My name is Bloom Legna. I am 15 years old, and attend Sliver Creek High, a school for gifted young girls and boys. Wait. Yeah right. Like I'm a gifted student. In other words, I'm just your average teenage girl, who wants to sleep all day and party all night. Just regular teenage stuff. Anyways, I'm adopted. That's why my parents, Mike and Vanessa, have different last names than me. I get made fun of it all the time. I'm the adopted, clumsy, weird kid. Well, at least to the "Trix." Its this group of obnoxious girls that think they are better than everyone. Icy, Stormy, and Darcy. They seem cool, but once you get to know the, they are freaks that need to get a life. Then, you got the jocks, like Andy, Logan, and Michael. Also full of themselves. Then you got the nerdy kids, and the Teachers Pets- You get the picture. I'm part of my own squad. We call ourselves the rebels. Nobody really knows about our squad. They just think of us as a big group of weird friends. The rebels are a group of kids who are fed up with the Trix, and the Jocks, and so on. We just be ourselves. And we help other people to. For example, say you were a new kid at our school. If you didn't seem to fit in with the other squads, and really hated the 'popular' kids, then you became one of us. You became a rebel. We don't have many people in our group. Just five of us. Me, my best friend Jade, Conner, Ryan, and Jonathan. But we make it work. It's a lot of fun. We have mini-party's, go skate boarding, see movies, meet at bars to get drunk, and a lot of other stuff. It started out with me, Jade, and Johnathan, and then one day we rescued Ryan and Conner from the jocks. So, yeah. Life is good; for the most part.

Do you know what the perfect combination is? A Friday evening, ice cream, and Takis. Oh, and stuffing our faces with chick-fil-a. Aren't we fatties? It was pretty late, and me and my friends decided to go to Chick-fil-a for dinner. Then, we ate our ice cream and Takis in a tree. Yep. A tree. If you go to the park, which is huge, by the way, there is a maze. We have a certain route that we take that leads us to a dead end. If you climb through the bushes, you find yourself in a forest. There is a certain tree we meet at, which we all carved our names into. We just sit there and talk. We go there to escape the outside world. Its almost magical. So we ate Takis and Ice cream in a tree. It was getting later by the minute be we didn't care. Tomorrow was Saturday. Its not like it mattered anyways. Well, actually we did care. It was pretty cold out, so we went to my house, and fell asleep binge watching Sponge Bob. Get used to it. We're weird. So after we stayed up all night, you could easily guess we were extremely exhausted.

"Do we have to wake up?" Moaned Jade, who had buried herself in practically all the pillows I owned. "Yes." I said taking a pillow and hitting her with it. "The guys left a few hours ago. And anyways, I got no one to talk to." "And you think I care?" She said, groaning even louder. I sighed, and plopped down on my bed. I plugged my earphones in and started listening to some music, while my lazy friend slept like a rock. Again.

Sooner or later, she got up, finally. "Lunch is Ready!" Vanessa screamed from the kitchen. "What about breakfast?" said Jade, who had gotten dressed in Black jean shorts and a white crop top that said, "Screw it." "That's what you get from sleeping in!" I said, smirking. I was already dressed in my short jean shorts and teal tank top. We headed down stairs, both tired and lazy. I grabbed a smoothie from the fridge that Vanessa had made. "Vanessa! Me and Bloom are going shopping!" Screamed Jade, dragging me out the door, not waiting for an answer.

"You want to go SHOPPING?" I almost screamed, very surprised. "Jade Henderson wants to go shopping?!" "No!" she said, pinching me. "We are gonna go and meet up with the guys. I promised them a game of football. I had to say we were going shopping because your step-mom said we hang out with them too much." "Seriously?" I can swim, and play soccer, but play FOOTBALL!? " "Fine." I said. We took a shortcut, walking through the woods. Everything seemed normal, until I heard someone yell, "HELP!" "Did you hear that?" I asked Jade, who didn't seem to notice me. She was too busy on her phone. Silently, I dropped back, and when I was out of ear shot, I ran in the direction of the scream.

I ran into clearing to find what looked like group of teenage girls fighting a monster. (Unlike the actual series, I'm going to pretend That instead of just Stella meeting Bloom for the first time, ALL of the winx do.) It looked like they were fighting a giant yellow ogre wearing red overalls. Am I hallucinating?

They kept shouting weird things, like "Sonic Blast!" or "Solar Flare!" The weirdest part was that all of them had wings.

The group lf girls were all pinned to the ground, covered in golden nets. The yellow ogre lifted this club, ready to kill, when I did the most stupid thing ever. I ran in front of him. Yep. Me. Bloom. In front. Saving a group of weird girls I didn't even know. The ogre roared loudly, and started to bring his club down. I raised my hands to protect myself, although I knew it would do nothing, and that I would die soon. Suddenly, a blast of white light lit up the area, and the monster went flying back into the tree. The ogre then disappeared out of no where. I helped untied the other girls. "An Earth Fairy!" screeched the blonde girl, her pigtails bouncing up and down. Another girl, with dark hair and chocolate brown skin said, "What's your name?" "Bloom Legna." I replied, confused as why the other girl had called me an, "Earth Fairy." "You must come to Alfea with us!" Said a girl with hair the color of honey and skin the color of caramel. "What?" I questioned. It was too late. The girls opened some freaky portal hole thingy, and dragged me through. Even though the 'ride' only a few seconds, I felt sick and dizzy.

I looked around. Everything seemed so alive and happy. There were girls everywhere, but no boys to be seen. "Welcome to Alfea, school for fairies!" The girls who brought me here exclaimed together. No. No no no no no. This could not be happening. But it did. I felt dizzy and weak, so I did the only thing my body felt like doing; I fainted.

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