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The Agreement

"Sorry Natsu," I purred happily, ignoring the half naked girl to my right as the man across from me scowled down at the cards. A few of the patrons at the casino, made sounds of sympathy as I slammed down the cards with a smirk.

"But you just lost your money."

He threw the cards angrily into the middle of the table, the fire in his eyes burning as I giggled gleefully, leaning over unsteadily, "That's one hundred Jewel. And another one hundred jewel. And look at this one hundred Jewel."

Despite losing his money entirely to yours truly, his face didn't stick to his angry frown for long, as he watched me rub his lack of luck in his face. I scooped up my little plastic tiles, in the many assorted colours, using my shirt as a pouch.

He walked around the table to steady me and my winnings, steering me through the bustling crowd with a warm, firm hand on my elbow. I flustered happily at the attention, as he led me towards the tile-money counter thing.

I stumbled a little, and a man collided with my side, my hand fumbling to keep my winnings safely tucked to my stomach as Natsu glanced back, noting my wince of pain at the elbow jabbed into my ribs.

He took a step back so he was beside me, rather than pulling me through and wrapped a hand around my waist, pulling my body tight against his warm one.

"Alright Miss Luck, only a few more metres before we are out of the human traffic system. Think you can stay on your feet?"

I giggled, freeing one of my hands from the knot keeping my 'pouch stable to poke at his nose, "You betcha!"

He grinned and shook his head at me, walking me through the crowds easily. I noticed that, Natsu was pretty tall. Not as tall as Gray, but he still had a fair bit of height and something big about him. Maybe it was his attitude, but there was something that made the crowd part as people glanced at him while we walked by.

Maybe it was the hair, I mused thoughtfully before my eyes caught on a large circle that was spinning mid air, lights flashing and exciting music playing from the speakers despite the multiple songs blasting through the crowded gaming area.

I stopped a few feet away from the teller, causing Natsu to stop as well and pointed, "I wanna go see what that is."

His eyes followed where my finger was pointing and surprisingly, he caught on very quickly with a small amused smirk, "Lucy, we can go check out the sparkly, pretty thing after we cash in your winnings."

I frowned at him, lying, "That's not the reason why I want to go see it!"

He raised one eyebrow at me, still amused and I knew he saw right through my lie. I huffed and pulled away from him with a determined pout as I clutched the make-shift pouch tighter to my body and began to duck and weave through the crowd.

Or well, stumble and trip after every second step.

I felt a hand press against my back and steady me and a chuckle made something warm burn through me like an addicting fiery rush.

"Alright, we will go check it out but promise me you won't walk away from me again — you are so short and tiny that I almost lost you."

"I'm not tiny." I bristled before mumbling childishly, "You are."

His voice was dangerously close, warmth breath brushing along my skin and against the shell of my ear, "Heard that. Promise."

I shivered against his hand before sighing, waving my hand back lazily — almost slapping him in the face with my spastic movements but luckily he caught the hand with one of his.

"Fine, I promise. Now, come on."

He laughed at my enthusiasm and took the front, tightening his grip on my hand as he steered me through the stampede of humans once more.

Once we reached the round attraction, my eyes lit up with excitement.

"Step right up ladies and gentlemen. Have your try at the wheel of fortune! Simply bet an amount of Jewel 500 or higher and you have the chance of a lifetime, if you land on a red tile, you get a free meal at the elusive Crabtree restaurant! Land on a green tile, and win two tickets for a private show of our very own Cirque De Freak! Land on a bronze tile and you get to ride on one of Fiore's amazing creatures, a Wivern! Land on a silver tile, and you get all your money back as well as a ten percent bonus! Land on a gold tile and we will double your money right here and now! Give it a try, test your luck today!"

I turned to Natsu, practically brimming with excitement as he grinned, "You wanna do this, seems risky."

I also couldn't help but notice that Natsu was behaving a little differently. I mean, he was still my best friend and a pyromaniac hot headed fool but he seemed a little less wild, ever since we had started drinking at dinner.

