THIS IS 10,000+ words. LIKE MY GOD. This what you all have been waiting for. The Epilogue to our baby, The Next Morning. I had so much fun writing this and I can't wait to see what you guys have to say about the ending. I measured out two weeks because… I'm a tease.

WARNING: The smut in this chapter is marked out. It is NOT for the faint-hearted. Like, shit gets intense. Not intense, intense but intense enough that all 17 and under might want to skip it.

I do not own Fairy Tail, but let me tell you, if I did, this is how I would end it.

Without further ado;

The Epilogue: The Next Year.

I woke up slowly, two warm hands creating tingles as they ran up and down my thighs. I sighed happily, greedily accepting the blissful feeling as Natsu rubbed small circles and gentle patterns against my skin.

I bit my lip when his pressed against my knee, running his tongue along the inner part of the muscle there.

"Laxus, is that you?" I murmured cheekily, and stifled my giggle when the movements halted. For a few seconds, I could only feel a warm puff of breath on my already sensitive skin. Then, those two warm hands grabbed my ankles and yanked roughly, causing me to slip under the blankets and meet two dark, unamused eyes.

"You think you are real cute, don't you?" He grumbled softly, rubbing his nose against mine and I giggled, shrugging a little.

"Maybe. You always get so handsy in the morning, I have to say something to get you to think."

"I was thinking. Just not with the head on my shoulders." He whispered, pressing his lips against mine and I arched my back, pressing our chests together. He moved away far too soon, settling on just looking at me and I could finally say, I wasn't at all intimidated.

Natsu had been staring at me like this for two years now, one of those years, we had been married.

"Clearly." I mused, bringing my hands up to softly slide through his hair. His eyes closed for a moment, letting me rub and scratch at his scalp as the morning light sifted through the blanket's light coverage.

"You couldn't have chosen someone other than Laxus?"

"I sometimes want to say Loki, just to see your reaction." I admitted, snickering when his lips turned down in a pout.

"Cruel woman."

"Possessive man."

His chest rumbled at my words, proving my point then his hands found my waist, slipping under my shirt to do some rubbing of his own.

"What time is it?" I asked and he gave me a look, the one that clearly says 'why would I care about time?' which made me laugh.

"We have to be at the guild to greet Sabertooth today." I reminded him as he groaned, hands tightening on my waist for a moment.

"I don't want to go."

"Laxus said you have too." I reached up, nuzzling his cheek with my nose before heading towards his jaw. He stretched his neck for easier access and I thanked him with a soft little bite to the skin right under his jaw.

He shivered against me and I continued to nuzzle, inhaling his smoke and spice smell greedily.

"I won't be getting up at all if you keep scenting me."

I fell back to give him a puzzled look, before realisation dawned, "Is that a dragon thing?"

He smiled down at me amused, "I thought you were the almighty dragon whisperer."

I couldn't help but blush at his words, because a week after we announced our marriage to the guild, I became curious of what dragons were like when they were in love. I figured Natsu may have some tendencies or instincts alike to a dragon and wanted a head start. Of course, when Natsu had found out, the only thing he had 'helpfully' told me about was how dragons mated.

It was beyond mortifying at first.

But it turns out, I liked the physical lesson a lot more than I expected.

"I've never read anything about 'scenting' in the books I got. Dragon's aren't the easiest creature to research." I whined, leaning up to continue to rub my face into his neck, brushing my lips against his skin. He groaned a little, and I traced his Adams apple gently, smiling a little when he gulped.

"Scenting is what male and female dragons to do claim their partner. It leaves their smell on the other, which warns off other animals." He told me gruffly, his voice deep and hoarse which made a shiver rip up my spine, leaving a trail of fire.

"Oh." I whispered, falling back once again to look at him curiously.

"So it's just rubbing up against you? Is that's how you scent?" I thought back to the many times Natsu and I had sex, and figured that we scented all the time considering all the close contact.

"Not exactly." He murmured, bringing one hand up to trace my lips, as he continued, "It's more like an urge. Or a responsibility. Scenting doesn't need to happen during or lead to sex. Igneel once told me that most dragons do it because it calms them."

"Huh." I mused, biting down on his finger and he smiled a little, running the digit along my teeth. He was tracing my upper lip with his thumb when I asked curiously.

"Do you want to scent me now?"

He closed his eyes, his eyebrow twitching and I watched amused, his finger still pressed to my upper lip.

"You have no idea how insane I get when you say shit like that."

"Language!" I scolded lightly, leaning up to peck his lips, as he breathed out slowly, regaining control.

"Yes, I want to scent you. But if you want me getting up out of bed, then we can't do it right now."

I blinked before smiling, reaching up to comb my hand through his hair, "Look at you, growing up."

I sat at one of the guild tables, listening to the raucous guild grow livelier with every passing second, happily greeting Sabertooth like family. Cana, who had been coercing Mira for one of the emergency barrels, plopped down opposite me with no barrel and only a beer in her hand. She wore a pout and I smile sympathetically, "She didn't give you the barrel?

"She said it was for Sabertooth. Everything is for Sabertooth. Normally, I wouldn't care, but it's my booze! It's for the guild of the guild!" I watched amused as she slammed the mug onto the wooden table.

"The term is actually 'for the good of the guild."

"That's what I said." Cana glared at me playfully and I giggled, returning the glare halfheartedly. We sat there, glowering at each other for a few long minutes before two arms wrapped around my shoulder and an amused tone met our ears.

"What are you two doing?"

Natsu's chin leaned on my shoulder, his warmth surrounding me and I leaned back a little as Cana smirked, "We were having an intense battle of femininity, but now, Lucy's thinking about sex."

"Lucy always thinks about sex."

A blush stained my cheeks and I shook my head to get rid of it, arguing lightly, "I was actually just realising I never know how cold it was, until Natsu shows up." Cana's shit eating grin turned into something a little softer, only adoration and humour in her deep brown eyes as Natsu sighed happily.

"You see that Cana? My girls so sweet, even when she's being truthful, it sounds like a compliment." Natsu moved me a little so he could sit behind me on the seat, which caused me to almost fall off but I just smiled shyly, and lifted myself onto his lap.

His arms wrapped around my waist and I sighed pleasantly, not bothering to question whether the goose bumps were because of how cold it apparently was, or how Natsu in close quarters made me feel.

"Real lucky, Natsu. Mind if I steal her for a year? I bet she's even sweeter with me." Cana's proposition didn't shock me, it seemed she was one of the only ones that could get away with jokingly 'stealing' me when it came to Natsu and his possessive ways. Once, Loki had made the mistake of trying to tease Natsu with the idea of me running off to marry him instead, and it hadn't been a pretty sight for either of them.

Natsu grumbled obligingly, "Get your own."

I brought my hands to his, and pulled on them. He tightened his grip and I was surrounded by long, lean muscles, and warm skin. I closed my eyes with a little shiver of joy, never quite getting over how nice Natsu felt, wrapped around me like this.

Natsu tucked his head into my neck as Cana smiled at the pair of us, "I'm not usually one for enjoying other people's public displays of affection, but you two..." She shook her head, trailing off thoughtfully and I gazed at her, shivering a little more when Natsu opened his mouth and blew warm breath over my skin.

I tilted my head curiously, "What about us?"

"You've just got this… aura. I could watch the pair of you all day, and be blissfully content with how lonely I am. Because you weirdos found love, and that's enough for me." Cana stated seriously, despite the alcohol she had ingested and I found my heart melting.

"You won't be lonely for long. Bacchus will come around."

