Beauty is the beast

"Oi! Shut up! There are people who are trying to sleep, y'know?!,"

A loud breaking sound was heard that startled Yume who was previously busy glaring at the man who was drinking his tea as if none of the commotion was happening from the beginning. He was completely ignoring her along with his, she guessed, brothers.

She turned around, brown hair whipping her face softly as she did so. It was then that she regretted coming there. The glare that was directed at her with intense hate made her squirm in fear. She looked fearfully at the boy who looked about her age. His hair was silvery white which faded into pinkish tones at the tips. His pale face was partially covered by his silver hair that was parted to right. His beautiful crimson eyes, one of which was hidden behind the bangs were glaring daggers at her. All she wanted to do was hide from intense gaze, his glare was intimidating. Her sherbet eyes darted downwards down his outfit to avoid the glare. he had worn a black jacket with a black shirt underneath. He had worn black pants and had tied a black sweater around his waist. 'Wow... Talk about man in black,' Yume remarked mentally in amusement. To complete his look, He had worn a pendent which had a golden key around his neck.

"U-um... Who... Who are you?" Bad move. Another crash was heard followed by a yell.

"SHUT UP! I'M THE ON WHO WOULD BE QUESTIONING YOU, BITCH," He growled at her which she just stared back at him with no emotion well at least that was what she was trying to do. She masked all of her emotions in order to not make herself sound like a coward- that is looking as blank as possible.

"...Actually Subaru, it should be Little Bitch, that's sounds cute right?" Laito pointed out jokingly. Subaru however didn't even spare him a glare- either because Laito was not worth a glance or Subaru just simply ignored his very existence. Laito who noticed how he was being ignored just grimaced.

"Aren't you the one who is causing havoc here? And you are the one who interrupted yours truly!" Ayato who was pissed off by lack of attention on him said in irritation. He wasn't someone who likes to being ignored, he carved for attention unlike Subaru who would rather choose to be ignored.

"Calling yourself 'yours truly'! You're annoying- get that in that thick skull of yours," Subaru countered back with malice. As the two started bickering about who was more annoying, Laito chuckled and remarked about how Ayato and Subaru are so considerate about each other.

"It's so noisy here, isn't it teddy? It is hurting my ears," A voice spoke from her side. Startled, Yume turned sideways only to back away. Standing beside her was yet another boy who popped out of nowhere. His blank, lifeless eyes stared at the scene that was unfolding before him. He had purple hair and matching eyes that had darker undertones beneath them as if he hadn't slept for many days. What surprised her was that there was a teddy dressed in loli style in arms tucked securely. She would have teased him about how childish he was to still carry such things if it wasn't for that weird, creepy and almost twisted glint in his eyes.

"Don't you agree, Miss?" Suddenly turning away from the scene he asked her. He eyed her up and down before his eyes, for a moment, settled on her neck. His eyes were lifeless and blank that unnerved her the most. His grip on the teddy bear in his arms tightened for a moment for when his gaze fell on her neck before relaxing.

"I...I guess so... Bu-." Yume who had tightened her grip on her arm uneasily, said but before she could tell her opinion about how it was not really painful- she stopped when his gaze on her hardened dangerously. That alone made her shut up and she gulped before continuing.

"Yes... You are...right," she nodded in agreement uncertainly.

Kanato who was observing her grimaced before he burst into hoard of laughter all of sudden. Yume jumped a little in surprise and moved away from him a little. Ceasing his laughter, Kanato smiled at her.

"That adorable look contorted in fear, looking so desperate to get away. Trying to mask away your emotions, you are so easy to read,"

A sweat dripped down her back as she backed away from kanato who took a step towards her.

"Have you realized just how sweet her blood smells even from the distance, teddy?" He 'asked' teddy although his gaze on her didn't wavered even for a moment. As if Teddy answered him, he smiled.

"Then we shall share her, isn't that right?"

He cornered her, and just when he was about to pull her to him, he was cut off by a voice.

"Oi! Kanato, Back off! She is my prey! Yours truly found her first," Ayato pushed Kanato away from Yume who was busy calculating what just happened. Prey... He called her his prey. Kanato, she had noticed how his gaze was lingered on her neck. Blood, he said. whatever they meant by that, it can't be any good- at least not good for her. She was getting a bad feeling about them, something threatening.

