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"Normal Talk"



"Alien Language"

"Radio Chatter"


A few days after Harrison became a Vanguard, he was immediately tested in the simulators to go up against a team of twelve Sith soldiers, with only a squad of eight Republic Troopers, all of the holographic simulation droids, were armed with blasters that could only stun their targets. Harrison passed his test against the soldiers with flying colors, and his squad only suffered one casualty, something that Harrison would later improve so he could try and get everyone home. Havoc squad was about to get more then they bargained for when they were receiving an alert from one of the probe droids stationed in Great Britain.

(very slight spoiler)

Nabent was in the ships cockpit trying to think of a way to bring this information back to the Republic, but then began thinking of what could happen if the Empire found this planet as well. He knew the Empire could possibly have spies hiding within the chain of command, heaven forbid the infamous Cypher-9 (The Imperial Agent), the Empires most notorious and cunning spy, and one of the Republic's deadliest enemies. No matter how many times the Republic was close to arresting Cypher-9, he still somehow managed to get away, and back to the safety of Imperial Space. Nabent began growling in frustration as it became harder for him to think of a way to tell the Republic about Earth, and the magic users, and how the hell he'll explain to his superiors on why he was MIA for the last seven years.

(end spoiler)

Nabent's thoughts were interrupted when he heard an alarm go off. He checked it and found out that one of the probe droids he sent to England was picking up trouble in a heavily warded area.

Curious as to what was happening in this area, he ordered the probe to investigate.

When the probe managed to get through the wards and revealed a sight that almost made Nabent jump out of his chair.

It was a large field filled with thousands of tents, a large stadium and a large forest could be seen off in the distances, but that wasn't what got Nabent's attention. What got his attention was that most of the tents were on fire, and there were witches and wizards running towards the forest, being closely pursued by a band of wizards in jet black robes, with pointed hats, and skull masks covering their faces. Nabent had seen those outfits before in one of the books he had a probe scan in London, they were Death Eaters.

Nabent punched the alarm button and keyed the ships intercom "Havoc Squad! Gear up and head to debrief on the double! This is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill! C2-N2, take the ship's controls and set a course for England! Now!"

Nabent immediately headed straight to the armory, equipped his armor, and heavy repeater, and headed for debrief to tell his squad whats wrong.


(BT-7 Thunderclap, The Liberator)

(Harrison POV)

Harrison was busy sparring with Yuun until he heard the alarm go off and hear his father give the crew orders to gear up. Harrison knew something must have happened and didn't question orders as he equipped his armor and rifle and headed straight to debrief.

Nabent entered a few minutes later and activated a holo showing the burning field.

"Havoc Squad, probe droids have picked up Death Eaters attacking what looked like a wizard sporting event... Quiditch if I remember correctly." Nabent said.

"Come again sir? Did you say 'Death Eaters'? As in Lord Voldemort's followers?" Harrison asked.

"That is correct Harrison, we have a confirmed visual that Death Eaters are indeed involved. Civilians seem to be moving towards the forest, that might be their evac zone, we're to move in, and help escort any civilians we find." Nabent said.

"Anything we should know sir?" Elara asked.

"As far as we know, the people don't know anything about us or know that aliens exist, I recommend that most of us keep our helmets on and our identities hidden until further notice, and try to show the people we mean them no harm. Deadly force has been authorized but WATCH your fire!" Nabent said before C2-N2 spoke up via intercom.

"Master, we are approaching the Area of Operation, I recommend that you and the rest of your company make your way towards the ships boarding hatch."

"That will be all Havoc Squad. Dismissed!" Nabent concluded with a crisp salute, which everyone proudly returned. As they were making their way towards the ship's entrance, Nabent stopped Harrison.

"Harrison, are you sure your up for this task? This is your first mission after all, anything can happen." Nabent asked his adopted son in a concerned tone.

Harrison looked at Nabent without any trace of fear showing, though inside, he was a bit nervous "I'm positive I can handle myself on this mission dad, I was after all, trained by the best soldiers in the Republic" Harrison answered.

"Good to know, but still don't let arrogance control you, just because you were trained by us doesn't mean your a god. We're a team, trust eachother with your life" Nabent added, he was worried for his adopted son.

"I'll try to keep my cool sir, and I'll make sure I don't get myself killed" Harrison finished before meeting up with the rest of the team.

shortly after making his way towards the ship's hatch, the door opened revealing the burning field in front of Havoc Squad, several witches and wizards sprinting towards the forest, with their families in tow, while being closely pursued by a band of Death Eaters.

"Havoc Squad deploy!" Nabent yelled, and with that, six military grade rappel ropes were dropped to the ground. The team immediately grabbed onto a rope and began rappelling down, except for M1-4X who, having done it before, jumped off the boarding ramp and immediately landed on all three legs with a loud crash and a small crater appearing beneath him.

"Remember your objective! Rescue any civilians you find, and take out any Death Eaters you see! Good luck Havoc!" Nabent yelled before he, Elara and Yuun ran north where the biggest threat was, Jorgan and Tanno went west towards the large stadium, and M1-4X and Harrison went east, towards the forest.