I, however, got a little bit… Less reserved.

"Life is all about risk, young one. I'll just do a small amount." I began to hand him the tiles and he stuffed them in his never-ending pockets as I left five hundred in my grasp.

I walked up to the man promoting the game and practically thrust the tiles towards him, hearing Natsu's choked laugh from behind me.

The man smiled, "Alright little lady, give the wheel a spin!"

I nodded excitedly as Natsu shouted, "Get us a good one Luce!"

I reached up, grasping a silver peg and licked my lips as I heaved the wheel downwards, squirming as the wheel began to spin. After a few seconds it began to slow down and I poured when it clicked onto a black tile.

The man gave my back a soft pat, "Too bad darling. It's not for everyone-"

"I would like to try again." I cut him off, staring at the wheel thoughtfully as he blinked, "Uh I'm not sure if that is the best idea."

He glanced behind him to Natsu who stepped closer, "Whatcha thinking there, Luce?"

"I want to try again." I informed him and he grinned, perfectly at ease, "It's your money Luce. You do what you want."

I returned his grin happily, glad he wasn't trying to stop me as he handed me another five hundred. I passed it to the man and he stepped aside with a weary look. I went to pull the wheel down again and start the spinning when I stopped.

Based on the odds...

I frowned, pulling my hands back as Natsu spoke up, "You alright there Lucy?"

I turned towards him, "I'm thinking something stupid. Something that if anyone smart was around, would stop me because it's irresponsible and reckless, it's probably the stupidest thing I could possible think to do because if I just part now, I'll have enough money to pay my rent for four solid months and now I just don't know what to do. Should I risk it all just for a little chance of adventure or should I-" A warm finger pressed against my lips and I found myself staring into two charcoal eyes, filled with warmth, amusement and tender affection.

My heart stuttered in my chest as he grinned, "Lucky for you, there isn't any one smart here to tell you no. You do what you want. Reckless can be fun, sometimes."

I nibbled on my lip, his finger sliding against my bottom lip a little at the move and I whispered, "You won't stop me?"

"I'll always support you Lucy."

We stared at each other silently before I grinned and he leaned back, "Okay! Natsu, give the man all my winnings, please."

The man began to splutter as Natsu started to empty his pockets, handing the man all my colourful little tiles.

"Are you sure about this ma'am?"

I wondered why I wasn't called 'darling' or 'little lady' anymore as I nodded, watching his assistant begin to count the tiles for a grand total. Natsu came back to stand beside me, and I turned to him, "Be my good luck charm and I'll buy you a drink."

He laughed, "You are such a weirdo."

I leaned towards him and before I could stop myself, pressed a light kiss to his neck, against his scarf, right about where his scar sat. He inhaled sharply and his body went pin straight, tensed as if he was ready to battle.

I grinned up at him, "For good luck." I clarified cheekily and walked over to the wheel, reaching up and grasping a silver peg. Then with all my might I pulled it down.

Red, black, green, black, bronze, black, silver, black, gold, black.



Green, black, bronze, black, silver…

My breath seized in hopefulness as the pointed slowed down on the silver tile before clicking onto the black. I sagged, frowning helplessly until hearing the soft click of the pointer passing another peg.

I raised my eyes and stared at the gold tile blankly, watching the flag creep closer to the next peg, hit it lightly before rebounding safely, back in the gold zone.

The air around us suspended before I squealed, leaping onto Natsu in a fit of triumph. He struggled to catch and support my weight but laughed along with me, spinning me around happily as the audience we had attracted cheered and clapped.

Even the small man appeared pleased, a little awe struck if anything but definitely pleased.

"Congratulations Ma'am, Sir. You landed on the gold tile which means we double your bet. Which leaves you with six hundred thousand, seven hundred and thirty two Jewel." The crowd broke into more applaud as I blinked blankly before turning to Natsu, grinning proudly, "So, that drink?"


I looked at him with disdain, as pieces of bread and half chewed bacon moved around in his mouth, his hand reached for a pear on the bowl of fruit in front of us.

