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Chapter Five,



Of a colour at the end of the spectrum next to orange and opposite to violet, as of blood, fire, or rubies.

Synonyms include scarlet, vermilion, crimson, ruby, cherry, and many more.

A blinding pain wormed underneath my brow, making me hiss in pain and lean against a tree in the schoolyard. I slowly sank down to my knees, tracing my hand against the rough bark, trying to distract myself.

Something was wrong. Very wrong.

I kept getting headaches and bursts of pain when I tried to remember my past or where I came from. I had flashes of memory—bits and pieces were coming back to me, but nothing really solid other than five points.

Number one: I had a mother, father, and little sister.

Number two: I got separated from them for some reason, against my will—I can't quite figure out why, just that I was very upset.

Number three: My eyes aren't supposed to be purple.

Number four: I knew how to wield a gun and some basic knife movements. I knew how to defend myself, at the very least.

Number five: I definitely knew something about Koro-sensei. I don't know if it was positive or negative, just that he was definitely involved in my life somehow. Yet, I don't think I'd ever met him before. Odd.

I let out another hiss as the throbbing increased, pressing my head against the tree. Even if I had 'amnesia' or something, it shouldn't be painful for me to recall memories. Typically the distress amnesia sufferers have is purely mental, not physical, but apparently, my body had other plans for me.

I groaned, flopping onto the dusty dirt and staring back up at the cloud—covered sky.

What the hell is going on?

"Karasuma-sensei, Karasuma-sensei!" A cheerful looking Kayano caught up to her new teacher at the beginning of the morning, bouncing in place. "Did you talk to the government about Sumi-chan?"

The black haired man frowned lightly as if bothered by something. "Yes, this… Sumiye… is allowed to stay in Class E on the same conditions as the rest of you," Karasuma said, promptly turning to continue up the path to the school/classroom. A loud squeal of delight from behind him caused him to internally flinch.

Gunners, serial killers, and aliens? He could deal with those. Preteens? Not so much.

"A quiz in sixth period, huh?" Sugino sighed, downtrodden as they walked back to their building after their gym class. They'd just watched Karasuma-sensei easily dodge all of their classmates' attacks and essentially tell them that they sucked.

Nagisa gave him a small, sympathetic smile. "It would've been nice if we could go home after gym," He said, looking up at the old building. To his surprise, someone was standing at the top of the stairs, holding a box of juice—someone he knew well. Very well.

The figure took the juice box out of their mouth, almost offering it in a way of acknowledgment. "Yo, Nagisa," They grinned. "Long time no see."

"Karma-kun, you're back!" The redheaded boy, Karma, didn't respond to Nagisa's statement but instead walked past the two boys.

"Heh, so that's the infamous Koro-sensei? Woah, he really does look like an octopus." Karma strode forward, stopping right in front of the teacher, who raised a tentacle in reprimand.

"Akabane Karma-kun, is it?" Koro-sensei gave him a warm—or at least, as warm as a UMA could give—smile. "I'd heard your suspension was up today but you shouldn't be tardy on your first day back."

Karma gave him a sheepish laugh as his face turned into a purple 'X'. "It's hard to get back into the swing of things. Feel free to call be by my first name. Nice to meet you, Teach!" He pulled the hand that was in his pocket out and offered it to Koro-sensei.

Koro-sensei accepted the handshake. "Likewise. Let's make this a fun year—" Splat.

Koro-sensei's hand melted and he jerked backward as Karma lunged with a knife in his other hand, landing a meter from where he originally was.

Karma slowly slid back up into a standing position, a Cheshire grin on his face. "Wow~ You really are fast…" He lifted his hand to eye level, revealing the green pieces of plastic stuck to his hand. "And those knives really do work. I sliced one up real fine and stuck the pieces to be caught by such a simple move, and to jump back all that way…" Karma gave his teacher a pitying expression. "What are you, a scaredy-cat?"

He walked forward as the class stood in stunned silence, processing what had just occurred.

Karma had just damaged Koro-sensei.

"I heard they call you 'Koro-sensei' because you're unkillable. But what's this?" He leaned forward arrogantly, looking up at Koro-sensei with a smirk. "Are you a pushover after all?"

Koro-sensei let out a cross between a growl and a hiss, his face darkening from a yellow to a boiling red.

Kayano shifted over toward Nagisa, still staring at the scene. "Nagisa, what kind of person is this Karma?"

"Well, we were in the same class our first and second years, but then his continued violent behaviour earned him an expulsion. Those students end up here in the E Class too." He paused, his expression changing to something unreadable. "But here, he might just be a star student."

Karma turned away from Koro-sensei and started to come back the way he came as Kayano asked her next question."What do you mean?"

Nagisa watched as Karma fooled around with the knife. "When it comes to deadly weapons and foul play, Karma's got us all beat."

There was silence all around for a minute as Karma walked past before a thought occurred to Sugaya. "…Uh, has anyone seen Sumi-chan?"'

Upon entering the classroom, the students noticed that the desks were all in a disarray. They were stacked, piled, balanced, and tossed all around the room. In the center there was a huge pile of desks that were placed every which way — and in the middle of them was Sumiye, scribbling furiously in her notebook.

Her red hair was tousled and strands pointed each and every way - she looked like a madman, really. Sumiye was muttering something indecipherable under her breath at rapid speed.

As Nagisa approached, she slammed her fists down onto the floor and let out a growl of frustration.

"Ano, Sumi-chan?" Nagisa flinched as her head jerked toward him, her eyes wild. "Are you okay?"

"Mein Gehirn wird explodieren," She hissed, sitting up on her knees. "Ich schwöre, ich weiß, dass Ruck!"

