Summary: After Dumbledore left Harry at the Dursley's for "The Greater Good" Harry wished he could have a family and live a life away from the Dursley's. In response, his magic sends him aboard the BT-7 Thunderclap, to be raised by Havoc Squad and become the 6th (AN: not sure if C2-N2 counts) member of Havoc Squad. Harry was sure he could finally have the life he desired, but instead, the Tri-Wizard Tournament says other things. !Slytherin Harry, !Grey Harry, !Powerful Harry, !Dumbledore Bashing, !Weasley Bashing, MOST PAIRINGS UNDECIDED, first story, reviews and criticism welcome! (please be nice D:). Rated T for violence and language, WARNING! mentions of child abuse, if you do not like child abuse you may either skip, or stop reading, I won't Stop you! Takes place in the SWTOR time period, before RotHC (Rise of the Hutt Cartel). Some or most of this story will NOT be canon. WARNING SWTOR SPOILERS, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! OC/Elara Dorne

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Chapter 1: Prolouge

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(Warning Mentions of Child Abuse starts here!)

(Harry's POV)

Inside the cupboard of the house of Number 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging was a young battered and bruised 7 year old boy with shaggy jet black hair with emerald green eyes and a small but noticable lighting bolt shaped scar, the only thing left to remember his parents by. This boy had the body of a 4 year old due to malnutrition thanks to his so called "Aunt and Uncle". His name is Harry James Potter, more commonly known as "Boy" or "Freak" from his whale of an uncle Vernon Dursley, and his horse faced aunt Petunia Dursley when under the roof of this house.

Young Harry was inside his cupboard trying to recall the events that led him to where he is now, nursing a broken right arm. 'I didn't mean to turn Dudley's chair invisable, it was an accident!' Harry thought, he was only cleaning the dishes when Dudley, his whale of a cousin came in and shoved him aside, not only forcing harry to drop the dish he was cleaning, but also make dudley's chair disappear just as he was sitting down. because of the broken dish and the missing chair, Vernon Dursley, added an extra ten lashes and broke Harry's arm when forcing him back into his cupboard.

Harry thought he would be able to rest that night but fate had other ideas, because Harry began to hear the thunderous footsteps of his uncle making his way towards the cupboard, no doubt to give Harry another set of beatings. Harry began to panic, he had no idea what he did wrong this time and backed as far away from the door as possible and began yelling in his mind 'I WISH I HAD A FAMILY TO PROTECT ME!'. Because of this thought, Harry's magic was more than happy to oblige and before Harry could realise what happend, he was suddenly gone with an audible 'POP' and sent to who knows where, leaving a completly baffled and enraged Verson Dursley behind.

(Child Abuse ends here!)

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(Dumbledore POV)

At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry inside the headmaster's office Dumbledore was busy sucking on a Lemon Drop, while going over his perfect plan in his head. Dumbledore knew the Dursleys would abuse Harry, and knew Harry would be seeking guidance when he arrived at Hogwarts, making him the perfect target to manipulate and the perfect weapon against the dark. Dumbledore also knew about the horcrux in Harry's head, and knew he would have to die when facing Voldemort. When Harry dies, he will take over and defeat Voldemort, and become a hero, while taking the Potter fortune and handing it over to the Weasley family, Harry won't be needing it anyway considering the path Dumbledore set for him.

The only one who is out right pissed off with Dumbledore at the moment is his "loyal" Phoenix Faux who was glaring Daggers at the senile old man, disgusted about what he's planning to do to the young man, and wishing that he could tear him apart where he stands if it wasn't for this stupid familiar bond. Dumbledore decided to ignore his phoenix so he could focus on his plan, and began recounting it. First when Harry arrives at Kings Cross Station, Molly Weasly will "accidentally" forget the platform number and help show Harry how to get onto the platform. Next Ron Weasley would board the train and befriend young Harry, and persuade him that Slytherin was a house of darkness, and that Gryffindor was the house of the light. Only then will he begin to manipulate the boy, and prepare him for whats to come into the future.

However Dumbledore's thoughts were interupted when his monitoring charms began blaring and suddenly detonated, sending debris everywhere across the room! When Faux saw this he began trilling in what could be assumed to be laughter, with a look that said "Serves you right!" Dumbledore was now pale realizing that his plans were being jeopardized, and immedialty floo'd to Hogsmeade village, raced to the egde of the village and apparated to Privet Drive. Upon arrival, he blasted open the Dursley's front door, stunned them and checked what could be assumed to be Harry's room, only to find him missing, leaving one question in his head 'WHERE IS HE!?'.

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(BT-7 Thunderclap The Liberator , en route to Republic Fleet via hyperspace, 0900 hours, local time)


In the far reaches of space, a lone ship was traveling through hyperspace making its way towards it's plotted destination, inside was an armored figure behind the controls navigating the ship. On the figures shoulder appeared to be what looked like an arrow diagnolly pointing up (AN: If I suck at describing, I'm sorry). This is the symbol of the Republic trooper, and this was no ordinary tropper, this was Major Nabent Forge, The Hero of Havoc, and leader of Havoc Squad.