Little did Harrison realize he was going to save someone that would forever change his life.


(Quidditch World Cup Forest)

(Fleur POV)

Fleur was scared, no terrified of what had just happened. Soon after Ireland had beaten Bulgaria in the Quidditch World Cup, a band of Death Eaters had begun attacking the stadium while everyone was celebrating. Normally she would have remained calm but during the chaos, she realized she left her wand in her family's tent, and was separated from her family thanks to several panicked witches and wizards shoving their way past her.

But that wasn't what had her scared. What did scare her was that four Death Eaters had seen her alone and were looking at her hungrily for a few seconds and before she had a chance to run, one of them conjured ropes around her arms, and legs preventing her from escaping.

Due to her fear, her allure was beginning to effect the Death Eaters, making the situation worse for her.

"Well boys, what d'you say we have a little fun with this one before we go?" one Death Eater said with a nasty predatory smile on his face. The others had the same grin and were nodding as well.

One stepped towards Fleur but before he could do anything, everyone heard what sounded like a loud crack and next thing the Death Eater knew, a firey orb hit the ground behind him and sent him flying past Fleur into a large bush.

What came next definitely left her wide eyed, a towering three legged machine stepped out of the woods and upon seeing the death eaters, it's head lowered slightly to make room for some sort of cannon, it's wrists had something similar but were smaller compared to the cannon on it's back. The machine began aiming at the Death Eaters, an eerie high pitched steady beep was heard, a nearby bush rustled next to before another individual stepped out.

The next individual to appeared to be wearing white armor with green shoulder pads, along with a white and green helmet with a T shaped visor, a knife was in a sheath tied to his chest, along with several small canisters attached to the individuals belt. The individual looked to be male, but due to the helmet, there was no way for Fleur to tell how old the individual was. The man was holding what appears to be some sort of muggle firearm with a scope (AN: I don't know if Fleur knows what guns are! Correct me if I'm wrong!), he also had some sort of large rucksack with an antenna on his back.

Fleur then heard his voice and surprised her that the armored person sounded like a young teenager with a gruff militaristic voice.

"You Death Eaters have exactly five seconds to drop those wands, and step away from the girl befo-" He didn't get to finish his sentence because a Death Eater interrupted him.

"AVADA KED-" said Death Eater didn't finish saying that unforgivable curse as the giant machine unleashed a salvo of orange and green orbs (don't know if this is the best or worst description of blaster bolts in a wizards pov) and hit the D.E. in several areas before he collapsed onto his back and died.

The rest of the Death Eaters began firing curses at the duo, the armored man began firing green orbs from his firearm, while the machine began launching explosives towards the farthest Death Eaters.

three out of the five Death Eaters were dead, one was badly wounded, and bleeding out, and the last one was unconscious in a bush, his legs singed from the explosion he took earlier.

The armored figure began walking towards her and put away his firearm, and pulled out his knife. Fleur was scared of what he was about to do and closed her eyes waiting for the inevitable, only to feel her arms and legs being freed.

"Ma'am, are you alright?" the young man asked.

Fleur looked at him for a few minutes before responding "Oui.. I am fine... may I ask who you are?"

The young man looked at the towering machine for a minute, only to see it nod, before the man returned her attention to her. "Forge, Harrison Forge, the towering machine next to me is M1-4X. Whats yours?" he asked as he was helping Fleur up. "Fleur Delacour" Fleur said to the young man now identified as Harrison.

Harrison then pulled out his firearm again "It's not safe here, we need to-" Once again Harrison was interrupted but not by a Death Eater, but by a new voice

"FLEUR! WHERE ARE YOU!" a voice of what sounded like a middle aged man yelled. One voice Fleur knew.

"PAPA!" Fleur yelled before sprinting towards the source of her fathers yells, with Harrison and the machine named M1-4X in tow, constantly checking their surroundings as if they are expecting another attack.

The Trio made it to a small clearing where they spotted Fleur's father along with a group of Aurors behind him, and an older woman who looked like an older version of Fleur, and a young girl that looked like a younger version of her. The second Fleur's father sees her, his face turns into relief, only to be replaced by surprise and a slight amount of fear upon seeing both Harrison and M1-4X.

"Fleur! What 'append?! Are you alright?! And who are those two?!" Fleur's father began bombarding her with questions about her health and about the two people accompanying her.

"Papa, I am fine, but ze Death Eaters almost had me, and if it weren't for these two, I wouldn't be 'ere now!" Fleur said

Fleur's father immediately grabbed Harrison's hand was was shaking it furiously thanking him several times for saving his daughter from a fate worse then death. After what sounded like two hundred thank yous, Harrison and M1-4X gave the man a crisp muggle salute, something that half of the auror's didn't really understand, but shrugged it off.

"Only doing my duty to protect the innocent from danger." Harrison said in a militaristic tone.

Fleur's Father was about to reply when a curse struck Harrison in the back, causing his vision to begin fading.

The last thing Harrison saw before he began blacking out was Fleur looking at him with a look of horror on her face, and M1-4X charging past Harrison towards the source of the curse, several voices ringing out at as well.


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