AN: I was kinda bored in math today so I decided to do a really strange version of a self insert. Which is basically me in four years if none of my real plans work out. Truefuly I would avoid joining the army under Combat Arms, witch is we're all your frontline grunts get placed. But really nothing says fun like drone strikes and ambushes in the Middle East. Also since this is slightly in the future I will be taking slight liberties with such things as body armor design/effectiveness and weapon choice. I will also take guess at things I find strange, like the lack of shells from a LOT of guns. oh and one really big thing Remnant is about eh 75% the size of Terra. This is why I'm not giving us earthlings Aura. We have armor, and that is it. Keeps it a bit more deadly when bullets do kill. Oh and RWBY belongs to rooster teeth, and if I ever mention something else it belongs to that universe too. