Bloom POV

Although I couldn't see my face, I already knew that I probably looked just as terrified as Ms. Faragonda. She must have seen it also, quickly straightening her back and smiling at me. "Please excuse my behavior. I was quite… caught off guard." While her kind words some-what calmed me, I was still kind of scared. If the headmaster of a school for fairies, who had probably seen god knows what, was scared of me, what were the others to think?

While I was deep in though, Ms. Faragonda had made her way around her desk, taken a seat in the small wooden purple stool right next to me, and proceeded to place a hand on my shoulder. What happened next surprised me. Startled by her sudden appearance, I jumped. A gust of wind swirled around the room, even though the windows were closed. A golden glow lit up the room, and I remained still, even more scared than before. I stayed still, that is, until I saw the soft smile on Ms. Faragonda's face and the glimmer of light dancing in her eyes.

I turned around, and was met with a face full of fire. My white wings glowed gold, flames engulfing the feathers. After turning back around, I immediately touched my forehead, making sure my eyebrows were still there. After assuring myself that my eyebrows had not been burnt to a crisp, I lowered my head to look at Ms. Faragonda. Dang. She was actually pretty short.

"Bloom, do you know who you are?" I tilted my head. "Uh… I'm Bloom Legna, a normal girl that was living a normal life, until I was dragged into a portal, and-" Ms. Faragonda cut me off. "Bloom. I don't think you fully understand how very serious this is… I do think, though, that you should meet your parents." Then, at that moment, the door burst open. "AND HERE COMES THE PAR- HOLY SHIT BLOOM WHAT IS THAT?"

Jade POV

Okay, let me paint a picture for you. So basically, my best friend was kidnapped by flying freaks and her basically-almost-boyfriend-who-is-hard-at-hiding-his-feelings is trying to save her. See, of course I would offer to tag along, but I never agreed to eat magic teleporting candy (which was actually pretty good not gonna lie) and end up falling right into the middle of a school courtyard, in front of a whole bunch of girls dressed in bright clothing.

Jonathan immediately jumped up after our landing, confronting the group of girls that stood in from of us. As soon as he did, the looks of shock left their faces and they began giggling and batting their eyelashes. I rolled my eyes. "Look, girls, I need to speak to Faragonda-" "Why not just speak to us? You can come back to our place and have a milkshake, and maybe even-" I rolled my eyes, jumping up to save my friend. Ryan and Conner followed closely behind me, cracking up at the girls attempt at flirting.

"Hate to break it to ya ladies, but my friend John here is off limits. Ya see, his girlfriend actually goes here, and we are trying to find her. So if you could point us in the direction of Ms. Fairygoonda's office, it would do us a great help in getting lover boy back to his wifey." The girls grumbled. The one with blue hair rolled her eyes and pointed to the school. "Go in there, two lefts and a then right, the farthest door on the right side." I bowed in a mocking manner. "Thank you for your assistance." Immediately, I shot off towards the huge doors that loomed above us, the boys running behind me to keep up.

Jonathan POV

Conner gave me a toothy grin as he walked beside me. "So you and Bloom, eh?" Ryan laughed in the background. "See, I told you they would end up together. Now you owe me five bucks." I rolled my eyes. "Technically, we aren't dating. We're just-" Jade piped up from the front as we turned another corner. "Technically, you guys are basically dating. Its obvious you both like each other. She gets all mushy around you. Plus, I bet you guys have kissed like millions of times."

I blushed redder than a tomato."Whaaa?" Ryan's eyes basically popped out of his tiny head. "So you have kissed her!" Before I could answer, Jade interrupted us. "Okay, we made it." Conner came to the front to stand beside her. "Okay, so we have to think this out-" Jade just rolled her eyes and placed her hand on her hip. "Nobody got anywhere by stopping and thinking it out. Okay, well maybe a few people did, but certainly not us." Jade surged forward, and before I could stop her, she almost ripped the door off its hinges and made sure everyone in that office knew we were there. I mean, maybe its not what I expected her to say, but she sure made an entrance.


Musa POV

I sat on my bed, humming a new tune that got stuck in my head. Glancing over, I saw Aisha checking herself out in the mirror, proudly wearing the leather jacket Bloom gave her. She noticed me staring, moving to sit on the edge of the bed next to mine.

"I really like her. Bloom, I mean." I nodded, shifting my back to lay against the pillows. "Same. She's a whole lot different." Aisha flopped onto the bed, sighing. "Sometimes, I wish I could be her, living a normal life. Well, I mean her before we dragged her into our crazy life." This time I shook my head in disagreement. "Sure, her life seems cool, but I am super lucky to be gifted… to be a fairy." I moved to sit next to Aisha as she sat up, slinging and arm over her shoulder. "And YOU, are also super talented. And super athletic. It actually gets kinda scary, watching you work out."

Aisha laughed. "Thanks. But anyways, I feel kinda bad for Bloom also. All of a sudden, everything was taken away from her. She also seems super stressed all the time…" I jumped up. "You're right. We probably haven't made her feel at home yet. Why don't you call the other girls? We can go outside and play a game of volleyball." Aisha jumped at the offer. "Awesome! Come on, I think Bloom is still in Faragonda's office." Aisha grabbed my wrist, and laughing, me and her bounded out the door.

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