INTRODUCTION: This is a request by a user named Retro_Mania. He asked that I make a story based off of a song. We finally got the details hammered out, so I'm beginning it. Please be aware, after this it will get quite odd. At the end I'll explain the themes, the song, and everything else. Hope you enjoy it!

"Marge, you sure you want to do this?"

"Sweetheart, you know we have to. If this is what our wonderful salesman say is necessary to secure the product, then I'll do it twenty times over." The dark red bunny looked over at the brown fox, both of them holding a bright pink pill. For the rabbit, the pill seemed much larger.

"Alright. I know you want to get this product out so people could enjoy themselves, I just didn't know you wanted to be in a test run so much!" The fox cut his eyes at the rabbit, actually worrying about her. He'd done drugs in the past, but this was something new and he was fully aware that his red partner hadn't done a thing. Ever.

"Rodger, stop worrying. Now, bottoms up!" Margaret lifted up her glass to his. He tapped his glass to hers, quickly popping the bright pill in his mouth and washing it down. She did the same.

"Thank you both for your willing participation. As you're aware, this is a three part trial before we allow you to sell for us. Just enjoy the ride, and look forward to the next part."

Rodger sat down at the table, leaning his head down. How had it come to this? This had never been the plan. He found himself retracing the steps to this point.

"You two are going undercover."

Nick and Judy just stared at the Chief. "Do what, now?" came Nick's sarcastic reply. "Thought you liked us out there for PR, being the face of the ZPD and all that."

"You are officer's first. I need someone to do this, and it'll work best if it's you."

"But why, Chief Bogo?" Judy asked. "Why would we be the best for this case?"

The Chief sighed. "You two work well together, yes. But you're also roughly the same size, and you're opposite genders."

Nick felt his eyes widen. "Chief, there's nothing like that going on."

"I know, Wilde. But for the next few weeks, you need to make it seem like there is." He handed them each a folder. "Within are your new identities. Tomorrow you'll head out and go to your new location for the next few weeks until you can buy the drug. I won't condone you using the drug, but often to be a buyer you have to sample the product."

Judy groaned. "Chief, I've never tried anything in my life."

"Leave it to Wilde, then."

"Excuse me, boys, but how long until this kicks in? I'm looking for a good time!" Margaret was standing next to the mirrored window near the front of the room.

"You'll know it when it does. At that point you'll be separated to your rooms to prevent any… occurrences."

Rodger lifted his head. His green eyes stared at Margaret's back hungrily. "Oh come on, now! This stuff's supposed to make us feel good, right? So why can't we just double up on that?"

"Because as much as we can appreciate your situation, we want to see your acceptance to the product. Not your mating habits while using it."

"You know how to take the fun out of everything now, don't you?" The rabbit sounded upset, wanting to enjoy some time with the drug and her special fox friend.

"So, apparently you're Margaret Plants, a red haired rabbit from a rural farming community on the west side of Zootopia. You came here after being released from prison on possession charges of controlled substances. You appreciate naturalism, enjoying being one with nature, and proving society wrong." Nick looked up at Judy. "Way to go, Carrots. Took you long enough to let your fur down."

Judy groaned. "I don't even know to act around drugs, I've never taken them. And you haven't either, 'Rodger Coops'. You're a businessman who lost everything in a stock failure, fell in love with a bunny, and apparently hate the current society for pushing you down."

He laughed. "I think I got that, Fluff. Now, where's the fur dye so we can pull this off?"

"Still nothing, Chief man." Rodger was sarcastically laughing at the window. "Looks like your stuff is weaker than you told us. Talk about getting my expectations up!"

"I dunno, Rog…" came a slurred voice. The fox looked over to see the rabbit stumbling towards him looking bright faced. "I feel pretty good, actually. Want me to show you how great this feels?"

"I'd never turn you down, sweetheart!" He got out of the chair, moving towards his bunny with his paws outstretched. Her shirt looked ripe for the picking. Suddenly, there was a loud buzzer as the door opened and three wolves entered.

"We told you, none of that. Remove the rabbit to her room. Take the fox to his, and strap him in. Don't let them talk or touch.'

Rodger fought back. That was his girl. "No, you said I could be with her until we fell asleep! You liar!" The wolves ignored his pleas and quickly subdued the fox.

"Rodger, we've been here two weeks and no one will help us get the good stuff," Margaret complained to her boyfriend.

"Easy, darling. We'll find someone who can help you out, it just takes time. Strangers from the country don't look like the best options," he reminded her.

"But I want it! I want to feel good, I want to party and be free! I heard them talking about something new and great for that!" She was giddy at the thought.

He pulled her next to the dance floor, ignoring all the other animals around them. "Yeah, but if it's new no one's gonna let two outcasts know or get a chance to try it. They're looking to get noticed, and we just don't stick out enough!" Rodger looked over her shoulder, seeing a light sheep speaking to a wolf nearby.

"Oh, now I'm feeling it! Now it's kicking in!" Rodger howled out. He was feeling drowsy but warm. It was an amazing feeling. Rodger found he had the giggles.

"I never thought you'd give us the chance!" he called out. "We just don't stick out enough to be thought of as anything! Maybe that's why you want us to sell it for you!" He kept giggling, feeling himself fall asleep.

"Oh, that was lucky of us to get that invitation. Try it and if you can survive all the forms you can sell it. You boys got yourselves one hell of a sales pitch!" He laughed and laughed as his mind started going blank.

'Judy, I trust you,' he thought. 'We better take that next dose together.' As that thought passed his mind, Nickolas Wilde, undercover as Rodger Coops, fell into a deep sleep.