Cana huffed at the mention of her now ex-boyfriend, who had not contacted her in over two months after their fight had left them broken-up. Cana had stayed with Natsu and I for a week, licking her wounds and returning to normal – but I knew it had to be tough on her.

"Bacchus is an idiot if he doesn't come around." I heard Natsu state against my skin, and I snuggled back into him, smiling when Cana grinned.

"You going to beat him up if he just ignores me for the rest of my life?"

Natsu didn't raise his head when he snorted, amusement dripping from his voice, "If it isn't me, it will be Gildarts. You decide."

I laughed, silently agreeing. It was a wonder Cana had kept their break-up a secret from him for this long. It would only make it worse when he finally found out, but I could see Cana's reasoning. Fairy Tail couldn't go down for destroying an ally guild.

I opened my mouth to veer the topic to a mutually fun subject, when I heard Mira's voice.

"And here you see, Fairy Tail's resident love-birds, canoodling in the middle of the guild. Natsu and Lucy have been married for two years, after a drunken episode in Crocus. She now lives with Natsu and Happy, and is pregnant with his child."

Natsu chuckled from his place, head refusing to leave my neck as I smiled patiently, "I am not pregnant. Believe me."

Mira winked at us, ignoring the crowd of Sabertooth guild-mates who had been roped into her 'Tour of Fairy Tail', "One can dream."

Cana cackled away and I ignored them all, opting to tell Natsu, "Laxus wants you in the meeting room in five minutes to talk to Sting and Rogue."

"I'm not moving." He replied childishly, nuzzling my neck as I giggled.

"Want me to carry you there?" I offered and smiled when I felt his answering grin on against my skin, as he laid small kisses along the sensitive skin.

"Yes. I do."

"Okay." I laughed, summoning Taurus with a quick flick of my wrist, laughing harder when he jolted, after Taurus pried him away from my body and threw him over his large shoulder. Cana hooted as Natsu squirmed in the tight grasp, giving me a puzzled affectionate look.

"Spirits aren't slaves, to do your bidding Lucy."

Cana reached over the table to offer me a high-five, I slapped my palm against hers and replied to Natsu sweetly, "Nope, they are friends. Taurus, thank you so much for being such a good friend, and carrying Natsu for me."

Taurus sent me a grin over his shoulder, "Anything for you, Miss Lucy." His words rounded out the O's in words that didn't have any O's in them, and ignoring Natsu's grumbling as I put my book in my bag, sending Cana a smile.

"Want to come with us? You can glower at Sabertooth's master for taking your booze."

Cana perked up at the offer, "This, is why I love you Lucy. You get me."

"I loved her first." We both ignored Natsu's petulant words as she shuffled out of her seat, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

Laxus and Erza eyed Natsu, amused at Taurus who was plopping my husband into a seat rather roughly. Natsu glared at everyone in the room for a long moment before his eyes found mine. I smiled at him, and his lips twitched.

"Thank you, Taurus. You can take the week off." I informed my helpful spirit, as Taurus grinned, leaving with a cheeky word about how I filled out this shirt well. I glanced around the room, noting that there weren't many seats left and just took one on the lounge opposite Natsu, who had gotten the creepy arm chair that nobody enjoyed sitting on.

Cana made herself comfortable next to me and Laxus questioned her appearance, "I didn't think you were invited Cana."

"Neither was Lucy, but she's still here." Cana pointed out as Laxus sighed, shaking his head with the slightest of smirks.

"Yes, but if I invite one, the other tags along. Apparently, the ring is also a tether between their physical bodies." I saw the glint in Natsu's eyes, knowing he was going to say something horribly inappropriate and swiftly spoke.

"Natsu, throw those words out of your head, this instant."

Natsu smirked darkly, eyeing me wickedly and I stared back, squinting my eyes at him challenging. He looked away, the smirk still playing on his lips but otherwise, obligingly accepting my order.

Laxus observed us, before adding as an afterthought, "And if Lucy comes, Natsu has less chance of annoying me."

"Perks of being his lovely wife." I agree, as Sting and Rogue chuckle, after quietly watching this whole time. I turned, offering them a small smile in greeting but otherwise, happy to stay silent and just observe.

Erza, being Fairy Tail's leading woman, had called this meeting to bring to attention that the agreement between our guild and theirs was out of date and just needed to be freshened. Natsu had been ordered by Laxus to attend – since he was one of Fairy Tail's most destructive wizards – which brought me along, and Cana by default.

He had also ordered Gray, and Gajeel to attend as well, the pair of them choosing to seat themselves on two brown chairs that weren't usually in here. Which left Erza and Laxus, sitting in two identical arm chairs. Sting and Rogue were on the love-seat, without their companions surprisingly.

"Natsu, Lucy. We never got to say congratulations. We couldn't believe the news when it got to us." Sting spoke and I smiled graciously, before Natsu cackled gleefully.

"Thanks man! It only took us six years."

"It was eight." I spoke up, unsurprising that Natsu still couldn't understand the concept of time as he shook his head slowly, "No… It was definitely six years."

"It was eight, because I was sixteen when I met you."

"And you are twenty-six now, right?" Natsu challenged and my eye twitched.

"I'm twenty-four, Natsu."

Natsu blinked, before grinning, "You must look older than you actually are. My bad."

I smiled sweetly at him, but I made sure the threat was known in my eyes, "It's okay sweetie. I'm just lucky I'm not growing grey hair."

His grin vanished into a glower as Cana cackled softly from beside me, "She got you~" She sung and I leaned back, victorious as Erza laughed gently.

"Alright, now that we know Natsu's going to be without sex for at least a week, let's move on." Laxus offered, the shit-eating smirk a little wider on his face now. Gajeel and Gray burst out laughing and Natsu just glowered harder, settling to glare at the two on the brown chairs.

The meeting started simple, a few treaties and amenities to work out. I could tell Natsu really wasn't interested, mainly because he kept a flame hovering on the end of his tongue through the middle of it but it vanished when Grey made a sniping comment about Natsu not being able to visit Sabertooth without causing mass destruction.

They began to exchange back-handed insults to one another, carefully dancing around Laxus's scowl and Erza's threatening glare. Gajeel giggled gleefully, watching the slow-burning release of a fight and I just sighed, turning my head to find Cana, glaring at Sting and Rogue with everything she had.

When I glanced at the pair, they were stuck between staring at Cana worriedly, and watching Natsu and Gray.

I bit back my laugh as Laxus cleared his throat, "As I was saying-"

"Surprised you kept your pants on for this long, Gray." Natsu snapped, his voice drowning out Laxus as Gray glared, spine straightening at the statement.

"Oh yeah, moron, at least girls like it when I take my pants off! They don't faint with disgust!"

Natsu steamed as I watched on silently, knowing Natsu wouldn't like that last comment.

"That was one time, shit-face!"

"Shut-" Erza's statement was cut off by a withering remark from Gray, and I knew then, that not even she was going to stop this one. The boys have gotten surprisingly resilient, going from not listening to Erza or reverting to their quivering ways previously. It was almost, amusing to watch. You never knew what you were going to get.

Laxus's thundering expression spoke words and I knew that this was just going to blow way out of proportion, just because my husband and his rival/best-friend hadn't changed in all the years they had known each other.

But things had changed.

"Laxus, am I right to assume that you won't need Natsu anymore? I mean, his part is already done, right?" I spoke to Laxus calmly, never moving my eyes away from my Natsu, who was now laughing at Gray's spluttering words.

Laxus glanced at me, the glare softening slightly when our eyes met, "Yes. I won't need him anymore."

