A beautiful castle came into view just ahead. Rachel smiled through the grim plastered on her face. Four days of hard riding had led her to this. Next to her was the son of a kind farmer who had agreed to help her after learning her identity. It had taken only a couple Edomic commands to convince him.

"We'll be there soon." Lasmer said.

"And you're sure this is Caberton?" She asked.

"Of course my lady. I've been here several times and even met Lord Jason once." He proclaimed, obviously proud of the fact.

She smiled with out replying. Lasmer was an interesting kid. He had been ten when Malador had been destroyed. That was eight years ago according to him, nine in the coming month.

Rachel looked once again at the castle. Was it her or was the castle getting farther away the close they got? She closed her eyes and tried to imagine finally reuniting with Jason. The scene had played over and over in her mind during the journey and soon it would be a reality.

"Halt. Who goes there?" Asked a burly guard outside the gates.

"Lasmer, son of Suwal and Lady Rachel, the famed master of Edomic." Rachel's companion announced.

The guard laughed. "Lady Rachel you say? You obviously need to go back to school kid. She returned to the Beyond years ago."

"He speaks truth." Rachel moved her horse forward.

"Oh! She speaks!" The guard pretended to tremble in fear.

Muttering under her breath, Rachel drew water droplets together in front of her until they formed a small sphere. The guard gasped and quickly fell to the ground.

"I'm sorry my lady. I did not realize." He said.

"It is understandable. Now will you please take us to Lord Jason?"

"Right away." He stood up, motioned upwards and the large gates creaked open. He pointed them through and gave another small bow as they passed. Just a few seconds later the gates slammed closed.

Rachel took deep breaths trying to calm her racing heart. After years, it was finally here. A servant approached them, reaching for the reins. Rachel threw them down to him and swung out of the saddle. She felt the soreness in her legs increase instantly.

Lasmer dismounted next to her. He seemed nervous and she realized that he had never been treated like this before. She smiled at him and then followed a different servant into the castle. They were led to a large throne room where Rachel recognized the lord sitting on the chair.

"You just couldn't keep away, could you?" Jason asked his old friend.