[a/n] This has been a good bit of fun. I almost regret brining it to an end. Of course a million other events would happen in the lives of Susan and her Prisoner of Azkaban. Who knows? Something else, another tale might occur.

Happy litigating!


"Potter off somewhere plotting with those other three! FREAKS THE LOT!" Vernon snarled at his wife. Grunted when she jabbed him in the side. Put on a pleasant expression "Good morning Mr. Flint."

Petunia took on the duty of physical display, made a display and production of kissing his cheek, exclaiming "Marcus! So good to see you again!"

"Let's get this over with, you mean." The wizard greeted them, hardly needing Legilimency to read his clients' thoughts. Behind his smirk, he hated these Muggles and their anti-Wizard feelings. His secretary was through with them entirely, off handling the preliminaries of the next cases. "I assure you, both, this case ends today. And no matter how I think of it, can any of yesterday's nonsense affect OUR facts."

Vernon gave a self-satisfied grunt "Good! And I have a dozen ways to spend the millions of pounds that are rightfully mine!"


"Good morning, Mr. Weasley." Said Lord Lomax. And, while his words were friendly, his tone was not "Yesterday's presentation seemed disconnected. While I, personally, am prepared for a final vote….the majority of the Court is willing to let you continue."

Vernon almost whooped in delight, but Petunia kicked him in the shin.

"Earl Potter, under what circumstances did you come into the care of the Dursleys?" Percy asked.

Harry snorted in disgust "If you can call it that. At any rate, a terrorist with delusions of grandeur and a hardon for killing babies murdered my parents and the high, mighty always right Albus Dumbledore decided I would be safe with them."

"That is interesting, Lord President." Flint put in "The plaintiffs petition the Court to judge House Dumbledore equally libel for the wrongs done to them."

Harry found that highly amusing. It took a threat of a contempt judgment to silence him.

"Apologies to the court!" said Percy, forcibly "With all due respect, however, I can only argue on behalf of Earl Potter. To resume, tell the court how old you were when you first started cooking for the Dursleys."

Harry gave an angry look to Percy, then a simply humiliated one to Susan. And muttered "Four."

"So….three meals a day times, 365 days in a year for over thirteen years is 14,235. Multiply THAT by ten Galleons would be 142,350, or £711,750." Percy summed up.

Although the entire panel wanted to speak, only the President was allowed. Lord Lomax said what they were all thinking "Would you have us offset the Dursley claim with an ex post facto claim? Like accountants?"

"By no means, Mr. President." Percy didn't even blink "I ask that you consider Mrs. MacDougal's testimony. Earl Potter was used as slave labor by people who supposedly took him in…out of the kindness of their hearts… To a house that was half his, by law."

This was a highly damning accusation. Magical or Muggle. This was about a mistreated noble child.

Percy saw his advantage and pressed it "Remember, most families will …even if it causes hardship… be very willing to take in an orphaned child. Treat him, or her, as their own. Even legally adopting the child. In this, I mention the Noble Malfoys adopting one Joanne who is actually NOT a blood relative. While I am not suggesting there is any comparison in wealth, the Dursleys were not unduly burdened by Harry's presence as a child."

"Was that a closing, Mr. Weasley?" asked a visibly surprised Lomax.

After exchanging looks with an emotional Harry, he nodded "Lord President, I did have a bit more planned, but perhaps… yes… I suppose so. That seems to be an excellent thought with which to conclude. Sirs, Madams, this concludes House Potter's case. Thank you."

"The notion of using a manufactured set of quote facts unquote…" Flint stood and began as if he knew in advance that Percy was concluding just when he did "…to offset the VERY real and serious expenses my clients have incurred. One Magical incident after another. Of equal concern, in many cases, the risk to the Statutes of Secrecy caused by the defendant's rec- excuse me- negligent would be a better word…behavior. To conclude, I ask the Members of this Court of Last Instance to uphold lower court rulings. Finally, to compel House Potter to appropriately and justly compensate my clients for the abuses they have suffered. Thank you."


"Mr. Potter, it is HIGHLY irregular to release a student to a non-parent's custody!" an aggravated Headmistress complained. They were in one of the Palace's lengthy corridors.