"Then, allow me to handle this. I can find a peaceful conclusion to this." I offered as Cana, who had been blowing into her bottle, stopped and leaned forward curiously. Erza had also heard my words, and shot me a confused look.

I waited for Laxus to say something, smiling gratefully when he spoke, "Uh. Sure."

I nodded, and took a deep breath in, beating down the slight embarrassment at the fact that there were other people here. I didn't usually use this tactic to get Natsu's attention in a room with people in it. It was normally a method to get him distracted from whatever potentially dangerous thing he was going to do.

The door opened, and I noted that Wendy and Juvia entered which just made my slight nerves about doing this here rise. But I took another deep breath in and smiled a little.

I was a confident woman dammit, it's for the good of the guild.

I straightened my spine, watching Natsu closely as he spat at Gray, body edging to stand up in threat, "Kiss my ass, Gray."

My legs were crossed over one another, until I rearranged them, ignoring the puzzled looks I was getting. I opened my legs just a touch, grateful that I was wearing my usual short skirt, when Gray opened his mouth. His retort fell on deaf ears when Natsu's eyes shot away from him and straight to my crotch.

"Oi, don't ignore me!" Gray glowered when he noticed Natsu's attention was elsewhere.

I bit my lip to stifle my giggle, opening my legs just a little wider, remaining conscientious because we had an audience.

"I'm… not, ignoring you." His reply was slow, and I was a little amazed. I had seen it, time and time again, Natsu's direct connection with my sex. It was like it hypnotised him, made him blank to everything but it.

He was in the process of leaning a little, probably trying to peak up my skirt when he lost balance and tumbled off the chair completely. I smiled sweetly as he blinked.

"Natsu, are you okay?"

"Yeah. What was I talking about?"

"You were saying bye to everyone. We are going home, remember?" I informed him helpfully as he blinked again before nodding seriously, a smile growing on his lips.

"That's right. Yeah. Did I tell you about something new I found in the guild's supply closet?"

I giggled, watching as he stood up, straightening his scarf.

"No, you didn't."

"It's really cool. I think you'll like it."

"Oh? What is it?" I tilted my head, taking his offered hand as he shrugged, smile almost blinding. I giggled again when I saw the playfully dark glint to his eyes, making my stomach tighten and my body warm.

"It's more of a thing I have to show you. It's really something."

I let him pull me up, as he wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

"I'd love to see it." I bit my lip and he leaned forward rubbing my forehead against his. Then he began pulling from the room, "Quickly now, woman. No time to waste. Later losers."

Cana burst out into a loud applause, as Laxus called sternly, but I saw the amazed smile on his lips, "No sex in the guild!"

"Too late." I mumbled to myself, forgetting that I was in a room full of dragon-slayers and their sensitive hearing. Natsu shot me a cheeky smirk, as Laxus growled.

"I knew my office smelt weird. Damn it Natsu!"

I pressed my lips against Natsu's neck from my place above him, my hips slowly rocking over his bulge teasingly. His hands gripped my hips meanly, and it made me shiver.

"Take your top off." He commanded impatiently and I shook my head.

"You take your top off, first."

He huffed, "Why are you always difficult?"

I moved my head away from his neck, giving him a mischievous smile, "Because you love it."

He stared up at me for a long second before a smirk grew on his lips, one that made my smile widen as his hands slipped down to my thighs and clenched. I braced myself for any dizziness as he drawled, "Alright Miss Heartfilia, that's enough out of you."

He flipped us over and I giggled, "What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to eat you alive, of course." He grinned at me and I rolled my eyes, playing along with his cheeky words.

"Oh yeah? I'm so scared."

His lips turned downwards into a pout, "I'm supposed to be a predator here Luce, you could work on your acting skills."

"What sort of predator has pink hair and purrs at me when I do something sweet?"

He glowered, "Stop being sweet and I wouldn't purr!"

I smiled mockingly at him, turning my head away as I stated coyly, "It's okay Natsu, not everyone has the… presence of being a predator."

He remained silently, his pout increasing as he brewed over my words. Natsu was amazing in bed, it was a fact. Like Happy is a blue cat. Like Erza has a boner for Jellal. He just, was.

He was kind, considerate, passionate and all those other yummy things that made coupling as much fun as it needed to be.

But unfortunately, we had a small fight, a while back, concerning, sex.

After Natsu had gotten a little too carried away, I had been left with a few bruises on my thighs and hips. My chest also had a few, and whilst they were sore, it didn't hurt that much. Despite the colouring and the winces, I made the next morning when I was getting out of bed, it hadn't bothered me and honestly, Natsu was sort of hot when he lost control.

But the minute he saw them…

Three weeks ago

"How could you not tell me?" Natsu bit out, following me into the bathroom as I struggled to keep the robe I had on from slipping, knowing that if he looked below my chest – were a few bruises were splattered – he'd get more upset.

"It's not a big deal Natsu, it was a little rougher than usual but I enjoyed it." I informed him calmly, hoping when he saw the fact I was okay with it, he would be too.

Of course, Natsu didn't have human thought processing and just continued to look at me, a wild look in his eyes.

"It looks like someone has attacked you."

"Oh yeah? They just attacked my chest? I didn't think my breasts were that good." I remarked, reaching for my toothbrush when he snagged the back of my robe and spun me around roughly. When his hands grasped either side of the robe, I went to stop him.

"Don't -"

I was cut off when he purposefully yanked the covering away, and his eyes flitted down my naked body. His face crumpled little by little as he took in the bruises on my hips, and my thighs. They didn't hurt much, currently, but they would hurt more as they healed.

We were both quiet for a few long seconds, his eyes haunted as he murmured, "I'm calling Wendy."

When he went to leave the room, I grabbed his elbow tightly and shook my head, "Don't call Wendy over something this small. Marks can happen during sex. If it is consensual and the pair enjoy it."

"I was an animal, Lucy." He growled, before continuing lowly, "Who would like an animal crawling over them?"

I fought the blush that wanted to climb onto my cheeks, knowing if I told him that I liked it, he wouldn't believe me. And this argument would escalate. I wanted to know, why was he so tortured with the fact he had roughed me up a little? Surely, it didn't matter that much, I had fun and so did he.

"Can we just talk about this, please? They'll heal in a few days." I reasoned gently, tugging him away from the bathroom door. He, surprisingly, took a deep breath in and moved away. I wondered if last night had impacted him more than me, despite his godly appearance. I probably looked like a mess still, I was glad I only looked in the mirror for a few seconds this morning.

He shrugged my grip off him and turned around to face me as I tied the robe back up around the middle, fidgeting slightly. His arms snaked around my waist softly and I melted into his warmth, closing my eyes with a blissful sigh.

"I'm sorry."

I wanted to ask what exactly he was sorry for but kept my mouth shut as the next sentence made my heart hurt a little.

"I promise, I'll be more careful in bed."

I wanted to tell him that he didn't need to be. That I wouldn't break. But with the way he held me, and the shake in his voice, I knew it wouldn't help him. I just buried my head in his chest and nodded gently.


Present time

And so far, he had stuck to his promise. But every time I tried to initiate rougher sex, he quickly took my mind off it with a passionate, long round that left me sleepy and needing cuddles. For the last two weeks, I was puzzled on how to make him see that I liked that stuff and I could handle it – god knows, I've been through worse – before a light had struck me.

A light that smelled like booze, flowers and sisterly advice.

"I see your problem." Cana rubbed her chin, thinking about what I've said as I slumped further into the seat of the coffee shop we had found. It had become ritual to come here every week and have a coffee together. Sometimes Levy even joined us.