"Kanato-kun, I'm hurt, shouldn't you share things with your elder brother? I wouldn't mind sharing her with all of you, y'know," Laito pointed out lightheartedly. His bright green eyes gleaming with amusement as his gaze shifted from kanato to Yume.

"Enough with your games," Reiji finally said after finishing his tea which she was afraid, a little, might last long forever. He places his empty teacup in the plate before looking up at her with his light red eyes that was gleaming with nothing but indifference.

"How long are you going just stand there gaping like an idiot? I don't have whole day, Have a seat," Reiji said as he held his palm out as in to motion her tp take a seat on the couch. It was like he was not asking her but commanding her. It somehow held a warning tone that practically screamed at her that she'd be punished if she doesn't do as he asked.

In a beat, she had placed herself comfortably on the soft couch. She didn't want to anger or annoy him any longer. He sounded like a person to be taken seriously, as much as she was irritated by his attitude she didn't have a choice.

"I...I am Yume, Yume komori. I was asked to live here... I think," Yume said uneasily. On her left was Laito who continued fiddling her hair with a grin on his face upon noticing her uneasiness. On her right, behind the couch standing there was kanato who gazed down at her, clutching his teddy tightly in his arms.

"I see, but we weren't informe-,"
"He...called yesterday," A voice piped in. Everyone turned to look at the person, well almost everyone. There on other side of the room sat a couch on which lay a new figure. Yume gazed curiously at the boy. His hair was slightly curly and was blonde. She was unable to see the color of his eyes since his eyes were closed but even though he, she noted, was very handsome- In fact he had to be most handsome person she had ever met in her life as far as she can remember. She could almost feel her cheeks reddening. He also had worn black studs. Wrapped around his neck attached with a wire was a MP3 player and headphones on his ears to complete his laid back and carefree look.

"Heh, A new sacrificial bride she is then?" Laito asked, looking at Yume who frowned. What did they mean by sacrificial bride? Who was 'he'? How the people pop out of nowhere? And several other questions were dominating her mind then. She had suspected they are weird and almost...inhuman -she glanced at Subaru who had his eyes closed- but this code language was confirming her thoughts.

"...probably," was blonde head's reply.

"Probably?! You are good for nothing after all, heis too blind to give you such important information," Reiji criticized, feigning disappointment. The person in question however just smirked slightly when he noticed irritation laced in his tone.

Frustrated, Reiji wanted to break the neck of his neck but ended up clenching his gloved fist. His glared hardened as he caught the smirk on his face.

"Hm... I'm sorry but I think I've come to a wrong place, I wasn't informed about anything you are talking about, if you'll excuse me...," Yume spoke up ending the one-sided glaring competition between them.

"No, If it wasn't for someone,this confusion wouldn't have been a problem to begin with," Reiji responded back to Yume who was slowly making her way to door. She stopped on her tracks when a pair of hands grabbed each side of her shoulder and a voice cooed behind her, their hot breath sending shivers down her spine.

"Yes, little bitch, You are just where you belong. Trust me, you are going to have time of your life with me," A voice that she was somewhat familiar with belonged to none other than fedora hatted boy that she had met just an hour or two before. Laito...

'Creeper alert' warning bells rang loudly on Yume's mind as laito's hands caressed her shoulder smoothly before moving down her arms to her waist.

Instinctively, Yume tried to elbow him in gut but this time laito had seen that coming and locked her hands behind her, trapping her.

"Now now, You don't need to be shy... I promise to be gentle, or least I'd try not be too harsh with you, but promises are meant to be broken aren't they?" Yume felt Laito's hot breath fanning close to her neck that sent shivers down to her spine.

"Teddy also wants to have a taste of her, so do I," Kanato complained, holding his teddy close to his chest. His purple eyes bored down on yume's sherbet ones.

" are c-crazy! taste? You sound like you are some sort of vampire," Yume stepped back; she laughed at the part as if the thought was almost funny. Vampires, they are myths and not real, or least that's what she thinks.

"Who said we aren't? You humans really think materialistic things like holy water and such would affect us in any way," Ayato snorted, he added the second part when Yume rushed to hold her cross in front of her just in case.

'Wait, then all that is nothing but a lie, these stupid things never affected vampires, did they!? I should have known, darn it' She thought grimly, cursing herself for being stupid enough to come to this place. She should have known better than to leave church. No, it was all father's doing- he should have been here instead of her.