I slapped his hand away, complaining, "Finish what's in your mouth first before you go shoving other things in it. God forbid you choke."

His eyebrows crinkled as he continued to chew —mouth flapping open and closed obnoxiously — as he stated through the mangled food, "I never choke. I got-ah big mouth."

"Probably to compensate with your small head." I snapped before throwing my napkin at him, "And don't talk with your mouth full!"

He stopped chewing, instead choosing to stare me down with his nose crinkled in thought. Being used to Natsu's strangely intense stares, I simply ignored him and took a sip of my green tea, my leg bouncing underneath the table in anxiety.

We had sent Happy ten minutes ago to get a pen and he still wasn't back.

"What's eating you?" Natsu's question made my eyes move back to him, as I smiled sarcastically, "Maybe it's the fact, I married an oaf that doesn't know how to close his mouth while he eats. Or it could be the fact that I'm married at all."

Before he could respond, an old couple walked past and the lady leant down to offer her two cents worth, "Don't worry dear, after some training, he won't be so bad."

Her husband chuckled as he led them away and I felt my face blossom in red, leaning forward to bang my head against the wooden table.

Natsu snickered softly, and I was assuming that he was laughing at my embarrassment until he finished off with a soft proud voice, "Train a dragon slayer? Pfft."

I rolled my eyes, trying to fight the smile at his wayward thoughts before sitting back up when I heard Happy land on the table. I snatched the pen from his grasp, hissing, "Where have you been?"

"Ne, Lushi, I was looking everywhere for a pen. Nobody had one! Then I noticed one by the salmon table-"

I cut him off with an unimpressed stare, "You got distracted by fish again, didn't you?"


I sighed, rubbing my forehead for a moment as the headache from the alcohol pounded triumphantly in my head. I took another sip of my tea, my eyes snapping to Natsu's hand as he reached out towards the pear.

The hand halted, mid air as my eyes found his. Wariness and ill-placed amusement danced in his eyes as he weighed the options in his mind. I watched him closely, and we stared at each other.

Happy sneezed and he used the distraction to swipe the pear and hold it close to his chest, as if protecting a small child.

I bit back my pleased smile — sometimes freaking Natsu out was just fun — and took another long gulp of the tea, placing down the empty cup so I could pour myself some more.

Natsu, after successfully grabbing a pear, took a bite out of it and stated, talking with his mouth full again, "You are so touchy today Luce."

His lack of manners earned him a glare as I huffed, "I don't understand how you are so calm about this Natsu, we are married."

Natsu shrugged, balancing the pear on the tip of one finger before catching it with a normal blinding grin, "Considering how much alcohol we drank Lucy, I'm surprised that's the only trouble we got ourselves into."

I couldn't help but agree with him there.

Who knows what else could have happened.

The letter to myself flashed through my mind impatiently, as if a stark reminder of DL's (Drunken Lucy's') intentions.

Please have sex with him.

I shivered, telling myself it was out of horror or thankfulness to ignore the shy flutter of my heart.

"Alright, let's get down to business." I ignored Natsu's humming, as he finished off the song. Ever since we had watched that play once about the woman ninja who pretended to be a man, every time I said that line, he would finish the line either by humming or in some circumstances singing.

Until a baby cried at his horrible singing voice.

A smile crawled onto my face when I remembered Happy and I laughing at his misery for days.

"Happy, let's see this marriage agreement."

It was common in all lands of Fiore that instead of a classical certificate, they also added an 'agreement' which normally consisted of any pre-nuptials, notes or conditions of the marriage. I never found out why the Government had installed this new procedure but I guess before, I never really cared.

Before I got married to my best friend in a drunken stupor.

The document landed in front of me, quite empty in pages and laminated in a fancy gloss. I looked at the marriage certificate, asking Natsu, "You don't have a middle name?"

He shrugged, "Never really bothered to get one. Plus, Natsu Dragneel is possibly the coolest name in existence." He bragged with a cocky smirk as I murmured thoughtfully, "Maybe if you were in an anime show or a fairy tale."