"Any ideas? I don't want him to have to control himself in bed with me. I'm confident, whatever he throws at me, I can take it."

Cana nodded in agreement, "What's probably happening is he's feeling like shit because of the lack of control he had when he was E.N.D. I mean, we were getting through to him, but he was still out of control until you came. Do you remember?"

I remembered. He had been on a rampage, so close to killing an entire town and I had arrived late with Happy, watching as Fairy Tail tried to reason. He reacted to their words only slightly, continuing to leave building after building, crumbled. Gray was gearing up to fight him, arguing with Erza who had hope that he would stop this.

My feet were running before I could even stop myself, ignoring everyone's cries of fright as I got closer to him. He turned around, and I noticed the stance he took. I had seen it time, and time again. When Natsu faced an opponent, he thought to be a threat, he took offensive instead of defensive. He had told me once, it was because he liked to get the first hit in.

I didn't even falter, before my foot snagged on a piece off debris and I fell forward onto my hands and knees. E.N.D had seen that as an opportunity, dashing forward to be done with me when I begged.

"Please come back. Don't leave me again, Natsu."

His fit hit the ground beside me, and it made my jump. I looked up, finding my best-friends face marked with demonic symbols and a dark aura. But I felt my heart throb at the confusion on his features.

He brought his fist back again, going to strike me, when I blurted, "We worked so hard to get Fairy Tail back. I need you with me." I watched as his fist came at me, so fast but at the last second, curved away into the same spot beside me.

E.N.D growled, becoming frustrated and I knew. He may want to kill me, but Natsu was still in there, protecting me.

I just had to coax him out.

"It's always more fun when we are together Natsu, please come back." I stated, staring into those pitch-black eyes, desperately searching for my Natsu. I gasped in pain when two clawed hands grabbed my shoulders. I heard the shout and commotion of the guild attempting to run closer but I kept my eyes on him.

E.N.D glared at me, so much anger and the claws dug into my skin. I bit my lip to stop my cry of pain, only whispered out, "I'm here. Okay, I'm right here. I'm not leaving."

In one harsh move, he had me pinned to his chest and I waited for him to crush my spine. But instead, I heard long slow breaths. The breathing of someone anchoring themselves to the ground. The claws resided, my skin slightly bleeding. I leaned back, getting a glimpse of dark grey eyes as he smiled weakly.

"Hey, Luce."

Tears pooled in my eyes as I wrapped my arms around him, "Hey Natsu."

"So, he feels bad about losing control with me because I helped him gain it in the first place?" I summarised, confused as Cana shrugged.

"That would be my best guess. Don't forget, Natsu may love you, but E.N.D wanted to kill you. It might just be an underlining fear, about not being able to control himself about someone he loves."

I nodded, a little more understanding now, as I asked, "So it's not a good idea to push him on the subject?"

Cana's face quickly turned to outrage, "Hell no! He may deserve understanding, but you deserve dirty rough sex! With biting, and bruising, maybe some screaming."

I looked at her disturbed, and she smirked at me, "Don't try and lie, I know you've thought about Natsu biting you."

"Natsu bites me now." I argued lightly, struggling to keep my mind away from that dirty image.

Cana wagged her finger in my face, "Not those cute chomps when he's feeling affectionate. I mean, the sort of bites in bed, that make your skin all sensitive and-"

I waved my hands to cut her off, "Can you not. Thanks."

She laughed, "Want to know my advice?"

"Yes, please." Despite Cana's teasing, she had helped me before in matters of Natsu and I trusted her to be honest, even though she couldn't do so without being explicit.

"When you feel comfortable, try… teasing him. Exciting him into thinking about it. Natsu is more of an action man, if you say anything, he'll just assume you are doing it for his benefit. Make him believe it's for yours. Real men like to know how to pleasure their girls. And they like it even more when it's something they enjoy as well."

I soaked in her words, nodding slowly before questioning, "How would I do that without making it obvious that I want it… rough?"

Cana smirked, and held up her hands, "Us women have these fascinating things, called nails."


Lemon ahead. Be warned.

I wiggled against Natsu, smiling at his cute little frown before taking a deep breath in.

"Kiss me?" I asked innocently, the plan in my mind rolling along rather well. I just had to get his mind off sweet – even though sweet sex was fantastic – and onto dirty. Natsu leaned down obligingly, and pressed his lips against mine. I sighed happily, and our lips moved together, sliding, moulding.

I opened my mouth a little to bite at his bottom lip, before sucking gently. He groaned, hands going to either side of me to hold himself up and I smoothed my hands down his chest, his grey shirt letting me feel his abdominal muscles as his tongue invaded my mouth.

I struggled to pay attention, the warm muscle tangling with mine, making it hard to breath. I tugged on the bottom of his shirt, before beginning to slide it upwards. He lifted one hand, balancing his body on the other as I took it off. He shook it off his other wrist and I brought my fingers to his stomach, lightly pressing and rubbing the hard muscles underneath there.

He groaned a little more and that sound vibrated through me. I tore my lips away, panting for breath and his head when to my neck, nudging at my jaw to get more room. I moved my head to the slide, my eyes slipping closed as he begin to nibble, and kiss my sensitive skin. His teeth made molten lava rush through my veins and I keened, squirming a little in hopes for more attention.

He sucked my earlobe gently, and I struggled to remember my mission. I brought my hands around his back, to his shoulder blades, panting softly. He continued to lavish my neck with slow, soft kisses and I waited for the moment. I couldn't just scratch him to a few small kisses, I had to make him react to me reacting to something he was doing.

I was sure I wasn't making any sense in my mind, but I waited, enjoying the open-mouth pecks, sometimes having his tongue swirling out to meet the skin and I arched my back a little. I struggled to calm myself down, waiting for my opportunity.

It presented itself when he licked his way up to my ear against and lightly nibbled it. I moaned, and dug my nails into his back. He stilled, my earlobe falling out of his mouth, as I whined at the loss, hoping he hadn't caught on yet.

Normally, I'd put my hands on his shoulders, or even in his hair. Not that I didn't like Natsu's back, but it was just second nature to put them somewhere I could reach. I waited with bated breath to see what he would do.

After a long minute, he returned to my neck, nuzzling and sucking at the skin lightly. I pouted a little, but shivered, sticking true to my resolve and deciding I'd try again. But with Natsu's soft, almost reverent touches, I knew he wasn't going to push it that far on his own.

I lifted my hips up, and quickly wrapped one leg after the other around his waist. It made his weight and crotch press against my sex. He stilled again, this time almost immediately continuing. I felt his hard cock press against his shorts and stifled my excitement, focusing on using my leg muscles to pull him closer.

Then, I rubbed against him, grinding our sexes together softly. He groaned and I felt the sheet bunch up beside me. I glanced, noticing how his fist was wound up tightly in the sheets. He breathed against my neck, and I recognised it was a means to control himself.

You don't have too.

I glided against him again, feeling the moisture between my legs increase as I moaned. The groan he let out was closer to a growl this time, and I knew it was working.

Bless Cana.

I sighed blissfully when he slowly made his way to my collarbones, nibbling and kissing the skin gently. Then, oddly enough, before I could grind against him again, his teeth sank into the tender flesh just above my breast.

This time, I didn't need to tell myself to scratch him. I raked my nails down his back, pressing into the muscle. He hissed, and I knew he had felt it.

Maybe I had done it too hard?

That question vanished from my mind when I felt his cock twitch a little, growing just that much harder and I gasped. In the next second, my wrists were pinned above me and I had a leering Natsu staring down at me.

"What do you think you are doing?"