" about we first introduce you to everyone," Reiji spoke up; he adjusted his glasses and turned to her. "Over there, is Shu- the head of the household though that apathetic mess doesn't deserve that title," Reiji pointed at blonde haired male who was lying on the couch without a care.

Yume just stared at him then at shu in shock, she thought it was reiji who was the head since he acted like one- full of himself and sophisticated one. But shu... She never guessed. He looked more of a pampered youngest one.

"They are triplets- Laito, Kanato and Ayato. Laito is the oldest of the three and Ayato the youngest,"

"I wouldn't let anyone interrupt us next time," Ayato smirked at her, by interruption he meant the first meeting of the two when Reiji interrupted Ayato from crossing the limit. Yume glared at him before rolling her eyes at him.

"Teddy and I can't wait to play with you," Kanato said with a smile on his face, not a good smile but a hungry one.

"Bitch-chan, you can come to me whenever you feel lonely, I'll make sure you'll feel loved," Although Laito sounded friendly, there was hidden meaning behind what he said. She had a quite a fair idea what was going on in his mind, the very thought made her shudder in fear.

"And lastly, the youngest brother- Subaru," he motioned his hands at Subaru who looked away from Time when she looked at him. He looked like he'd kill her any moment; he didn't look pleased with her.

"Whatever, just tell her if she tries to escape, she'd be dead,"

'Dead, he says,' Yume thought grimly. For some reason she was getting a feeling that she was going to get along with him the most. At least he wouldn't harass her, she decided to just stick to him- never mind how cold and threatening he looked.

"Also... That man mentioned not to kill her," Shu informed his brothers without looking at them.

"Not kill her, he says. Hm... It looks like we're going to have long relationship together," Laito mused for a moment before he cooed at her slyly. Yume shivered at the thought of having to bear with him for days, let alone months.

"If you haven't noticed, she belongs to yours truly, I saw her first so obviously her body and blood, everything belongs to only me," Ayato announced, smirking at her. Laito frowned for a moment before wearing a smile. Kanato glared at his brother who was as cocky as ever. Shu, as apathetic as he seemed, just ignored him entirely, Subaru did the same with a eye roll.

"Well, I wouldn't mind sharing her with you," Laito suggested, his green eyes never leaving hers. It was true; He wouldn't have minded if he were to share her with his brothers, unlike Ayato he wasn't possessive.

"I-I think there is some mistake here, I don't think I was sent here for bridal thing nor do I wish to be one," Yume said, backing away to the door. "I... I shall be taking my leave now," the moment her back touched the hard surface of the door, she didn't hesitate to turn her back to them and run away.

"Tsk, that women has no brain whatsoever, Didn't I just said running away would take her nowhere," Subaru snorted as he watched Yume's running form before the door closed, cutting off his view.

"Well, I couldn't blame her, she can try but she can never escape from her fate," Reiji pushed his glasses up as he sat on the couch.

"Come on, playing tag wouldn't be that awful, I'm sure I'm going to have my way in the game with her," Laito chuckled, fixing his fedora before disappearing from the room with his siblings.

It didn't take long before a ear piercing scream was heard in the mansion, followed by screeching of bats that were startled by high pitch sound.


Footsteps echoed around the hall as they descended down the narrow staircase. There was no source of light around so it was dark around. The lantern that one of them holding was only thing that helped them to see what was around. The eerie atmosphere thickened as they moved down. It was almost suffocating.

Just as they reached down, the heavy atmosphere around was more obvious than ever before. Right in front of them was a large door with dried vines over it. How in the world vegetation grown in such dry place was a mystery itself.

"Open it," One of the soldiers ordered the guard who held out his hand to stop them from going any further.

"I'm afraid I can't, Mistress has especially asked me to not let anyone enter until she finishes her business," The guard refused sternly.

"We have a message for her from Master, I don't think a mere guard like you are in any position to refuse to follow master's orders," A male stepped forward, his gold eyes suddenly turned red that flashed dangerously as if daring the guard to talk back. The guard just looked fearfully back at him when he realized who it was. The man was dressed like a butler, well not entirely like a butler but nonetheless looked similar to that of a butler outfit. His long light purple hair was tied lowly into loose braids. He looked like man in his late twenties.

"S-Sir Sebastian, um... I hadn't had a clue, You may go in but it would be better if one of you go in, the sight is not really going to be pretty," The guard fearfully bowed down before Sebastian who nodded back at him.