Ignoring his enraged, "Oi!", my eyes glided over our signatures and the name of the priest and witnesses who watched us exchange those pesky vows.

"Your middle name is Rose?"

"Hm? Oh yeah. Didn't you know that?"

"I didn't even know you had a middle name." I tore my eyes away from the page, raising my eyebrow as I replied dryly, "And whose fault is that, Hubby?"

He spluttered and Happy giggled as I returned back to the paper, moving the certificate to the side to read over the agreement.

Party A Miss Lucy Rose Heartfilia, agrees to be wed to Party B: Mr Natsu Dragneel in the Chapel of Love, a certified business that is ministered and licensed to perform a marriage ceremony.

"We got married in a place called the Chapel of Love? God that's so, lame." I groaned as Natsu laughed, "Sounds like something that pink haired loony would say!"

Happy chirped helpfully, "Cherie. Her name is Cherie, Natsu."

"I only see one pink haired loony, and he's sitting opposite me." I grumbled, turning my attention back to the writing.

Party A: Lucy Rose Heartfilia has offered the correct I.D needed for a legal agreement and Party B: Natsu Dragneel has agreed under oath of law that he is a Fiore citizen.

They could have stopped us for the lack of I.D in Natsu's case, why didn't they?

The Wedding ceremony was held at 4:34 in the morning on XX-XX-XXXX and the witness has declared them sound of mind and fully aware of their actions. Witness (1), Mr Happy, has signed below to affirm his agreement for the engagement in place.

Side agreements to be discussed by both parties at a later date with a legal representative:

Property possession of both parties

; houses, valuables, money,

In case of emergency or death for both parties

Taken last names :

A: Lucy Rose Heartfilia

B: Natsu Dragneel

Use of bank accounts/jobs/other prior financial commitments

Below is an agreement designed by Party A: Lucy Rose Heartfilia and agreed to by Party B: Natsu Dragneel before the ceremony took place at 2:04 on the XX-XX-XXXX.

Miss Lucy Rose Heartfilia would like it stated and named that unless extreme circumstances call for it, e.g death, that neither parties can file/sign for a divorce or annulment for the duration of three months. Marriage counselling is offered for both parties to attend if any issues or stressing problems appear in the bond that will be certified on this day.

When the duration of the three months has ended, both parties must agree to a divorce and have the file signed off by said marriage counsellor before both parties can file for an end in the marriage.

Below, are the signed agreements of both parties, as the law seals this document as a legally binding agreement.

Lucy Heartfilia. Natsu Dragneel

I blinked. Once, twice. My mind ran a hundred miles per minute as I tried to find the words to explain what DL had gotten us into. But I couldn't.

I couldn't make sense of it.

"Lucy?" Happy murmured softly, his voice worried as Natsu leaned closer to me from across the bench, "You've gone really pale, do you feel bad or something?"

Three months.

The only two words that rotated in my head that I could make sense of, was three months.

Not one month. Not two.


I did the math in my head, struggling to pay attention to the simple answer.

Ninety days.

Something in my throat bubbled up and I snatched the bowl which had been filled with bread and emptied whatever was left of my stomach and the small breakfast I had eaten.

Happy made a disgusted noise and Natsu jumped in alarm as a waiter rushed over to us, I could vaguely hear the conversation he had with Natsu over the ringing of my ears.

"Monsieur, is your wife okay?"

"Er, no she isn't - what do you call this food? She had a porridge and complained about feeling sick minutes afterwards. Now you've made her hurl her chunks. Look at this milky mess!" I moaned, trying to ignore his words as another bout of sickness, my stomach cramping as Happy pressed against my hand, looking at me worriedly, "Lucy, maybe you're pregnant!"

I glared at Natsu viciously and Natsu paled, chuckling nervously, "N-No that wouldn't be possible Happy, we-"

"Oh congratulations!" The waiter beamed and I lurched forward, the stench burning into my nose causing my throat to close up and quiver in pain.