Uh-oh. He caught me.

Instead of feeling embarrassed or put-off, I felt smug and dangerous. I licked my lips, liking the way he glanced down at them for a second before finding my eyes. I blinked innocently at him but made sure my eyes were silently goading him, knowing he'd get the message.

His own eyes narrowed, "Lucy, answer me."

Natsu's demand made my knees weak and I waited a few more seconds, knowing my silence would rile him up. I also turned my head away from him, stifling my moan of excitement when he growled at the marks he had left on my neck. Hickeys were okay, bruises were not, when it came to Natsu.

"Lucy." He snapped, pressing down on my wrists and I struggled to remain calm, despite the rolling arousal that was currently wreaking havoc on my body. Natsu, pinning me down, was probably the hottest thing I could have ever felt.

I took a deep breath in, and then purred teasingly, "I was hoping my dragon would come out and put me in my place."

I know Cana said Natsu wouldn't react well to words, but she doubted my ability to get Natsu somewhere with just my words. The man practically marched onto the train after a long speech I had given him the other day.

Of course, that could have been just so he can shut me up.

I watched Natsu's pupils dilate, the struggle to hold back in his face so obvious.

"Do you really think you can hurt me Natsu? Do your worst. I think I can handle anything you throw at me." I goaded him deliberately, before scoffing softly, "The fact you think I can't, is an insult."


I barely glanced at him, a sweet smile on my lips.

"Scared to hurt your wife? Does she need to remind you, she can put you on your ass with four words? Or are you scared, you enjoy it?"

Vaguely, I knew it was escalating. And Doctor Smith, whom we visited occasionally, would scold me about the right way to engage Natsu's fears, but I knew him. I knew my husband. If he wasn't going to allow me to lightly nudge, then he's going to have to be pushed.

It wasn't like Natsu to give up on something after a bad experience.

He always pushed back.

"Careful." He breathed, closing his eyes. I knew he was trying not to let my words get to him, and I bit my lip, wondering if I really should say what I wanted to say.

"I'm not going to give you an ultimatum, Natsu. If you really think I can't handle you, then we won't do it." I softened just a touch, rubbing my fingers together. I felt the need to comfort him, despite the mission I had in mine.

His eyes opened, staring down at me. I looked up at him earnestly, before throwing him my final statement. One that I was sure, would either make him laugh, or make him react.

"But, I want you to make me scream. I want you to mark me, and hold me down. I want it to be so good, I beg and fight you a little. I married a dragon, and I want him back."

The air was so quiet, my breathing felt loud. My heart pounded fiercely in my chest as I stared up at Natsu, watching as he closed his eyes. I felt a pinch of disappointment, realizing he wasn't interested in it. I closed my eyes, struggling to keep my tears away as I realised, he really didn't think I could handle it.

Maybe I couldn't…

But I wanted to try.

"Lucy." Natsu's low drawl made my body tense and I opened my eyes to find his, the normal grey colour, bleeding a touch off bright red. My breath seized at the look he was giving me, something wicked and hot. So, hot, I felt it on my skin.

"Your dragon, never left."

I gasped as he tightened his grip even more on my wrists, and leaned down, "You want me to mark you, Luce? To make you beg, and whimper for it?"

"N-Natsu." I breathed, unable to tear my eyes away from his.

He wore a dark grin, filled with white teeth and fangs. I looked away from him, a blush rising on my cheeks as he murmured under his breath, "Can't look at me Luce? What are you thinking about?"


"Oh? Think you can lie to me?" My heart pounded with excitement now, warming my muscles, my veins, my bones with something like wild need.

His low chuckle burned through my senses, making hair stand up, "I can practically taste you already. That's how much you want me."

"Get over yourself," I shot back weakly as he swooped down, trapping my wrists with one hand so he could move my gaze back to his. His mouth slammed onto mine, making me gasp. He didn't give me a chance to reciprocate. He took my mouth, and possessed it fully. Lips moving, grating against mine, his tongue prying them open so he could lick the top of my mouth and along my teeth.

Feeling brave, I bit down lightly on his tongue and he growled, the noise low and hot. He took my mouth like it was made for him, not leaving one bit undiscovered and I whined a little, struggling against his grip. His teeth pinched my bottom lip, just hard enough that it almost bled and I found my hips jumping up at the sensation.

He moved away, and I panted, struggling for my breath as he stared down at me.

"Fuck, you're beautiful."

I dropped my grip around his waist, my muscles aching for holding so long, as I whimpered, "Natsu…"

"Mhm." His noise made something in my stomach tighten as he nosed at my neck.

I struggled to find words, and luckily, I didn't need too.

He tugged me up a little more, so my hands found the bar of my top of my bed, "Keep your hands here, like a good girl."

"Woman." I objected, mostly out of second nature and he chuckled, as I grasped the cold metal. He brought his head up to look down on me, the flicker of love shining behind his dark eyes, that were ringed with red.

"Princess, keep your hands on the bar."

I shivered at his nickname, that usually I scowled at and nodded a little, as I realised he was waiting for a response.

He smiled, pressing a particularly hard kiss to my lips before moving down my body, "Too many clothes."

"Don't you dare ri-" My plea was ignored as my shirt was torn apart, and my bra was shredded. I grumbled to myself momentarily, annoyed that he had done it anyway. His warm, rough hands slid down my waist.

"Let's make it a rule. Every time you make a sound or speak, I'm going to put a mark on you."

"What, how is that fair-" I was stopped when he began sucking a hickey into my skin, just above my nipple. I moaned a little and his hands on my hips tightened, to the point that I knew there would be marks.

Once he was finished, he glanced up at me and smirked darkly, "Hard to keep that pretty little mouth of yours quiet, isn't it?"

I opened my mouth to shoot a scathing comment at him, but stopped myself. I pouted a little and he chuckled, "You can always ask for my help to keep you quiet. Or beg me to let you talk."

Bastard. I made sure to glare at him and his smirk widened just a little.

"Fiery, aren't you? My Lucy."

I melted a little at his words, my body way too sensitive to his touches and I struggled to maintain focus as he massaged and rubbed at my breasts, the skin spilling between his fingertips before stroking in slow motions, his thumbs catching on my nipples. Every time he did it, I jolted and struggled to remain silent.

I will win this.

He smothered my hard nipples with his thumbs and I was hopeless against the moan that left my lips, closing my eyes as my back arched up. He tutted me softly, the noise making me flush. He pressed his lips against another piece of skin on my breast, and began to suck at it, intent on leaving a mark. I stifled my whine.

"Natsu." I carped, eyes fluttering open as he glanced up at me, mouth still pressed to my flesh.

"Help." I knew it was only going to get worse, I was vocal during sex and the challenge was making me worse. But despite that, Natsu like this... had me reeling for more. I always knew, deep down, he was like this. But I never would have guessed how much I liked it.

"You didn't even say please." I removed one of my hands from the bar, intent on smacking him and he chuckled, "Hands back on the bar, or I won't bite."

I glowered at him, pressing my thighs together as I put my hand back, tightening my grip. His hand reached up and he whispered against my nipple, "Thank you, sweet girl."

I couldn't even be bothered to correct him, because his index finger stroked my lips gently. I opened my mouth willingly, and he pressed inside. Heat shot through my spine as I sucked his index gently, unaware of how much I would enjoy having his fingers in my mouth.

"There you go. You keep quiet, and you can have my fingers. Okay?"

I whimpered around his digit, nodding as he growled, "Fuck, you're pretty."

