"That doesn't make it any clearer, Sumi-chan,"

"SUMIIIII-CHAAAAAAN!" I heard Koro-sensei screech from inside the school walls. I giggled, knowing he wouldn't be able to find me in the odd nooks and crannies I'd found. I managed to wiggle through a hole in the wall and climb up into the roof area. Instead of the classroom they'd given me, I'd make my room here. Much more comfortable.

"Sensei, what's wrong?" I heard Nagisa's muffled voice from down below.

"Sumi-chan…" He took a deep breath. "Sumi-chan… ate my dumplings!" I snickered again. The ferret beside me seemed delighted that we were up here. I'd named him Doug. Doug the ferret. He liked to dig so it seemed rather appropriate.

"Maybe you should stop bringing those snacks to school if Sumi-chan is going to eat them," Kimura muttered. I walked along the beams of the roof, eyeing another small hole in the corner. It was a tight fit, but I dropped down into the schoolyard. Doug landed on his bum, chattering away at me happily. I honestly thought that he only was staying for the food I was giving him.

The tulips are pretty, I noticed, having seen their closed petals the last night. I hadn't come around to the garden during the day so I never got to see them open. I knelt down and sniffed one of them.


A burst of air made me stumble and fall into the dirt, Doug being sent flying. All of a sudden, the flowers were gone and poor Doug was on his back a few feet away. I scrambled over to him, checking if he was alright. He seemed fine, rubbing his cheeks on my hand playfully. I picked him up carefully and turned around to see Koro-sensei and two of the girls dragging him along with flower bulbs in his hands… tentacles… whatever.

"Don't go planting them at Mach speeds now!"


"Handle each one gently!"

"Got it!" Apparently two teenage girls were scarier than a superpower alien. Noted.

"Sumi-chan, are you okay?" Maehara and Yuma were standing back a couple feet behind me, probably not wanting to get in their way.

"I am okay," I agreed, glancing at the two of them. "Maehara, Yuma, what doing?"

"They're planting tulips," He pointed at them. I shook my head.

"What doing there?" I pointed over to where they were a few moments ago.

"Oh. Assassination." I nodded my head in understanding. "Hey… isn't he supposed to be destroying the planet?"

"Y-Yeah, and here he is, planting bulbs,"

Doug jumped off of my arms and went over to their group curiously. He took a tentative bite out of a bulb, making me rush over to him

"Doug, no!" I swatted his head lightly and pulled the bulb away.

"…Doug?" Megu raised an eyebrow at me. "You named it Doug?"

"Doug," I confirmed, pointing at the blue eyed ferret with a grin.

"A little something extra by way of apology! You'll have a hard time finding me more immobilized than I am now!" I stood shakily on the branch on the tree Koro-sensei had tied himself to, grabbing onto it and sliding down, making him slow his speed a bit. "I'm afraid it's no use, students of Class E! Even with this handicap, I'm still far faster!" Sensei laughed, not realizing I was on the rope. "Killing me is still a far off dream- Nyua?!"

"Sensei," I smiled sweetly at him, hanging off of the tree branch by my legs, the rope nearly snapped. "Bye-bye." I swung my knife through the fibers, leaving him to fall to the ground with a thud. There was a long silence where even Koro-sensei looked embarrassed.

"NOW! KILL HIM!" The class charged at him in a frenzy, causing him to panic. I snickered as he rolled around on the ground as I dangled fro the tree. I dropped down and jogged over to Nagisa and Kayano, wrapping my arms around Nagisa's shoulders.

"Nagisa, I do good?"

"Y-Yeah, you did well, Sumi-chan," I grinned happily at his praise - even if it was somewhat reluctant. He started writing things down in his notebook, Kayano giving me a teasing smile.

"Think we can kill Koro-sensei?"

"Yeah!" Nagisa chuckled at my response and looked up at the turquoise-haired girl

"We will," He said determinedly. "Otherwise, we'd never be able to face him." A voice from behind started me.

"Pardon me, but who is this girl?" A serious looking man behind me spoke up.


"So," Karasuma started slowly, his eyebrow twitching as he watched me play with Doug. He was pretty smart. He'd already figured out how to do a high five, although I suspected it had something to do with the treats. "You're telling me that your target brought her to class one morning with no explanation, she has amnesia, she can't speak Japanese or any other recognizable language, and she doesn't even know her own name?"

"That's essentially it," Kayano agreed nervously.

"Come to think of it, Koro-sensei never did tell us where he found Sumi-chan, did he?" Sugaya murmured. "You could try asking him if you wanted to know more. I doubt Sumi-chan will be able to help you much."

"Help?" I parroted. "I help how?" Nagisa put a hand on my shoulder.

"Sumi-chan, do you remember how you got here?" Uh… I kind of get what he's trying to say but I can't really say that I do. I shrugged and opened my notebook. I drew a bomb exploding, light bulbs, me falling, a band-aid, and a hole inside of my heart. "Um…" He picked up my book and showed it to the others.

"What does that mean?" I took it back and pointed at the bomb.

"BOOM!" I shouted and shook the desk.

"An actual bomb?" Karasuma wondered.

"Maybe," Kayano doubted. "Or maybe she was in an earthquake?" I pointed at the light bulbs and walked over to the switch, turning the lights on and off very rapidly. The next one was self-explanatory so I skipped it, gesturing to the band-aid.

"Ow!" I pointed to the drawing of me and then to my heart.

"Did she die or did she hurt her heart?" I ignored their chattering and scribbled a picture of Koro-sensei holding me with my eyes shut, and then shrugged again.

"Either way, we cannot have her leaking government secrets outside of this classroom," The scary looking man with black hair interjected. He looked like he was going to be a pain in the butt. Kayano shook her head.

"Considering she doesn't try to leave the campus or speak Japanese, I don't think it'll be a problem, Karasuma-sensei."

"Sugino, ball?" I leaned against Nagisa in boredom at the end of the school day as everyone started packing up. It was so boring once everyone left. Even Koro-sensei would leave at a later point, leaving me alone in the darkness. It was lonely and scary.

"What's that, Sumi-chan?" Nagisa glanced over at his friend.

"I think she wants to play with you," Nagisa guessed, acting out throwing a ball to me. I nodded enthusiastically.

"Wants to play, wants to play!" I chanted, having figured out what that meant. "Nagisa too!"

"Eh, me too?"

"Let's goooooo!" I added, tugging on his clothes persistently. "Go, go, go, go!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming, jeez," Nagisa stumbled as I dragged him out of the classroom, a laughing Sugino trailing along behind us.

"You really are her favourite person," He closed the old wooden door behind me, jumping down the stone stairs ahead of us. "Sumi-chan, you like Nagisa?"

"Like Nagisa!" I chirped back, making said boy flush. I guess that could've been taken in several different ways.

I let the blue haired boy go and sprinted back far into the field, waving my arms for him to throw. He obliged, gently throwing it over to me, an easy toss. I caught it and tossed it back to him, just barely reaching Sugino. We repeated the motions for a few minutes, enjoying the game. I occasionally had to run for the ball or go after it when I missed it but it was better than being alone.

I laid in a curled up ball in the corner of the roof section I'd found, having moved the blankets and other essentials up during the day. I shivered, not liking how I couldn't see anything. I didn't like being alone. Alone was dangerous.

I couldn't remember why I felt that way, I just did. My body screamed at me that I was in danger and that I had to move, had to find others. Doug had disappeared inside of the school around an hour ago and I didn't know where he went.

I pressed back against the wall again, trying to turn off my imagination that was showing me pictures of horrifying creatures ripping me open.


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