"I'd take that as a 'no'," Isogai said, staying back toward the wall, away from Sumiye. Most of the class followed suit with the exception of a few people.

"Oh? Who's this?" Karma asked, casually strolling past Nagisa and kneeling down next to Sumiye. "I don't remember anyone like this in school." Sumiye glanced over at Karma, eyeing him warily. She seemed to be confused about something - Nagisa assumed it was probably the appearance of a new person.

"This is Sumi-chan," Sugino said. "She was brought here by Koro-sensei early on in the semester."

Karma raised an eyebrow. "Brought here?" He parroted, glancing back at the girl beside him who was still staring at him. "As in, you don't know who she is or where she came from?" There were a series of murmurs that washed through the class but nobody bothered trying to contradict him.

"Red," Sumiye reached forward and patted Karma on the head, looking delighted. "Nagisa, we same!"

"Huh?" Sumiye gave Nagisa a grin and gestured between her and Karma's heads. "Oh, your hair colour is the same." She nodded cheerfully and turned to Karma.

"Name, you?" Karma didn't respond to her but instead turned to Nagisa. Sumiye looked mildly offended.

"She doesn't speak Japanese?"

"No. Well, she knows bits and pieces now but Koro-sensei can't seem to figure out what language she's speaking. Nobody else knows either," He said, watching carefully. He doubted that Karma would harm Sumi, but he didn't completely trust him either.

"I see…" Karma turned back to Sumiye and gave her a generic smile. "Karma. My name is Karma." Sumiye, now mollified, promptly picked up her notebook and started to jot down what they assumed was his name. "Oh? What do you have there?"

Sumiye glanced up, taking a moment before replying, "Notebook. Record. Name, human… class," Her voice had an odd accent to many of the words and it was clear she struggled with the pronunciation. "Karma. Red. Big. Yellow. Koro-sensei ow," She waved her pencil in an 'I could go on' motion.

So she saw him outside, Nagisa thought, glancing out the window. Sure enough, there was ample view of the field.

"Ne, Sumi-chan, can you show me around the school? We have time before class starts." Karma gave her another smile to which she snorted. Sumiye sighed, wiggled out of the tower of desks and stood up. She pulled down the desks and out them on the floor, then grabbed Karma's hand and dragged him out.

"…She just left us to clean up after her mess, didn't she?" Sugino muttered.

… …

"That's the gelato I brought back from Italy yesterday!"

"Oh, sorry, It was just chilling in the staff room,"

"'Sorry' won't cut it!"

It was at that exact moment that the entire class knew that Sumiye and Karma were going to be a dangerous combination—for Koro-sensei's wallet, at least.

… …

Sugino, Nagisa, and Kayano sat together by the window at lunch the next day, watching Sumiye and Karma messing around outside together. Just after home-ec was lunch, so they tried to relax before Karma tried his next surprise attack on Koro-sensei.

He had failed each time, of course, but it was still mentally exhausting to have to start and stop so many times in class.

"Are they playing patty-cake?" Sugino leaned forward, trying to get a better look out the window. "Oh, wait, I think Sumi-chan's actually just trying to stab him instead. That's better." You know your life was screwed up when you were relieved someone was stabbing another person instead of playing patty-cake.

"Isn't this odd, though?" Kayano asked, eyebrows drawn together in worry. "I know Sumi-chan has attachments to certain people in the class but she was instantly drawn to Karma-kun."

"Yeah, she was drawn to me after I played with her a bit and she liked Sugaya after she saw his drawings." Sugino poked a cucumber in his lunch with distaste. "Even if they have the same hair colour, this is pretty weird. What do you think, Nagisa-kun?"

"Hm…" Nagisa thought for a moment, choosing his words carefully. "What if… what if he reminds her of someone?"

"What do you mean?"

Nagisa held up Sumiye's notebook that she'd given him for safekeeping before she went outside. "Look." He skimmed through the pages of what he thought were translations and stopped on what looked like a profile. "See this? It's a picture of Karma-kun and some information, right?" Sugino and Kayano nodded. Nagisa flipped the page over onto the back. "Now look at this." He handed the notebook to Kayano.

"What on earth…?" On the page was what seemed like a female version of Karma—but with some differences. While the male version seemed tough and strong, the female version was soft, feminine, and was wearing neat, tidy clothing.

"Strange, right? Go through a couple of the other pages too."

Complying, Sugino and Kayano scanned the pages, finding several different versions of their classmates. Although, not all of them were gender switched, the clothing or feeling of the drawings were different.

"What does this mean?" Nagisa shook his head in response to Sugino.

"I'm not sure. Maybe it's just Sumiye having a bit of fun since she's always stuck inside the class but I think there's something strange going on."

Sumiye smiled at the two boys below her as Karma waved the wallet he taken from the staff room at Koro-sensei.

"—My purse!"

"Then don't leave it in the staff room unattended~" Karma sang, giving Koro-sensei a shit-eating grin.

"Give it back!"

"Okay~" Karma tossed back the wallet, making the teacher scramble for it, only to reveal it was empty. "There wasn't much in there anyway. Call it a donation."

"You hypocritical delinquent!" Koro-sensei shrieked, grieving over the loss of what was left of his paycheque.

Sumiye chuckled, picking up Geoff and pulling him close to her chest. Geoff squirmed in protest and darted up to her shoulders instead, nuzzling her cheek. "Hey, don't act all nice when you disappeared on me for a week," She scolded, narrowing her purple eyes at him. Geoff's response was only to burrow into her hair.

Sumiye sighed and looked down at the boys again, watching them head back toward the school. "Another day, another memory still gone."

Although, unknown to her, the day when she would remember everything was coming soon.

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