My cheeks flushed at the compliment and I wrapped my tongue around his finger. He shuddered a little before copying the movement with his tongue, sliding it around my nipple. I felt my back arch and tears prick at my eyes at the pleasure, his other hand gently flicking the neglected nipple.

I felt the sharpness of his teeth slide over me, tugging the poor bud and I sucked his finger hard for a second, to distract myself from crying out. He did it again, and again, making me helpless to the waves of pleasure.

He nibbled, sucked with his mouth, while his hand rolled, plucked and thumbed the other nipple. I managed to keep myself quiet, my body shaking with the need to cry out. When he began to kiss down my body, he tried to slip his finger from my mouth. I sucked it in further, refusing to let go of my toy.

He glanced up, experimentally tugging and I nibbled at it. He smiled up at me, "I can't give you my fingers, and lick your pussy at the same time, Luce."

I shook my head, daring him to somehow manage it. He rested his chin on my lower stomach, smile turning dark, "You've been good so far. How about this, you give me my fingers back, and you can be as loud as you want."

His offer made me open my mouth, and I let out a long moan, something I had been holding in for a while. He removed his finger, and asked, "Is that a yes?"

"Only if you kiss me."

"I plan too."

"On my lips." I tell him, biting my bottom lip as he watches me for a second.

"Please, Natsu."

He growls softly, crawling up my body.

"How can I say no to you?"

He pressed his lips against mine softly, as I giggled, a little high off the fact I had kept quiet for so long, and it felt good to let Natsu take control for once.

"I missed you." I tell him, as he takes his lips away. He tilts his head, before smiling down at me with so much affection, using his fingers to stroke my cheek.

"You really do like it." He sounded amazed as I nodded, tilting my head into his touches.

"I knew you liked it as well. I was a little upset that you didn't want to do it again. You can be rough with me Natsu, I trust you to know when I can't take it." I say truthfully, before adding cheekily, "I never would have guessed that you were so dominating though."

"This from the woman who kept me on the edge for thirty minutes, to 'see what would happen'." He shook his head, and I giggled, "You liked it."

"I love you Lucy. I love when you get all possessive and demanding, because I know you are strong enough to make me do what you want. But I also like you like this…" His voice got soft, thumb brushing my bottom lip and I kissed it gently, asking him curiously.

"Like what?"

He chuckled, "You don't even realise, do you? You've got a bit of a praise kink."

"I already knew that. Daddy issues, duh." I inform him, smiling sweetly when he burst out laughing, shaking his head at me.

"I thought you'd throw me off you the minute I made that rule. You looked like you were going to at first, but once I started calling you sweet things…"

I watched as he smirked, and rolled my eyes, "I like to make you happy, Natsu. That goes for sex, as well. Call me crazy, but I think that's what all husbands and wives do for each other."

"You don't get it Lucy. You own up to the praise kink – which is very hot – but you should have seen the look on your face. It was like you wanted to please me, even if I was driving you insane."

I giggled, "Natsu, you idiot. That might be a kink I have, but you do the exact same thing."

He blinked, surprised as I shook my head, "When I kept you on the edge for that long, most guys would get really pissed. Unless, they had that thing inside them that wanted to make the other person happy, even if it meant discomfort. Instead of getting angry, and demanding I let you come, you persevered. The only difference is, I'm delicate about it and didn't tell you."

"Huh. Maybe you are giving me kinks."

"It's not a transmitted disease, you dummy." I laughed, my arms beginning to ache. I couldn't believe we were having a full conversation during sex, but once I thought it over, it was exactly what Natsu and I would do.

"But I liked holding back as well, tell me Sex Expert Lucy, what does that mean?"

"You like edging?" I guessed, thinking it over in my mind for a second as Natsu tilted his head, apparently real interested in a sex lesson in the middle of intercourse. I ignored my aching sex and just waited for his questions, smiling at him sweetly.

"And what is edging?"

"Just when you about to have an orgasm, you stop." I shrugged, trying to remember the meaning of it completely, "Then you start up again. And you continue until you are ready to come. And then voila, the orgasm is supposedly better."

"Huh. Interesting." Natsu smirked and I blanched.

"You've been teasing me for the last forty minutes Natsu. Let me make this clear, you are going to give me an orgasm as soon as it comes. We can try edging with me another day, but I swear to god-"

He chuckled, swooping down to kiss me once more, "God, I love you."

"I love you too. And I also love your fingers, and mouth. Can you go down there and do that fun thing I like so much?"

"The one where I make you scream?" He teased and I shrugged playfully, "Or the thing where you make me pass out, either way. I'm not fussy."

"Yes, Princess."

"Can you handle bringing the mood back?" I asked him curiously, remembering the time where Gray had walked in on us accidentally and Natsu had gone entirely limp for a day. Funny as it was, when we got distracted during sex, I normally had to settle us back down.

Natsu crawled down my body, before glancing up, with a wicked smirk, "I'm going to make you cum so hard, you'll cry."

A shot of heat pooled at my stomach and I breathily replied.

"Brave words."

I flopped onto my back when he got there, surprising me by gently peeling off my skirt and underwear considering he ripped my shirt and bra straight off. I adjusted my arms that were slightly sore from being stretched above me but no biggie.

I was about to get eaten out.


"We need to talk." Natsu's voice made my head pop back up as he gently spread the lips of my sex with his thumbs. I frowned, concerned.

"We do?"

"Yes." He gave my clit a soft kiss, making my hips jerk but one of his hands was there, holding it down.

"What's wrong?" I asked, trying to focus on him and not what he was making me feel.

He ignored me entirely, instead stating, "Hello Lucy's pussy, it's Natsu. Your saviour."

"Oh my god. No." I cried out, horrified as he hushed me, focusing on my sex with an almost ridiculous amount of attention.

"It's been a long time. Have you missed me?"

"Natsu, stop this!" I resisted the urge to hide my head in my hands.

"Lucy, hush. This is a private conversation." He silenced me by brandishing a long lick with his tongue right up the slit of my sex. My hips jumped, he held me still, hands going to curl around my ass.

"Look at you, all pretty, pink and excited. Don't worry, I'm going to take care of you." He cooed and I felt my soul leaving my body.

"Natsu, stop talking to my vagina right now. You are ruining oral sex for me."

"Shh, don't listen to her. You're very beautiful, can I say hi to your clit?" He spoke directly to my clit, humiliation rolling through me. His lips pressed to my little nub, giving it a soft kiss before rubbing his tongue over it. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling but they sprang back open when he addressed it, again.

"Don't listen to Lucy. You like this. You're practically dripping."

"This is the most mortifying thing I have even been involved in." I moaned in horror, burying my head in my arm as Natsu continued, acting as if he never heard me, "I'm on your side, Lucy's pussy. I just want you to be happy, because you're incredible. I'm going to give you an orgasm now."

"Please, shut up."

He wrapped his lips around my clit, and sucked lightly. I gasped, my head falling back. I saw stars then moaned, "Too much."

"Not nearly enough, Princess." He replied, before lapping at my labia.

I whimpered.

He laughed.

He ate me hungrily, hands digging into my ass to keep me anchored as I fought and thrashed, trying to get some moment of peace. My poor sensitive sex throbbed and jolted with each movement, as his tongue stroked and tickled me perfectly. I sobbed out and tried to throw my hips away from his mouth but he held me in place, growling a little.

He punished my movement, by deeper, more precise stabs to my clit. I was a moaning, begging mess, clenching around nothing. Feeling empty, and hot, I could barely get the words out.


"Need something?" He mumbled against my sex, dipping his tongue into my hole as I gasped, trying my hardest to clench around the muscle. He laughed again.