Harry had little patience, was still rather irritated with McGonagall's rejection of his application to teach, and had very little time "Minerva." He said, coldly "I was not making a request. I ordered Ginevra's presence here as her Head of House. No, I'm not her Father, but we both know I have this right. And, honestly, she's plenty good enough a student. Your presence was not required. You may go."

"Harry, that was harsh." Ginny complained, looking at the Headmistress' departing back.

No more was he in a mood to accept her criticism. "I'm not paying the Dursleys so much as a counterfeit Knut." He declared "Percy did great, but no one knows how these can go and I want to be prepared for the worst. Are you willing to break a few Ministry laws? And only know about half of what you might want to?"

"I owe you my life, Harry." She replied "You know that. And you've never really taken advantage of that. As long as it doesn't involve murder, or torture. Or basically anything Tom would get any fun out of, I'm your girl."

He sighed, grateful for her loyalty, "You won't like it. I don't want to ask you and I don't want you to. But I won't kill the Dursleys, unless it's in self-defense. And both of them aren't a threat. Physical at least. You'll need to go to Kiln Keep, wait for an owl from me. You know my handwriting?" He whispered in her ear.

"Ginevra, should you not be at Hogwarts?" asked Percy as he walked in.

Ginny looked at Harry, eyes popping "Are you sure?" she wanted to know.

"Dead sure." He answered grimly "That's an order. As Head of House. Percy don't ask questions you don't want answered."

Percy looked highly disturbed "It's a school day!" he protested.

"I'll handle it and your Mum and Dad." Harry said "Now look. You did great. Better than anyone else could have. Thanks. But I have to be prepared for the worst."

Percy blinked a couple of times, asked "You're not going to go against the CLI? Are you?"

Harry made a production of clasping his hands behind his back, bouncing on his toes, and walking off.


If a Court of Last Instance hearing seemed to have no rules, the discussion leading to a verdict was a complete free-for-all. However, the one rule was that the President had the first and last word "Is that our final decision?" he asked, ritually "Have we explored the issue sufficiently?"

The members raised either right or left hands to indicate their position.

"Lords and Ladies, on behalf of Her Majesty, thank you for your attention." Said Lord Lomax "I am sure she will appreciate our resolution without resort to her involvement." His speech was given as pleasantly as if he was not in the minority of the decision. "Page? Call the Court back into session."


The participants stood as the members of the Court filed in, turned to the Flag, all remained standing for God Save the Queen. It was customary for all to shake hands. Both sides shook with, and thanked, the members of the Court. Percy shook, quite cordially, with Marcus and politely with the Dursleys.

Susan extended her hand to Petunia, and the women exchanged looks of dislike, the shake itself was less than polite. The words were unforgiving. "All you had to do was not be a bitch to your own flesh and blood."

"The notion of you two rutting and producing another thing sickens me!" Petunia snarled, hatefully.

Susan felt the muscles twist and tense in Petunia's arm "There are spells that kill." She threatened, quietly "You know that better than most. You might just hurt me, since I'm pregnant. But can you imagine what Harry would do? He was twelve when he first killed. You fool! Hasn't Flint warned you?"

"Get away from my wife you hussy!" Vernon blustered.

Already glaring at his Uncle, Harry moved instantly. And violently. The slap and push sounded worse than they really were, Petunia's hair was mussed and her dignity bruised. Not that he was particularly merciful to his Aunt, but this gave him an open opportunity to let out his anger. "A stupid wizard taught me this!" he snarled. Stabbed his wand into Vernon's arm.

"What did you DO YOU FREAK!?" Vernon's purple was even more impressive than any previous performance, because never mind the pain coming from a bleeding wound, every bone below his left elbow had disappeared.

Harry mercilessly seized his throat and hissed "Touch Susan again! In any way! You DIE!" He squeezed for seconds, sneered into the ever more feebly struggling face… then shoved, with magical help, Vernon across the room. Into the far wall.


"No I DON'T like what Harry wants me to do!" Ginny Weasley snapped at the pair of paintings before her.

James and Lily Potter were both damaged during the takeover by Cedric Diggory's father. Burns and rips were visible in both canvases. "But what you like is irrelevant in this." Lily said, with a certain coldness.

