Beginning of the end

A taxi passed the isolated part of the town, people who'd live around there or were just passing cast some curious glances at the car since the route it was taking to reach its destination was rumored to be haunted. This alone irked the occupant of the car other than the driver who was a teenage girl She'd every once in a while look up from her book that sat comfortably on her lap. The title of the book was "Game of life". It was the story of a girl who had lost her parents in an accident and was struggling to be successful in her life. She had read the story more than 4 times already but yet it never failed to bring a smile on her face. 'She'd never get bored of it', she says.

Every now and then the driver would glance back at the redhead whose pink eyes would either be fixed at the scenery outside the window or on the book on her lap. The driver was tempted to ask her if she really was planning on going to the isolated mansion that stood in the middle of dense forests.

"What is it?" Yume asked. Her beautiful pink eyes which were previously focusing on the book looked up to meet the gaze of the driver, Kai.

"W-What?" was his reply, feigning oblivion. His eyes focused straight on the road. He replied without looking at her and was not facing her but he still was able to feel her rolling her eyes, not believing his reply.

"Oh please, I know what you are thinking" She muttered, looking out of the window. "You seriously believe them?"

"...uh...well" kai however hesitated, he glanced back at her; her persona was calm and welcoming. She motioned him to continue, she wouldn't mind whatever his opinion was.

"Yes, I do. Everyone says they see strange stuff happening around this area... They may be right since I've felt presence around here as well-" he glanced back to check if she was paying attention to what he was saying or not-"but no one lives around here...but there is a mansion or two around here, I couldn't be so sure" He finished.

Yume hummed in agreement. They may be right but there are still people who live in such atmosphere so there is no way they would be living here if this place was actually haunted.

"We're about to reach there, Miss," Kai informed her as he saw a mansion from a distance. They were about to reach Sakamaki mansion.

"I wonder who lives in such mansion..." She wondered out an aloud as she saw a huge structure from the distance. Just as they were informed it was situated amidst the forest. It is so beautiful...

The front gate came into view as they arrived closer to the mansion. The car gradually halted as it reached the destination.

"Here" The driver breathed out as he stopped the car before he got out of the car to help Yume with her luggage.

Yume also got out of the car to get a clearer view of the mansion. She was too busy gawking at the huge castle like building in front of her to notice kai had gotten out all of her luggage. She couldn't believe it was the place she was supposed to live in.

"Good day, Miss Yume" Kai finally bid her goodbye, and with a polite smile, he nodded at her which she gladly returned with her own before he drove back to the city.

She stared at the retreating car for a moment before she turned to the gate and beyond the gate to the mansion. She breathed out, stretching her arms which had become stiff for she was sitting there in the car for more than 3 hours.

She pushed the gates open before proceeding in. She looked around and saw many unusual objects around such as a huge water fountain that no one owns nowadays. Maybe they love artifacts and such. It is beautiful anyway. She looked around more to see flower gardens which were maintained very nicely. The flowers looked fresh and beautiful as well, Yume loved flowers especially white roses. When she saw white rose garden not so far away from where she was she mentally noted to pay a visit there later.

She knocked the door, as she reached the front door. However, when no one opened the door, she frowned. She reached out to knock louder this time but before she was able to do so the door opened with a creak surprising her.

She stood in front of the door which was now opened for a full minute, hoping for someone to pop out from another side of the door for she suspected the door cannot open itself. So she decided to greet whoever was on another side of the door.


When no one came she was forced to go inside herself. Once she entered, she closed the door behind her without making much noise. She could only gape at the interior design of the mansion. W-What the...

If she thought that the mansion looked so beautiful from outside, then she has no words for how mansion looked from inside. It was decorated as if the owner of the mansion was some famous person or more like a prince of some kingdom. Yume stood there gawking, and would have forever without getting bored but she needed to get things straight and also let the people know about her arrival.

"Hello, Is anyone in here?" She called out but she was greeted with silence.

"Strange..." She murmured under her breath.

She dragged her luggage behind her as she strode down the lone hallway that led to somewhere that she thought the only god would know, and of course the people living here. It almost looked as if it was endless, and she walking in circles. She already was tired, and cold. Though it only marched and not really winter, she noted that the atmosphere inside was very odd and strangely freezing cold, the same temperature one would find in the place where dead bodies are kept to prevent them from decaying.

Yume looked down at her outfit. It consisted of a simple black skin tight jean that flattered her lean, long legs. Her top was an oversized T-shirt and over that she had worn a dull red jacket without sleeves that complimented with her crimson hair that was styled in a high ponytail. Yes, it was simple and comfortable, just perfect for me but...It is still freezing here.

Just when she was about to wrap her arms around her, she heard a thunder and she froze. She was sure the sky was clear and was sunny outside a few minutes ago. She assumed only a few minutes had passed since she entered the mansion, but she has been wandering around aimlessly for quite some time so she couldn't be so sure.