"Oh. You need something inside you. Want that finger you were sucking on, pretty girl?"

"N-Natsu, please. Please." I cried out, tears tickling my eyes as a finger slid down my labia and dipped into my sex.

"I'm going to go nice and slow, Lucy. Every time your greedy little pussy clenches, I'm going to take my finger out and do it again."

"Y-you, bastard." I choked out, trying to settle my hips as his finger began to sink in. My pussy clenched excitedly and I sobbed when he pulled it back out. He did this a few times, driving me insane before I cried out.

"It's impossible!"

"Is it?" He mused, "No, I'll show you what's impossible."

He began to sink that finger in and I kept my body lax, ignoring the need to clench and hold him in. Then his mouth pressed to my clit and his teeth very lightly nipped at it. My whole body clenched, and he pulled the finger out, suckling the little button gently.

"See that?" He murmured, taking his lips away from my clit, "That's impossible Lucy. I think you can do it. You just aren't trying hard enough."

I whimpered, biting my lip so hard I felt blood.

He was quiet, soothing my sex with long strokes and I breathed out, my heart racing in my chest.

"O-Okay. I'll try."

I felt his smile, rather than seeing it, "Good girl. Do you need another minute?"

I shook my head, trying to control my breathing as he murmured, "My pretty girl. Ready?"

My arousal deepened at the praise and I nodded, ignoring the butterflies in my stomach. I dug my nails into my own skin as his finger began to slowly sink into my hole. Once we got past the first knuckle, he breathed, "Fuck, Lucy, being so good for me."

I whimpered, keeping my opening relaxed as he pushed deeper.

The second knuckle slipped in, and I was panting, the uncontrollable need to clench down making a tear fall down my cheek. Natsu soothed me with his words, a blanket of warmth covering a live-wire, "Almost done. You can do it."

I nodded, biting on my lip harder as he continued to press in. My insides quivered a little and he stopped. Another tear rolled down my cheek as I struggled to keep my breathing down, and my hole unclenched.

After a few seconds, he continued and I vaguely wondered if his fingers were always this long. He stopped again, and I focused on keeping my body relaxed, closing my eyes. A bright blush stained my cheeks, my mouth wide open as I panted through the exertion of it all.

I jolted when his mouth pressed against my clit, almost crying out when I clenched immediately. I sobbed, "N-no. No, that's n-not fair!"

I tightened my grasp on his finger, upset that he cheated when I heard his low murmur, "You fucking did it, Luce. You are so amazing." I opened my eyes and glanced down at him. He wore an amazed, proud smile as I blinked through my tears.

"I… did it?"

"Fuck yeah, you did. Want that orgasm now, pretty girl? You've been so good."

"Please." I twisted a little and he began to move his finger, in and out. He lapped and suckled my clit, and I lifted my hips, thrashing as the orgasm hit me out of nowhere. There wasn't any climb, it was like being lead up a cliff blind, not knowing you were going up, and then being pushed. I cried out, my back arching as wave after wave hit me.

I vaguely felt Natsu soothing me, removing his finger and sliding his tongue over my sex over and over. I lay shuddering for a few seconds before whimpering, "No more. Can't."

He crawled back up my body, his hand coming to my cheek, "Feel good?"

I opened my eyes, a little fuck drunk, "So good." I purred, nuzzling his hand as he breathed.

"You were so fucking incredible."

"Mhmmm." I murmured, before asking, "Can I take my hands away now? They are sore."

He reached up and ran his hands over my sore muscles, prompting a groan as he brought them down from the bar. He pressed a kiss to each palm before one to my lips, noticing my wince of pain. He ran his thumb over my bottom lip, prodding the tender spot.

"I'm going to be sore in the morning." I tell him, and he looks away from my lip to my eyes. He nods quietly, eyes a little round and a lot amazed. I smiled, as he wiped away the tears that were drying on my cheeks.

"You better fuck me now then; my vagina won't be open for a few days."

He grinned, "We don't have too. Don't push yourself for my benefit."

I rolled my eyes at him, teasingly, "Your finger was nice, but not enough. But no teasing, I just want dirty sex."

"What do you call this?"

"Natsu's an asshole and he likes to play with Lucy, too much." I inform him and he laughs, as if agreeing with me.

He shuffles down, and I reach over to my nightstand to grab my contraceptive bracelet. It basically stops the semen from going up, and burns it out of my system in a matter of minutes. Cana had gotten me it two weeks ago and Natsu and I had been using it ever since. Thank-god for science and magic.

Natsu was fumbling with his pants when I spoke up, "Just missionary today. I don't have any legs."

He glanced up, before looking at my legs, "It's shame we had to amputate them."

"It was for the good of the guild." I giggled, glad he got my joke as he hovered over me, sliding his cock through my drenched sex a few times. My hands went to his back and I dug my nails in a little, smiling when he shivered.

"I love you." I cooed to him and he nuzzled my cheek.

"Love ya too, Luce."

Lemon is done.

3 weeks later

Natsu's POV

"Alright losers, move it aside. Precious cargo!" I yelled, smiling when I heard Lucy's giggle as we approached the picnic that Fairy Tail was having. Erza glanced up, frowning concerned before walking over to us as I carried Lucy, and the bag she had packed.

"Lucy, are you okay?"

"I fell down the stairs this morning." Lucy winced, as Erza's frown grew more concerned.

"Is anything broken?"

"No, just sprained. And with Wendy not arriving until later, I'm stuck with it. It's my fault, I got a little dizzy." Lucy explained and I frowned also, wondering if she was dizzy because she hadn't seen sun for the last few days. We had gone on a job in the middle of a forest that had bugs that carried sickness. Nothing incurable but it had become apparent that Lucy had gotten bitten by something and wasn't feeling the best.

The first few days, it was non-stop puking and drowsiness. Happy and I had been looking after her, but she had insisted on going outside today because she didn't want to miss the picnic.

"I see. Still have that jungle bug?"

"I think it was an…" I tuned them out, content on finding a spot perfect. Something close to the food, but far away enough, that if Lucy wanted to slip behind the bushes to puke, no-one would notice but Happy and I. Happy was on Lucy's shoulder, offering helpful remedies for Lucy's condition that involved fish.

I found a spot in the shade and crouched down, Lucy still attached to my back as I pulled out the blanket and began setting up.

"I'll go get you some food Lucy, so Natsu can go get his and I can keep you company." Erza strode off, as Lucy nuzzled my neck.

"Look at my husband, taking care of his sick wife."

I grinned at her adorable little coo, finding it impossible to not love Lucy even more when she was affectionate like this. I pulled out the pillow from the duffle bag, the same one I had given her when she went to get Aquarius.

I gently untangled her and steadied as she dropped to the ground, a little shaky since she couldn't put her foot down.

"Wendy will be back soon." I tell her, glancing over her figure concerned as she waved it off, "I don't mind. I'm not exactly better so I'm happy to stay here. Go mingle."

"You sure?"

She nodded, "Erza will be back soon, anyway. Go on."

I leaned over and pressed a kiss to her forehead before wandering off to say hi to Gildarts who had shown up for the picnic. When I glanced back to check on Lucy, I almost laughed at the crowd of guild members sitting around her.

Lucy didn't realise, she'd never be alone again. Everybody loved her.

Such a princess. With her adoring fans.

"Lucy looks good. A little pale." Gildarts stated, as I turned to him, noticing Laxus was suddenly beside him, looking curious to our conversation.

"She got bitten by a bug in that Jungle in Apolocia. I think she's getting better, though."