"Well if you're so on his side! Why are you going against what HE wants?" shouted Ginny.

James answered "Two reasons. Both of us agree we do not wish to continue to exist if The Keep is destroyed. And…well… the second reason is not nice at all. But necessary. Harry needs to understand that his orders can have unexpected and unpleasant consequences."

"Even if you happen to agree with what -?" Ginny could not even finish the question. She felt angry at the cruelty with which the portraits of Harry's parents were acting, nevertheless, agreed. Like her reaction when Harry ordered her to raze the entire Keep. Ginny now walked through the centuries of his Family history loving the place, and mounting anger on her sadness. It was a lonely vigil waiting for an owl to tell her what to do.


Hours after the first attempt to end Case #CLI/D-v-P/006, the participants again assembled. This time however, instead of two guards in formal dress, the courtroom was staffed by a dozen Aurors and heavily armed Special Forces soldiers. Rifles and wands were not only in full evidence, they were drawn and pointed. "Record resumes, Lord Joshua III Lomax speaking for the Crown." Said The President "The Court notes receipt of formal letters of apology from both sides. To make the situation clear, guards have been ordered to shoot to kill to maintain order."

"My client understands, My Lord." Percy stood and responded. There was to be no handshaking this time. And he felt decidedly itchy without his wand. Marcus followed suit. Both sides were outwardly dispassionate and made no overt display of hostility.

President Lomax nodded severely, shot warning expressions at both sides. Rifles and wands clicked to the ready. "Hear then, one and all, final judgement of The Court of Last Instance. First, Vernon and Petunia Dursley bare sole fault for the incident of this morning. Earl Potter acted properly and, in our unanimous finding, mercifully in defending his Lady from an unprovoked attack."

"Rubbish!" growled Vernon. But he froze and gulped nervously as a muzzle was pressed against his temple.

"I did not quite believe the defendants….until this morning." Lomax continued, making no move to order the soldier to stand down "And the record will show as a unanimous finding of fact, Harry Potter is cleared of all liability in this case. No payment is due to the Dursleys. A penalty, to be determined at a later date, will be assessed against the Dursleys, for both their violation of this Court's hospitality and for their treatment of a child placed in their care. The Court also orders a Wizengamot investigation into the placing of a Wizard child's placement with such a magical-hating couple."

Harry whooped in delight. Restrained himself from grabbing Percy and spinning him round and round. Settled for a grave handshake. Bowed formally to the Members of the Court "Lords and Ladies, I thank you for your wisdom."

"Your Honors, the plaintiffs humbly request an appeal to Her Majesty." Marcus said after harsh whispers to his clients.

Lomax glanced at his colleagues "There is no right of appeal from this Court. Your request is denied. A shame, Mr. Flint, your clients ruined their chances at even an appeal. The vote was going against them, but Mr. Dursley damned himself when he attacked a young pregnant girl."

"Well? What are you going to do?" Vernon sneered at his Solicitor "Bloody FREAK!"

Only for an instant did Marcus allow his rage free reign. Didn't even leave his chair as he calmly, coolly announced "Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, it has been a distinct pleasure arguing your case through our legal system. And especially before the highest court in the land. Effective immediately, I wish to tender my resignation as your solicitor. Expect a letter to that effect within a fortnight. Lord President? With your permission?"

"By all means, Mr. Flint." Lord Lomax granted "This hearing is adjourned. God save the Queen!"


Ginny was sitting under a tree on a hill that overlooked Kiln Keep's paddock. Her fury at the situation she was handed mounting. She would not have killed the horses there, even if Harry ordered her to. "OH! I'll do this Potter!" she snarled "But I DO NOT HAVE TO LIKE IT!"

"Sounded like my name." quipped Harry, as he apparated in nearby. And had to dodge a hex "Sorry! Ginny, I thought I owed you a personal visit. I'm cancelling my order to destroy the Keep. The Court ruled in my favor, fully. The Dursleys lost completely. The case is over."

It took a second to process. Then "Oh. Good. Glad to hear." Then she enthusiastically hugged him


Some months later, proud and happy father was visiting former attorney "You can't imagine!" he gushed "She just grabbed my finger and started sucking on it."

"Seems a little…forgive me…unsanitary." Commented Percy with a look of distaste "However, if it makes you happy."