"Very well, I shall be going in then," Sebastian said, motioning other soldiers who had accompanied him to go back. They took the note and bowed down in respect before they left.

"As you wish," The guard opened the large door revealing never ending rows of chambers. It was a dungeon, the smell and look just gave away everything. The place was awfully dark, the light outside was all that give him a rough view of what was inside.

"Will o' the wisps will lead you to her," The guard bowed again before closing the door behind him, leaving Sebastian alone.

"Will o' the wisps? Tsk, the ones she trained... They couldn't be any good this time either…," Sebastian mumbled with irritation, he ran his hands over his forehead to side the strands of his bangs that were falling over his eyes. He had been in the dungeon many times before, but he never get used to the blinding darkness...and walking dead.

It was very dark in the dungeon, the dead and eerie atmosphere was just an understatement, the whole dungeon smelled like decayed corpse and as if something died behind the doors of the chambers. Something that even after dying was moving. The rotten smell become thicker and suffocating that his senses kicked in, in the dark he almost wasn't able to make out the sudden movement behind him, almost. With one swift movement, he took out his dagger and sharply cut off the decayed hand that reached out for him. The hand, even after taken apart from the body was still moving vigorously before it finally comes to a halt.

"That was a close call, how in the world that woman manages to stay here for hours?" Sebastian wondered out loud with disgusted tone. It didn't take long before a light glowed out of nowhere, right above his head. He didn't need to look up to know that it was a will o' the wisp.

"Well, about a time you decided to show up, I don't have time- take me to her, Master sent me here to give her a message... And I'm sure she will be pleased," He crossed his arms over his chest as he looked at the will o' the wisp impatiently. He wanted to get out of this place as soon as he could. The noises of those...walking dead was not something one would love to hear. (The sound of dead you must have heard in kanato's song- grateful dead march)

The will o' the wisp shone brighter and let out a high pitched giggle as if it was amused by him and was laughing at his distress. Sebastian just glared at it before following it as it leads him to his master.

"And... If you tried anything funny like you did last time, I wouldn't hesitate to exorcise you," Sebastian warned as it leads him to who-knows-where. The death smell in the air and creaking sounds inside the chambers on his both sides were making him painfully aware about how dangerously close he was to lost souls. One grab and you'll be done; they are desperate to eat you up.

Not long after they were right in front of another door, Sebastian just stared at the door with blank face. He could hear voices of dead corpses, not one or two but multiple lifeless pleas. Then all of a sudden it was silent. Deadly silence hung in the air that made him uneasy, just a bit.

The will o' the wisp had left with a malicious giggle. He was left all alone. He let out a sigh, knowing very well that what was going on the other side of the door. Without a warning, he opened the door only to be greeted with a flash of white light followed by a slashing sound of sword.

"Are you done letting out your wrath on poor souls?" He asked, raising an eyebrow at the scene before him. He had to squint his eyes a little to get adjusted to the darkness in the room.

The room that was supposedly white was painted in some dark color. There was no source of light in the room but thanks to his inhuman senses he was able to make out what was inside the room. The color was dark, almost black but he was able to tell that it was not any color but color of blood itself. How did he know? The smell of rusty iron and familiar sound of dripping of thick liquid was enough to conclude that it was blood. The crimson fluid was splattered all over the walls, not a single area was left uncolored with blood on it. He was able to make out multiple pair of chains lay on the wall, with hammered metal shackles on the floor. In the air hung a scent of death and suffering. The room was strangely cold and deadly silent, he almost was able to still hear those ear piercing shrieks of lost souls who now were nowhere to be seen as a whole but only as a blood, and not a single body part was left in full form. The sight was cringing even to a heartless bastard like himself even if it was dark inside and he didn't really know how much of disgusting and horrible sight it was. He was kind of thankful that will o the wisp had not decided to company him longer, the bright light it emitted would have gave him a perfect view of the horror look of the room that he didn't particularly wanted to see.

"Why? It was just a mere kindness that I showed to those lost ones, they aren't called lost souls for nothing. Now they are not lost anymore, plus they don't have to suffer anymore," A feminine voice said back. He looked over at the person he was looking for all this time. The voice was very soft and sweet, as if the person was very kind hearted and delicate. But like they say, appearances can be deceptive. The voice belonged to a girl who stood at the centre of the room, her back was facing him.