"No, she isn't pregnant!" Natsu denied immediately, waving his arms around rapidly and I groaned, partly because of the pain and partly because Natsu was an idiot.

"Monsieur, the first step is admitting it. You should be celebrating! It is a child, yes? Mon petit!"

Natsu flailed, "What the hell does Mon Petit even mean? I'm telling you, she's not pregnant!"

"You are married, no? Then it is, we."

I watched Natsu's eyebrow twitch, "We?"

"Yes, you helped with the consummation, did you not?" The waiter now just looked puzzled and I growled lowly as Natsu stammered over his words, Happy jerked at my noise and he inched away from me, abandoning ship when he saw the look on my face.

"Listen buddy, she's not pregnant. W-We didn't-" He stopped when Happy flew over him, heading for the nearest available exit before glancing to me in confusion. He tensed, flinching back and glanced at the waiter who was now talking about baby names and little tiny shoes.

My body vibrated with anger, the throbbing pulse crushing into my skull, the soreness of my back and the tight ripples of pain in my stomach. And my throat was incredibly sore.

Maybe that's why, when I reached up, grabbed the waiter by his red tie and slammed him to the table, I sounded a little croaky and evil, "I am not pregnant. Now get out of here before I eat you."

He squeaked at the threat in my voice and scrambled away in a rush as I stood up from the table, hand to my stomach that was aching tremendously.

Natsu also stood up, reaching to steady me but I smacked his hand away, "Don't touch me."

He held his hands up in defence as an elderly woman walked by and handed Natsu a cookie, smiling at him helpfully, "Sugar helps the mood swings. Don't worry darling, she still loves you at the end."

I flushed bright red, snagging to paperwork from the table to stomp up to our room, vaguely hearing Natsu's soft reply, "Yeah, thanks."


I paced angrily in front of the light brown wooden doors, my shoes squeaking slight against the dark glossy floors of the courthouse. Natsu sat on the chairs in front of me, Happy resting on his lap as I continued to move back and forth rapidly.

Natsu, who was simply watching me with a strange look on his face, tried to settle me down, "Lucy, it's-"

He cut off sharply when I turned to him, pinning my eyes on him as he gulped, "Nevermind."

Damn right, I thought fiercely, my hand tightening on the folder I had bought on the way here which had the wedding documents in it. We were currently waiting to meet with one of the leading domestic Wedding solicitors to discuss if there was any way out of DL's crazy agreement. I figured we might have a chance since Natsu doesn't have I.D, he just sort of popped up.

From 400 years ago.

Raised by a dragon.

Who disappeared.

Then re-appeared.

I guess other things are more important that becoming a legal Fiore citizen.

The hallway was almost empty apart from a window cleaner and a mother with two bickering children down the end.

I spun on my heel to continue my pacing before the door we were in front of creaked open, revealing an old man talking to whoever was inside, "Alright Yuri. I'll see what I can do."

A soft, firm voice replied breezily, "Thanks Jim."

'Jim' nodded and noticed us, gesturing inside, "Sorry about that delay folks, she's ready for you now."

Natsu stood up, transferring Happy to his shoulder as he followed me inside silently, which for Natsu, must have been a feat.

The office was large and spotless, two chairs opposite a black desk equipped with files, a computer lacrima and other little knick-knacks. The woman behind the desk was old, her brown hair greying slightly, pulled back into a tight bun and a warm smile on her thin lips.

Two blue eyes peered at us calmly, as she stood up, dusting her black skirt lightly before holding out her hand, "Hello, I am Yuri Saracrew. You must be, Lucy and Natsu."

She glanced at Happy as I shook her hand, "This is Happy, Mrs Saracrew. He is, a witness to our problem."

Natsu also shook her hand lightly, surprising me by his maturity - I don't think I had seen him act like this - as Yuri Saracrew smiled, "Ah, I see. And please, call me Yuri. Have a seat."

Once we sat down, she was straight to business, her tone polite and efficient, "So, let me guess, Newly Weds because of the influence."

I blushed, "That obvious?"