She approached the window to look outside, it was cloudy all of the sudden which was surprising for her, but still she let the thought slide and looked at the couch beside the window which a second ago was vacant but now
There sleeping was a boy around her age, 17. She looked wide eyed at him, before looking outside where strangely all of the sudden was raining. The male was very handsome and hot, she'd give him that. If he had participated in Mr. World contest (like Miss World) then judges would have announced him as the winner in the first round without a second thought. He was that beautiful or you can say 'handsome'. It was almost abnormal to see someone this handsome. But that aside he was weird; popping out of nowhere was not normal but rather very paranormally creepy.

"W-What...!" It almost felt like she was asking herself. She needed to be practical; she needed to calm her racing heart. It wasn't her fault that she was scared if it wasn't for rumors about this area being haunted she'd have not even be shocked, rather she'd have just shook this sleeping boy and questioned him boldly but now she found herself unable to move even.

After what felt like an hour, she found herself reaching her hand out for him. As her warm fingers touched his cold skin, her hand was back to her side almost instantly. She even winced at his cold touch. Slowing backing away from him, she felt the hard wall behind her and taking that as a cue to take her leave and run, she turned and ran dragging her luggage behind her. And she'd have till she runs into someone who would be more normal compared to the male she saw before if it wasn't for the hand that yanked her arm back stopping her tracks.

Yume winced in pain and looked at the hand that was clutching her arm with the unbelievable force that she was surprised her arm had not been crushed or was not torn apart from her body. She looked up at the owner of the arm only to pale in dread and terror. Forest green, the person had the most beautiful pair of forest green eyes that sparkled with...Annoyance? But it wasn't what terrorized Yume but that the person was the one she ran away from.

How in the world did he manage to outrun me? I'm sure I didn't hear any approaching footsteps behind me. It is as if he just appeared out of nowhere and...

His rich red hair tousled back and messy, but yet held the shine that would make one run his hands on them and enjoy the feel of softness against their palm. His emerald eyes glared down at her angrily and something else. Was it hunger? It seemed like though, she wasn't sure.

"You" He spat, his eyes narrowed in a rather accusing way. "What a nerve you have to go around and ruin nap of mine"

She just looked at him wearing a blank expression which angered him more. She actually was so scared that her expression changed to a neutral one, this happens to her a lot of time but no one gets a hint about this so she uses this to her own advantage.

"Who are you, redhead?" She decided to question the redhead. She could not call him 'redhead' as much as she wanted to.

She was replied with a glare, a glare that could freeze one's blood in fear or just plain terror. She gulped inaudibly, trying to find her voice which stuck in her throat the moment he glared at her.

Clearing her throat, she decided to answer him, "What's with that look? I couldn't call you 'redhead' forever, can I? Plus, I respect people with red hair, they are treated awkwardly and I wouldn't want that," recalling how her classmates teased and bullied her just because she was born with a hair color that was very unique. She was called 'monster' and was just not accepted by the people around her. The way they treated her as if she were a dirt, alone made her despise them and create a cold exterior in order to defend herself from such harm.

She was so much lost in her owns thoughts that she didn't notice him looming over her and had started checking her body out before his eyes fell on her chest. He didn't even pay attention to what she said.

"You'd make a great slave, you know that?" He said, smirking at her. His eyes were sparkling with a glint that resembled that of a predator about to feed on his prey. Before she could ask what he meant, he had pinned her to the wall. His single hand was holding both of hers above her head, his face too close to her.

Imagine Yume's shock and horror when his hand traced all sides of her body- teasingly and seductively grazing her exposed skin. He rolled her jacket down to expose her neck before he leaned down to the joint of her shoulder blade and neck. He grinned as she shivered when his hot breath caressed the exposed skin. His other hand which was roaming around her body stopped just in front of her chest which was covered by the thin material of cloth from his view. Without a warning, he grabbed her breasts that were even larger than his own hand and started squeezing them very sensually. Her back arched instinctively, as she suppressed the moan that was threatening to bubble from her throat. God, help me...

She couldn't believe that she was not even doing anything to defend herself. Well, she tried pushing him but he had grabbed both of her hands and pinned them above her head. She wanted to scream for help but she wasn't able to for some unknown reason. She was flushing red, and her whole body felt hot. She wasn't able to endure it anymore when his hand suddenly groped her breast and played with it to his heart's content. She tried so hard to suppress her moan that was threatening to bubble up from her throat, her fists clenched. That moment she knew she had lost it.

"N-Ngh. Uh...," A moan was all that was needed to attract unwanted attention from other occupants of the mansion.

"This would be the one hell of night," He said, leaning close to her neck before opening his mouth wide, revealing his sharp fangs and closing the gap between him and her neck.

That was when her already not so perfect world started crumbling down at her.

• • •