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RATING: K+ (for ideologically sensitive material; in future chapters, may contain minimal violence, some minor suggestive adult themes, and some coarse language. Also, character death, but mostly in the past tense.)

Note: This rating may change to T in the future.

Contains a lot of my own personal beliefs concerning the afterlife, many of which do not mesh with any established religion's teaching, and some of which may be considered offensive. Read at your own risk.

CHARACTERS FEATURED: Carl Bruner, Sam Wheat, Molly Jensen, Oda Mae Brown

SPOILER WARNING: Contains Spoilers for Ghost.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Though some of the "Slices" (vignettes) relate to one other, or even continue a narrative, they are not in chronological order. There is a reason for this.


Sam had been expecting it for a while now, ever since he'd learned how these things worked. So when the casual hum of conversation around him died away, and one by one his newfound companions focused on a spot behind him, he wasn't really all that surprised.

As his companions quietly slipped away, a voice spoke up behind him, with only the slightest hitch of hesitation: "…Sam?" Apprehension and hope warred in that one word.

Sam didn't need to turn around to know exactly who that voice belonged to; once, it had been almost as familiar to his ears as Molly's and his own.

Nothing could have prepared him for the rush of memories, both good and bad, that all-too-familiar voice would cause. Of course he'd known this moment would come. But he'd had no idea how he was going to deal with it when it did. Now, he discovered he still didn't.

Still without turning to face the voice's owner, Sam closed his eyes with a soft sigh and forced himself to say something.

"Hello, Carl."