She simply smiled, "I have been doing this job for 25 years, that's a long time to notice certain… quirks."

I nodded before clearing my throat, "So, how do we do this?"

She was the epitome of calm as she took a sip of her coffee then explained, "Well, I'd like you to talk me through what you remember. Then I'll have a read through the wedding agreement and figure out if it was legal or illegal to wed you both."

I glanced at Natsu who spoke up with an easy grin, "We don't remember much. We drank a whole lot."

"Of course." Yuri nodded understandingly as I continued, "We can only remember the afternoon leading to, and vague memories of the night."

"And what happened in the afternoon?" She asked, gesturing for me to hand over the folder and I scrambled to give it to her, my hand shaking slightly as Natsu stated, "Luce and I are partners. We took on a job and travelled here from Magnolia, where our guild Fairy Tail is!"

His voice became proud and I hid my smile with a nod as she opened the folder but glanced up, "Fairy Tail, so your profession is Wizardry."

Natsu and Happy snickered at the term, and I shook my head at them both, "Yes, it is."

"And you both currently live at Magnolia?"


"Alright, so you came here for a job and would I be right to assume that it went well?"

Natsu grinned, "We kicked that monsters butt!" He held up his hand for Lucy to smack in agreement and she tried to ignore him. Yuri glanced between them both, curious and polite as Natsu grinned, "I won't be putting it down any time soon, Luce."

I sighed loudly, rubbing my forehead for a long moment before slapping his hand lightly. He cackled smugly and she extended her hand further and smacked him on the back of the head.

His laughter abruptly stopped and he grumbled in pain as Happy chortled.

Ms Yuri smiled, "After you completed the mission, where did you go?"

"We decided it was too late to get back to Magnolia so we found a hotel in the middle of the city. After dinner, we had a few drinks and it… Progressed from there." She cleared her throat weakly and Ms Yuri smiled understandingly, "Of course. Now, you've said that you don't remember much which could work in your favour. Do either of you have any recollect of the actual wedding ceremony? This is important."

I tried to remember back but it was like a blank white sheet over my mind, forbidding me entrance to any of the memories I could have made.

I opened my mouth to tell her just that when Natsu stated, "I remember the kiss part." My head turned towards him in surprise but he just avoided my eyes, opting to look at Yuri who asked, "So you remember the priest saying, 'You may now kiss the bride."

He nodded, "And I remember the moment after that."

"The kiss?" Yuri specified and Natsu gazed at her, his eyes becoming sharp with something dangerous. But she didn't flinch and I watched them have a mini-stare off before Natsu mumbled, crossing his arms over his chest, "Yes."

Yuri folded her fingers over in front of them and offered them both a small smile, "Well, that changes things then."

I lurched forward, "How?"

She read through the agreement lightly, before explaining, "The Fiore law provides two clear legal ways you can break off a marriage even with an agreement such as yours place. The one I had hoped we could use, is proved ineffective because one of you has a somewhat clear memory of the ceremony."

"I don't understand, we were still under the influence of alcohol — still not in the right mind for this big decision. This alters our life." I felt my voice squeak as my heart began to race inside my chest, anxiety filling my stomach as Yuri frowned in concern.

I felt a warm hand enveloped mine and give it a soft squeeze as Happy flew from Natsu's lap to plop himself on mine.

I glanced at Natsu and smiled weakly, squeezing it tightly. We both turned towards Ms Yuri, as she smiled lightly, "Fiore law only justifies 'out of right mind' if the individual is, previous or current mental illness, no memory of the service performed or doing the act among other instances. Unless either of you have a mental illness, I won't be able to convince a judge to break this union until the agreed 3 month period has ended."

Natsu and I glanced at each other, and it was decided right there, that I'd throw him under the bus.

I flailed my finger at Natsu and shouted, "He's a pyromaniac!"

At the same time, Natsu smacked my hand away and howled, "She's a weirdo who likes whips."

Ms Yuri Saracrew's smile widened into something of amusement and I groaned, throwing myself forward so that my head hit her desk with a dull thud.

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