I regret
Prologue: Remembering


Eyes like a car crash.
I know I shouldn't look but I can't turn away.
Body like a whiplash, salt my wounds but I can't heal the way,
I feel about you.

I watch you like a hawk,
I watch you like I'm gonna tear you limb from limb.
Will the hunger ever stop?
Can we simply starve this sin?

That little kiss you stole,
It held my heart and soul.
And like a deer in the headlights I meet my fate.
Don't try to fight the storm, you'll tumble overboard.
Tides will bring me back to you

And on my deathbed, all I'll see is you.
The life may leave my lungs.
But my heart will stay with you.

That little kiss you stole, it held my heart and soul.
And like a ghost in the silence I disappear.

[Bring me the horizon – Deathbed]


I still remember his voice, I hear the sweet whispers he said to me. How he often smiled at me and traced his fingers through my hair, giving off a soft sigh and hum on a tune taking me into his warm embrace. I remember his naked chest, the beat of his heart, how it sounded like when I rested my head on his chest as he held my body against his.

Our home, was warm, and filled with life. Friends and family dropping by, filling the rooms with light and laughter. We were young and carefree, sweet kisses and warm embraces. Nights filled with lust and loud cries of love.

This just seemed to be a good piece of heaven, until I got dragged back down to hell, away from my loved ones. Do you believe in angels? Because I do. The only thing that separates our view on them. Is that these angels, are from hell.

I can't feel the warmth I once felt. His sweet whispers sound far away and his voice is hushed. His heart and soul seem near, yet so far. Because I had to leave him, them.

The only regret I have, is not telling him I love him the day I left.
Of all the days, it was this day, I didn't say I love him. I regret it the rest of my life.

This story is written to OtakuKidXD, I hope you'll enjoy the story. And I hope the others will enjoy it as well.

Prologues should be kept short, it's a taste of the inner story, after all.

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