My brother growls threateningly when the tall, red and blue autobot attempts to move closer towards us. My spark scanner indicates that the two mechs we left behind just a few moments ago are rapidly approaching our location. I skirt around Bluestreak and Smokescreen, my brother had instantly alerted me of his name, to face the direction Mirage and Jazz- thats his name? I did not know that... Heh- were last seen.

Soon enough they rounded the corner with their weapons held before them. I ignored the seemingly civilised conversation my twin was included in with the three Autobots behind me and ahead of him. I retracted my claws, and the spike on the end of my tail sprung outwards to form multiple needle type things that could easily slice through any type of armour, and amputate a limb in a matter of moments. I dropped into a defensive crouch and narrowed my optics at the two as they lowered their weapons, most probably orders from their leader considering the fact Jazz's visor and Mirage's optics dimmed momentarily.

Prowls thoughts that were intwined with my own rose in intensity and I could understand his emotions much more effectively than before. He had finally removed the mental barrier that prevented us full connection over our bond, we no longer needed to form words to send to each other, now our thoughts are projected to each other the moment we think them. It seems my excitement and happiness was contagious as I felt Prowl mirror the exact emotions. I snapped out of the stupor I had fallen into, and was quick to smoothen out my facial features of any emotion that had almost slipped out of my stoic mask. I noticed that both groups had used our dazed state to their advantage and had advanced slightly closer to our position than before.

"Well, that was a bit rude" my brother muttered so quietly that only us, a small group of Praxans, heard him.

"What was?"Smokescreen questioned in the same tone of voice.

"They slightly moved closer to us" I whispered as an answer. Bluestreak glanced at me instead of the mangled ground of different types of metal.

"They did?" The young Praxan asked in a small voice, I gave him a tiny smile of reassurance before gesturing towards myself and Prowl, "We won't allow them to harm you"

Both Praxan's nodded slightly in thanks before we all of us everted our attention back to the Autobots.

"What do you want?" I questioned over the distant echoes of pain and fear.

"To talk" the baritone voice of presumably the leader answers smoothly.

"Then why did you inch ever so closely to us when we were distracted as if we are a threat" I spoke not as a question, but as a statement that only asked of their intentions. They all seemed slightly shocked at us noticing their discreet movements.

"Because you may be emotional and mentally unstable which puts everybot in danger" The red and white medic gruffly spoke up eventually, and I have to agree, Prowl snorted almost unnoticeably behind me so I nudged him slightly with my wing and pede.


Okay, thats when they all became shocked.

"Agreed? Ya'll are probably the most civilised civilians weh've evah encountered before" The short black and white Autobot announced, the small group of his faction nodded their helms slightly, almost unnoticeably, in agreement.

"That slightly counters the logic behind the word" Prowl quipped with his monotone voice. The visored mech narrowed his optics into a glare, the shifting of his frame gave it away, he was obviously annoyed by my twin thinking he is stupid. Now is definitely not the time to butt heads with mechs over logic, he may do that later. Of course, Prowl caught onto my thoughts and let the matter drop, which is very unusual for him considering his stubborn personality... That trait must run in the family.

"So... Your Autobots... Correct?" I question, attempting to remove the tense atmosphere that hung in the air. Someone snorts rather loudly, I stop myself from sending a glare in that direction.

"Nah we're Decepticons" The visored mech answered with a completely serious voice, I glance at him.

"Well thats rather unfortunate for you, considering my sister is searching for some Decepticons to-" Prowl begins to speak but I quickly cut him off with a shove through the bond. The Autobots look between us in confusion, trying to gauge the similarities between myself and Prowl. Well this is complete and utter slag, well done Prowl, why don't you just tell everybot that we are twins just so the Decepticons can experiment on us, again.

"What this moron was supposed to mean by the term 'sister', is that we are like siblings, not related in any way what so ever because that is highly improbable as twins are rarely ever created for the chance of them offlining is unfortunately high" Great save Melody, good on you, "Also, most twins were offlined near the beginning of the war due to either experiments or one was murdered before reaching safety, and bringing their counterpart to the Well with them"

Okay, you got a little bit carried away there... Just a teensy, massive bit.

Most 'bots present looked revolted by my short, but truthful, speech about the misfortunate fates most siblings were subjected to. Prowl looked as stoic as ever, yet I could feel the inner turmoil that raged inside of us. I shook my helm, hoping to stop the flashbacks I had just submitted ourselves to.

"Anyway, you four should come with us to safety before Decepticon petrols locate us" The medic ordered gruffly before motioning us to follow them with a wave of his servo.

"And why should we trust you?"

"And why should we trust them?"

Both mine and Jazz's voices overlapped each others so we both turned to glare into each others optics. My brother mentally nudged me in an attempt to make me stop, but it was no use... This mech wanted a staring competition, he would get one.

That was my last thought before I felt a sharp sting to my neck, I looked away from the grinning Jazz to look at the source of my discomfort. I saw a little dart type thing wedged in one of my main energon lines. I plucked it out and inspected it curiously. Some part of my processor closed my bond with Prowl so the injection wouldn't harm him, while the remaining part of my processor wondered, 'How did that get here...?' Before my vision was clouded by dead frames with a sheen covering it, then all I saw was the wonderful thing called 'darkness', or as I like to call it...


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