Okay, alright! For those of you who have been going on and on and sending me emails:

1. I. Am. Not. Dead.

2. I apologize for the delay. As soon as I got back from my overseas trip, I have been busy with working horses, healing from a dog attack, trying to find an apartment, and having to spend about a week and a half putting my laptop back together when the hard drive crashed.

3. As a result of number 2, the two chapters I was working on for PE and the one and a half I was finishing editting for ALR are GONE. I hadn't uploaded them here to FanFiction, so I must rewrite them and it's been a while. But this is a good thing, as now that I've had a month or two to get past the, "I have an obligation" feeling that I can now get back to the, "This is really fun!" feeling and try to get everything out quickly.

Please give me a few days to get back into the hang of things. My apologies for taking so long on getting things out. I got quite busy, and honestly I got burnt out. I was putting a lot up in a small time frame, and it got the point that I was having to think and plan really hard to keep the story going instead of letting it flow. I believe that problem should resolve itself.

Thanks for keeping interested!