Harry only chuckled "Don't give me that! I remember those marks on you after your honeymoon. Anyway-"

"Excuse me, Mr. Weasley" an assistant knocked and entered "You have a visitor. One Marcus Flint, esq."

Harry's expression hardened. Yes, he'd seen his Uncle's solicitor here and there, but usually in a crowd of dozens where it was fairly easy to avoid someone without even appearing rude. In a mid-sized office with only two other occupants, it was impossible. Not standing could be an insult, if it was intended as such, and if the other took it so. "Flint." He greeted, coldly and hardly facing the new visitor.

"Marcus, good to see you again." Percy was cordial. He stood, shrugged his robes into a more formal sitting. And shook. Gave a look of mock annoyance, added "Unless! Of course, you happen to be here on business."

The former Slytherin nodded "But, not in the way you think. I am sure you know the saying about having a fool for a client? And one not doing so?"

"Well, that's my cue to leave, I think." Said Harry, who now stood and nodded toward Percy "You'll be at the formal presentation tomorrow, right?"

Flint then cut in, but politely "If I may? Earl Potter, please accept my congratulations. Lily and Amelia. Quite a challenge for a baby to live up to such great names. It is most fortuitous that I find you here. Would you consider remaining for this conference?"

"Sit, then, Marcus." Percy offered, pointing to a chair "What can I do for you? And, how could it involve the earl?"

After a barely noticeable throat clearing, Flint put a package on Percy's desk "That is a cover letter and summary. I am being sued for…the two major complaints… Incompetence and Failure to Zealously Represent. Barely less serious is Excessive Billing. Half a dozen other [Throw the shit, see if it sticks] complaints."

"Throw the shit?" queried Harry, good-naturedly "That a legal term?"

The solicitors shared intolerant looks, Flint looked directly at Harry "The plaintiffs in the suit are Vernon and Petunia Dursley."

"HAHAHAHAHA!" Harry burst out laughing "You guys deserve each other!"

Marcus didn't react outwardly, but asked "What if I asked you to appear as a witness for me?"

"Why should i?" asked Harry with a snort "I can't think of anything more fun than watching you all eat each other."

Not in the least deterred, Marcus shrugged "Your uncle would provide food for a VERY hungry hippogriff. Petunia doesn't LOOK edible. Regardless, there will be a winner and a loser in this case. Who is the lesser of two evils in your perspective? Do you want to see the Dursleys win? At anything?"

"Hmpf!" Harry grunted. He'd chuckled at the solicitor's characterizations of his relatives "You know Voldemort would Cruciod the lot of you? To death?"

Flint couldn't help himself, he shivered. Scared. But he recovered visibly "Be that as it may, would you hand Vernon a win when a small involvement would hand him a defeat?"

"I'll think about it." Replied Harry. And with that, addressed Percy "My Lady is presenting Lily to the Wizengamot…day after tomorrow. Uncle Percy's attendance is expected."

Bowing at the waist, he replied "I shall be honored, sir." Then showed Harry out, closed the door. Opened the cooler, lightly tossed a bottle to the remaining visitor, took one of his own, sat back at his desk. "He really does not like you."

"Perhaps." Marcus quipped with more bravado he felt "But, he actively hates my former clients. I can't think of anyone with as much to gain in seeing them lose. Except…obviously…myself. So, Potter aside, what about the case?"

Percy rocked back in his chair "The irony of my representing you against Earl Potter's Muggle relatives is not lost on me." He said with a smile "Imagine the reaction of my youngest brother How could you help out an evil Slytherin?"

"That has to be the worst imitation of him I've heard." Marcus half sneered "I imagine it will be similar to Draco making Potter his daughter's Godfather. Oh to see how he reacted to that!"

Percy steepled his fingers on his desk, asked "What might I know about Joanne? In other words….hmpf… More than is publicly known, I imagine. Not remotely all there is to know, I am just as sure. That said, you are not on the need to know list. Nor are you likely to find out anything he really does not want known. Miss Malfoy is an interesting girl. But, back on topic, I do have superiors so I offer a conditional yes."

"Excellent then." Marcus nodded "We'll make a good team I think."

Percy offered his hand, replied formally "I believe so as well."