"You don't sound so happy either, Sebastian... Maybe it is you who is in need to let out your frustration a bit. You wouldn't come down here for nothing," She continued, still not facing him. Her voice echoing in the silent room, there was emptiness in her voice that sounded very obvious to him. In the dark, her hair looked silvery white that gently flowed down her hips. Some strands of her hair were comparatively darker in shade, almost black so he just assumed it was blood as well. Her left hand was clutching a sword that was smeared in blood that dripped down to the floor, making it obvious that she was the one to slay the lost souls. The more his eyes adjusted to the darkness, the more he was able to tell the colors. Most remarkable about her was her white (which looked like grey in the dark) dress that had no stain of blood on it. It was still as white as ever that almost looked like it was glowing in darkness of the room. Her choice of color contradicted her true nature which was far from what one call pure and angelic that represents the color white.

"I can see how kind you are, Anyway Master has a message for you," Sebastian ignored her remark and informed her why he came in search of her. He noticed how she stiffened when he said Master.

"M-Master... I see, what did he say?" There was slight curiosity in her tone when she said the last part. She raised her sword and wiped the blade that was smeared in blood with her hand. The blood gently flowed down her wrist to her elbow before dripping down to floor. She was being careful not to smear the blood on her dress just yet.

Sebastian's gold eyes glowed red as he watched her carefully as she caressed the blade softly. Now he was able to tell that she was not exactly standing but hovering above the bloodied floor, the back of her dress was just inches away from touching the floor. The slight sway of her body just gave everything away.

"The sacrifice has arrived, the full moon...It is just in 12 days, you know what to do then, those pure bloods will be weaker, You can get started with your first move, and don't fall,"

Without a word she landed gracefully, the whiteness of dress was in a second tainted with blood that was on the ground. She didn't mind, In fact she raised the edges of her dress like a princess would and turned around to face the man who had worn a blank face. He could picture her wearing a small smile on her face. She was the one looking forward the most for this day. Her slivery white locks whipped her sides as she did so. Her slightly long bangs were parted sideways which gave a nice view of her light glistening eyes. Her longer wavy bangs were framing her face, some strands of her long hair were comparatively shorter that were gently falling over her shoulders. Front part of her dress was short that ended just above her knees. The slight light that entered the room didn't reveal her whole form but enough to give a rough view of her dress. The dress was plain with little to no design at all, except for a white sash on her waist that had a black bow with a red ruby which gleamed in the dark. (A/n: I'm not good with outfit description, I hope you have clear idea about I'm trying to convey)

"I see, I thought so... The aura... It is changed, I... I can hear her soft callings... She is in pain… Or was it pleasure, I hate it... I hate that whatever she is feeling isn't because of me, she is only mine...only I can give her pain that she deserves, I'll be the one to kill her, W-Why couldn't you understand that they couldn't take what belongs to me?!" She started coldly before her tone suddenly become pleading and high pitched, as if the person before and now was two different people. Without a warning, she suddenly lunged at him with her sword facing him; she was too quick that he almost didn't manage to take his stance either, almost. Then she stopped on her tracks. She looked shocked, her eyes widening before she realized what had happened. She lowered her sword, sighing, she backed away from him.

"She acted out again, didn't she? That girl... She is so troublesome, forgive her... That pitiful soul... She was just claiming what belonged to her, And about the bride... I'll do what Master want, and I know very well what I'm expected to do, after all it is also what I desire," She said with a pitiful tone. He wasn't able to see her expression since her bangs was covering her face but he managed to make out, just slightly, a smile. It wasn't any good sort of smile - not that he expected any coming from her, she was not as innocent as she appears to look- but one full of hatred and malice.

Sebastian, who had put on a defensive stance when she tried to attack him, lowered his dagger as well. His eyes calculating and doubtful whether or not believe her. He had heard about her... Problems, but since he wasn't particularly fond of her never bothered to talk to her about it. Not that there were many people who was taking any sort of interest in her. She never was one of them after all.

"Those pure bloods, like a submissive puppet on a string, will fall into my trap as well- a bloody trap that would lead them into a inevitable fate," She said softly, closing her eyes as if she was foreseeing their future before opening her eyes revealing glowing green orbs that were glistening with malicious and murderous intent in the dark. They looked more threatening and haunting in the darkness.

"And if they become a hurdle, I would just eliminate them from the game... just like her, I'll be the game master after all... And this game is all about kill or be killed,"



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