GEKI: Kekkei.

Chapter 1: Gohan.




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..Desert Plains…..

All around, miles upon miles of nothing but desert sand. No animal, person, Grimm, or sentient being in sight. Unless you count the two figures facing each other with with a fire in their eyes.

"COME ON!" Shouts the taller of the two figures. He wears a orange sleeveless jacket, blue long sleeve underneath, blue baggy pants with a hole cut out for his brown furry tail, and black combat boots. His black hair is spiky and seemed to go in many different directions.

Held expertly in his hands is a red bow staff. The bow is simple in itself, but there are multiple detachments along the bow.

"RAW!" The smaller of the two jumps at the larger with the intent to finish this. He wears a similar jacket to the older man, but his is purple instead of orange, Black fingerless gloves, two arm guards, brown loose fitting pants with a hole for his furry brown tail, and a pair of blue sneakers.

Held under his arm is a small rounded blade, at the bottom is two barrel holes. The hilt is yellow, while the handle is a bright green. With a quick swipe of the sword, the younger of the two found his blade deflected by the red bow.

"Are you even trying?" Said the adult in a taunting voice, "You can do better."


From the two barrels at the bottom of the sword, a bright yellow beam of light raced at the older man. With a smirk, the man twirled his bow in the direction of the incoming blast.

"Using Aura blast already? Fine."


A similar blue light escaped from the top of the bow. When both blast met, a resulting explosion caused a crater that the two barely escaped from.

"Whew… That almost got us!" Said the older man, with a smirk.

"You just HAD to counter." Said the younger teen. Without any more small talk, He pushed himself over the huge crater with a smile. The older man smiled and repeated the same action.


"HA!" Meeting in the middle of the crater, both men's weapons shot out at the other. The younger teen's teeth gritted as he tried to push on the others bow. With a smirk, The older man manipulated the bow to bring him behind his younger opponent, and deliver an axe kick to the young man's surprised face.

Smashing to the ground, a dust cloud quickly formed around the crash site. The man waved his bow around in a helicopter fashion, creating a gust of wind that forced back the cloud of smoke.

What the man wasn't expecting was for a yellow beam of light to rush him. In mid air he found himself with very little options, but to either take it, or…

"Nice try!" The older man twirled his bow and hit the incoming beam with great strength. The beam curved and vered from it's original path. A loud explosion followed soon after.

"ABOVE YOU!" With a look of mild shock, the older man spun to see the teen spinning in at him. Like the older man did before, the teen kicked at him. Only for the man to grab the appendage and slam them both of them to the ground.

It wasn't until a few moments later, did two blurs escape from the crater. Both males, forgetting their weapons, were fighting with their bare hands. The older kneed the younger in the chin, only for the younger to back flip, and land solid kick to his chin.

Momentarily shocked, the man had little to no time to react, to the the teens hard punch to the gut. Followed by a swift leg sweep. Having recuperate from the last two hits, the man took out his bow, and in that instant, sweeped the teens legs out from underneath him.

Both looked at each other with fierce determination.

Using their rights hands to stop falling, both got to their feet and rushed each other. They both countered the others knee strike, then began to punch at the other in mid air. The younger went for a right hook, only for the man to dodge to the left and slam both fist down on his head.

"AHHHHGGG!" Siliva escaped the teens lips, as the breath was knocked out from him.

"GOTCHA!" The older man quickly grappled the teens left foot and, with a sinister smirk, started to spin around with the teen in his hands. If he wasn't in the middle of a fight, the teen was sure he would be puking his guts out.


Letting go of the appendage, the man could barely hold in his laughter as the teen was sent soaring away. After a few seconds, he started to calmly walk to the crash site.

"Oooowwww…" Whined the teen as he dusted his injured head. Wiping sand out of his spiky hair. Seeing the incoming figure, he jumped up. Ready to use his weapon.

"Woah, woah, woah! Hold it there son!" Said the man with grin on his face. The teen relaxed with a sigh of relief.

"You did good. Gohan." Said the man as he walked down to his son.

"Thanks dad!" He said with a similar grin on his face.

"Well? Come on! Lets practice some forms for your sword style!" The man commanded with his grin remaining on his face. Slumping his shoulders a bit, the kid grabbed his rounded sword.

"Now, form position: number twenty!" The man demanded as his grin turned into a hardened gaze.

"Hiya!" Gohan shouted, while back slashing. Yet mid swing, time seemed to crawl to a stop. The background behind Gohan turning purple. The picture thinned and retreated, Leaving Gohan to fill ¼ of the screen, with the letter 'G' under his image. Three silhouette of people appear to cover the other ¾ of the screen.


The first trailer is done! Gohan has made his appearance in the RWBY universe. Who next will join him? Only I know. But I will tell you this, She really loves Strawberry cake. The next one just loves his 'appropriate' books. And the last, but certainly not least, he really is a protector at heart… Well if you didn't figure it out from that… well I don't want to insult my readers. I wonder how these RWBY versions differ from these alternative versions? You'll just have to wait and find out! Also sorry for how short this chapter is, but all the Trailers will be just as long. See ya!

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