Major Nabent Forge, (AN: Character description in the end) proud leader of Infantry Unit 326, more commonly known as Havoc Squad was piloting his ship The Liberator towards the Republic fleet for some well deserved R&R. The squad had just completed their mission in defeating General Rakton on planet Corellia, earning a major victory for the Republic in it's war against the Sith Empire. Havoc Squad has been through alot in recent years, first the betrayal of Harron Tavus, most of Havoc Squads former members, along with countless Republic Soldiers, the prototype superweapon codenamed Gauntlet being developed by Rakton, and finally the all out manhunt searching for Rakton. If it wasn't for Havoc Squad, the Republic would most likly be bowing down to the sith by now.

His thoughts were interrupted when his ship suddenly changed course and exited hyperspace to reveal an unknown planet. Seeing that this was strange he immediatly pulled up the star map and had a look of surprise on his face. Havoc Squad was now in unknown territory, in only the force knows where! Deciding he might as well figure out where the squad ended up, he called the teams technician Yuun "Major Nabent, what can i do for you sir?". "Yuun, run a scan on the planet in front of us, see if there are any settlements, or cities on the planet." Nabent ordered the young Gand (AN: at least I THINK he's young). Yuun was silent for a few moments before he responded back "Nothing but human Civilizations on most of the plant, population 5.279 billion, I'm also picking up strange energy readings on certain parts of every land mass..." Nabent was intrigued by this, and asked "What kind of energy readings?". "I don't know sir, but its extraordinary, I think-" Yuun never got to finish his sentence as the ships alarms went off revealing an intruder aboard the ship. "Wheres that coming from?" Nabent ordered. "Ships cargo bay, I think we have a hitch-hiker!" Nabent then grabbed his blaster pistol, set it for stun and went straight for the ships cargo bay, ready to see who had the idea of sneaking aboard a republic military vessel.

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(Harry POV)

Harry was scared, the second he wished for a family, he was SOMEHOW sent to wherever he is now. He took a moment to get a better view of his surroundings, it appears to be some kind of garage or warehouse, because he saw crates stacked neatly in the room and pipes overhead, but before Harry could even move, a loud alarm went off scaring him instantly, he then heard a set of footsteps running towards the room he was in and immediatly began to panic, he then spotted a small crate in the room and hid inside of it hoping that whoever was coming would not hurt him.

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(signs of child abuse return)

(Nabent POV)

Before making his way to the cargo bay hatch, he got the teams sniper Aric Jorgan (Cathar), and the teams medic (and girlfriend) Elara Dorne. "What are we dealing with sir?" Jorgan asked, wondering what could have set the alarms in the ship off. "Got something roaming around in the cargo bay, most likly someone hoping for a free ride to the outer rim. Set your blasters to stun, I don't think whoevers in their is willing to come quietly.

The two of them complied by pulling out their blaster pistols and setting them to stun, before Nabent opened the door and cautiously moved inside. Everything seemed to be in place and was about to consider it as a false alarm and a possible technical error, until he heard a sneeze in the far corner, he then spotted the open crate and made his way towards it, blaster at the ready. What he saw next shocked him greatly, inside the crate was a young boy battered and bruised boy in clothes way too big for him, Nabent also noticed that he was malnourished badly, and saw that his arm was bent at an unnatural angle signifying that it was indeed broken. He then realized that the boy was cowering in fear, as if thinking he was going to be hurt, Nabent then placed his blaster on the floor and gently placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. The boy flinched at the physical contact, but after realizing he was not getting hurt, the looked at the soldier directly, as if in awe at the armored figure, Nabent noticed the beutiful set of emerald green eyes staring at him, making him think one thing 'Who in the hell would abuse this innocent child!?'.

Nabent then decided that it was best to patch up the child as best as they can, and turned on his radio. "Elara, head to the medical bay and warm up the kolto tank! we have a child aboard the ship in desperate need of medical assisstance!" Elara responded a second later "Repeat that sir? Did you say a child is aboard?" Nabent then replied "Yes, I did, double time it to the med bay!" Elara didn't need to be told again as she sprinted out of the cargo bay towards the med bay. Nabent then decided to carefully pick the child up, who tried to break free of his grasp "Hey hey, its ok, I promise i won't hurt you, I'm just going to take you to the med bay to fix your injuries. Ok?" Nabent said in a gentle tone. "Y- You won't?" the boy responded obviously shaked at the sudden kindness. "I won't, now lets get you patched up.".

(Child abuse ends)

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(Harry POV)

Harry was utterly confused and a bit happy at the same time 'had my wish come true, are these people going to be my family?' was all he could think of at the moment, trying to process all that had happend to him the second he got to... wherever he was now.

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Character Desc (if you play swtor, go to create character, and put these customizations in):

Race: Cyborg, body type: 2, head: 3, scar: 9, complexion: 19, eye color: 2, cybernetics: 5, hair: 12, hair color: 4, skin color 9