Gildarts winced, "I've been there done that. Was out of commission for a month. She got lucky if she's already on the mend."

"That jungle is ridiculous. I was thinking of cancelling any requests we get from there. Too many members getting sick. Not enough reward." Laxus informed them both as I nodded.

"She's okay though. Still chews me up for not putting my underwear out to wash."

"Why would you need to wash your underwear?" Gildarts blanched and Laxus gave him a disturbed look, but I was already agreeing, "Yeah! She's a Princess."

"I am surprised you didn't get sick with how many germs you've probably got." Laxus snorted, shaking his head.

I shrugged, "We assumed she got bitten by something that didn't spread. Thank-god. Happy would have to look after both of us, if we got sick."

I spoke with them for a bit longer, before Gildarts followed me back to Lucy, who was now sitting with Cana. Gildarts plopped down next to Cana, grinning. The drunk woman gave him back a groan and buried her head in her barrel as I settled in beside Lucy.

"Hey." She was drinking some pink lemonade from a clear plastic cup, and I smiled, stroking her hair back from her face.


Gildarts and Cana ended up staying with us, and making Lucy laugh, so I didn't bother them all. I just tucked Lucy into my arms and buried my head into her neck. The slight layer of sickness still hung around her, sickly sweet but it was lessening and it told me she was getting better.

Happy snuggled into her lap, as eventually, Gray, Erza and Juvia all made their way over. Levy had stopped by an hour ago, before disappearing to Gajeel's blanket as more food circulated. I would never forget the moment when I was listening to Gray fight off Juvia's advances when a smell tickled my nostrils.

I sniffed Lucy, confused. The sickness was there, as was her original scent, all sunlight and flowers but…

I took a deep breath in, frowning, puzzled at the slight undertone of warmth. More specifically, fire. There was something smoky about her scent now, something that wasn't there before. I wondered how long it had been there, and what it was.

I was too busy breathing the scent in, to locate it, to notice how Lucy shifted and turned around, tilting her head with a sweet smile. Her words, soft and gentle, shut everyone on our blanket right up.

"Three weeks, husband of mine. Three weeks, I hid it right under your nose. Literally."

I scrunched my face up, even more confused, as she laughed, ignoring the eyes of everyone around us.

Laxus was tugging a barrel up to give to Cana, Levy and Gajeel following him, when she spoke again.

"Three weeks, that's how long I've been 'sick'. Three weeks since that night, with the intricate talk about kinks and how you didn't have to control yourself, any more."

What is she talking about?

Of course, I remembered the night, it was something that had changed the both of us. I hadn't realised I could grow with Lucy, but that night put something else there. She wasn't scared, I wasn't going to hurt her. We could be everything to each other.

I also remember her throwing out her contraceptive band the next morning, mumbling about it being broken.

A bulb lit up inside me.


"No fucking way."

Lucy's smile grew as a delighted blush spread on her cheeks. I heard the puzzled murmur of our family around us, as she shook her head playfully.

"You call yourself a dragon."

"Lucy, say it. I need to hear you say it." I pleaded, crawling on my hands and knees to get right into her face.

Her eyes never left mine as tears pooled in her eyes.

"I'm pregnant Natsu, and it's not Laxus's."

A laugh burst out of me, as I captured her face in my hands and pressed my lips against hers. I vaguely hear Laxus's muffled noise of confusion before Erza squealed. When I pulled back, Lucy was attacked with hugs. Levy was cheering, Erza was demanding to be the god-mother. I got a few hearty slaps on the back, before I noticed Cana.

She was dead quiet, tears running down her face. Lucy noticed it as well, turning towards her best-friend with a frown of worry.

"Are you okay, Cana?"

Cana let out a sobbing laugh, "I don't know why I'm crying. I'm just so happy, for you guys, and fuck, I'm drunk. That's definitely it."

Lucy, being Lucy, immediately began to bawl at the sight of her friends uncharacteristic babbling and they both embraced.

"I'm pregnant, I'm going to be crying a lot."

Cana sobbed, wrapping her arms around Lucy tightly, "You deserved this, both of you." I patted Cana on the head, patiently waiting for them to dislodge from each other. The rest of them had spread around to tell the guild, and I knew it wouldn't be long before we had a wave of people on us.

Cana let her go and wiped at her eyes, which made Lucy do the same.

"You know you're the Aunt, right?" Lucy stated, shuffling back to lean into me and I supported her, grinning at Cana's surprised face. Gildarts, who had stayed behind to watch over his daughter, glanced over in shock also.


"And Gildarts is the Great-Uncle." I added as Lucy nodded, snuggling into my chest.

"Without you guys, this could have played out a lot differently. It's only fair that our babies know that."

"Here comes the Mom, here comes the Mom." Happy sung from ahead of us as we walked hand in hand back to our place. I laughed at his song as Lucy snuggled into my side, her ankle now successfully healed.

"Parents." She murmured and I looked up, wondering if Igneel could see me. Could see Lucy, and how fucking deliriously happy she made me.

"Parents." I repeated, as she wrapped her other arm around my abdomen.

"Think we will be good at it?"

"We didn't think we'd be good at being married, and look at us. I say, anything we think we are going to be bad at – we are naturally good at." I inform her smartly and she giggles.

"For once, dear husband, I think you are right."

"I know I am, lovely wife."

We walked together in silence, eventually Happy seating himself on Lucy's head as she whispered, "Natsu?"


"I'm really glad you kept your promise."

I straightened, turning to look at her surprised as she smiled knowingly, "I won't remember any of this tomorrow Natsu. But I need you to promise me, it might take a while to admit it, but I love you Natsu. So, don't give up on me. Please. Promise me."

Her exact words from that night, spoken on the day I found out she was pregnant, floored me. I silently asked her, how long did she know that I promised her that. But figured out, I didn't care.

I turned to her, cupping her cheeks and murmured, "You always call me brave. Well, I have to say, you are the bravest person I have ever met."

Lucy smiled up at me, eyes full of love and I felt my eyes water a little, because this amount of affection for someone, straight-up love, I had only ever felt for Igneel. And he was gone, I thought I'd never find it again. Now I had Lucy.

She gasped, reaching up to brush away the tears that fell.

"Natsu, what's wrong?"

"I get why you were scared to be with me. This fucking feels horrible. Thinking about losing you."

She laughed softly, which quickly morphed into a sob, and I watched as tears filled her eyes. I couldn't help but smile, as she cried out, "You bastard. You cry, I cry. How dare you do this to me? We were having a moment!"

I laughed, now wiping her tears away, as she leaned into my hands.

"This is way too mushy." She mumbled, trying to control her emotions before giving me a glare, "Give me a pick-up line."

I mulled it over in my mind, before grinning.

"Your name must be Jelly. Because jam don't shake like that."

I laughed as she landed an impressive blow to my stomach, curling over as she stomped away from me. Happy was now awake, also laughing. I walked behind her for a bit, calling out.

"Is your name Lucy Heartfilia?"

She glanced over her shoulder, the line in-between her eyebrows crinkled, "Yes?"

"Then you must be my wife."

She laughed, more tears falling, "That's not even a pick-up line! That's just stating facts."

I finally caught up to her and pressed my lips to hers. We stood there kissing for a few minutes before she pulled away and we continued to walk.

"Is your name Summer?"

I glanced over to her, as she avoided my eyes.


"Is your name Summer?"

"Yes." Natsu, did stand for Summer, but she already knew that.

And with a perfect little smile, she looked at me, "Because you're hot as hell."

With that one pick-up line, I knew, I had been best-friend with the most incredible girl.

And now she was my wife.


For a million years.


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