Prologue Part 1: When he Awakened

It felt like any other day. The heavy rain still persisted, it hadn't changed in the past week. There was nothing remarkable, nothing important. Overall a very forgettable day. One that some would rather forget altogether. Yet the city did not stop, the city would not stop. The streets were consistently busy, with the hustle and bustle of people, going to and from the various places in the city. The sun managed to shine through the thinning clouds, letting the morning rays rouse the people, where busy parents and annoying siblings, would pick up the sleepy stragglers, from their restful respite from their everyday lives. Many would feel rather dismayed, reflecting the feel of the weather, yet one gentle soul always managed to make everything seem brighter.

(The Kurosaki Household)

Masaki Kurosaki, matriarch of the Kurosaki household and one of the few Quincy alive, was eating breakfast with her beloved family. Her nine year old son, Ichigo, was playing with his younger twin sisters, Karin and Yuzu, as was the way of children their age. Her husband, the former Shinigami Captain, Isshin Shiba Kurosaki, joined in their festivities, making the mood all the more infectious. This is what she always desired. This is what made her content. A peaceful life and a joyous family. But deep down, she was wary of her own son. She will always love her child, but in the far reaches of the back of her mind, she was ever cautious. When he was born, she no longer felt that Hollow that infected her years ago. She had her suspicions, but prayed she was wrong.

(Ichigo's inner world)

An entire city, standing on its side, was bathed in a magnificent radiance, which was the utter opposite of the world outside. A middle aged man in a black tattered overcoat, ever caught in a non-existent wind, was trying to enjoy the beautiful day. But there was something plaguing his mind, which he just couldn't push aside. A weird feeling, one that still connected him to the Quincy King.

"You don't seem to be enjoying this as much as you usually do." Spoke a warped voice. The man turned to see his lone companion in the empty world. A tall and lean man, white as bleached bones, wearing a mask as black as night. A skull, with two parallel lines going down the mask, which was fixed in a constant feral grin.

"Don't you like these bright sunny days?" The pale man teased. "...Have you grown tired of them? Or is there something else? Some persistent nagging reason that's making you question your stance?"

"There is nothing to question." The old man said, calm but firm. "He is safe. That is all that matters."

"Yeah, for now. What about when that changes?" The same argument bubbled to the surface once again. Whether to keep their charge innocent and ignorant, for as long as they could by restricting his power, or expose his potential and make him prepared for anything. The old man wanted to keep Ichigo out of harm's way, the skull faced figure wanted Ichigo to prepare. To keep him from fighting, or make him the strongest fighter. They had fought over this, time and time again.

"I refuse to allow Ichigo into that world." The elder said. "He's too young."

"And when he's older? What are you going to say? 'He's too gentle?' Face it, I'm here and that kid will love fighting." The two glared at each other for a time.

"We'll leave this matter to his mother." The old man sounded like he was trying to convince himself, more than his other half. He knew that old tale was a destined prophecy, and today was one of the special dates for that man's return.

"You really think that bastard will let her live?" The pale man said. The elder froze in shock. He didn't think that the Zanpakuto knew the prophecy of the Quincy King's return. He never spoke of it, even blocked it from their connection, so how did he know it? "Because we're still technically one being, dumb-ass." The hollow was smarter then he gave it credit for.

"He should be able to recognize Ichigo's potential." The Quincy half argued. "He wouldn't do anything that might harm him."

"Please, when has he shown any form of kindness or care?" The hollow/Zanpakuto hybrid argued. "If it isn't a pure Quincy, or useful to him, he'll kill it because of that 'taint.'" Being the instincts did have its perks. He recognized the threat and would be prepared for it, unfortunately, he had to share this world with someone less than agreeable and wanted to hide Ichigo away.

"Enough!" The Quincy growled. "This isn't for us to decide!" He said before disappearing, not wanting to continue this conversation, or give himself reason to believe that he might be wrong. The sword spirit was left alone with his thoughts. A part of him was wishing that the Quincy half was right, because if he wasn' was going to be terrible.

(Hours later after Ichigo's Karate class)

The rain became heavy again and the river banks and aqueducts swelled with the rushing water. The auburn haired Quincy and her young child, were making their way home in the heavy shower. He was such a sweet child, ever since his father told him what his name meant, he'd tried so hard to get stronger, to protect her. He had so much potential, so much power, but he was still just a child. She didn't want him to start training. She didn't want him to end up in that world. That world of struggle and bloodshed, fighting with his life on the line. He was a flashing bright beacon to those empty monsters, the Hollows, the ones that would love nothing more than to devour him and all his reishi. She would do anything to protect her little boy, to keep him away from that horrid place. She felt her son's tiny hand slip out of his grasp. She saw him running toward a girl, a spirit. His was one of the clearest sights ever, he never was able to tell living from the dead. She began to chase him, to keep him from getting washed away into the current.

That's when she felt it. A dark oppressive hunger aimed right at her son. She turned to see a large hollow heading for her son. He was covered in wet, brown fur, and a large mask, with what seemed to be a fishing lure sticking out of his head. She needed to hurry, hurry to protect her child. She skated on a flow of reishi to get between the disgusting creature and her son. Gathered the energy to generate her spirit bow. Then she was surrounded in a flash of light. She felt her power being ripped out of her, leaving her defenseless. Her only thought, 'Save him.'

(Ichigo's inner world)

"That bastard!" The hollow half yelled, somehow knowing this was going to happen. Masaki was made powerless and, in just a scant few seconds, will be dead. The Quincy half just stared, damning his own inaction that had led to this. Deep down he knew the hollow was right, Yhwach would never allow Masaki to live anymore. With her dead, this world would flood, Ichigo would be defenseless. He tried to not care, concerning himself only with Ichigo, but if this happened, then Ichigo would suffer. Most likely for years, blaming himself for this. He was a fool. Protecting Ichigo didn't mean keeping him hidden. He was weak and vulnerable now.

"Old man!" The hollow yelled. "It's now or never! Are we just going to let this happen? Or are we going to do something?" Save his mother and set the boy on the path of bloodshed, or leave him be and let him get consumed by sorrow. The Quincy half of Ichigo knew his decision, he just prayed he wouldn't regret it.

"Fine," he declared, letting his energy charge, "Ichigo will walk a road of battle." The hollow grinned under his mask. Finally, Ichigo will be prepared for what was coming.

"Then by our name, his power, we shall protect him and his happiness." He charged his own energy. At once, they unleashed their combined energy, took control of Ichigo's body, and uttered one word. Everything around Ichigo was consumed in light.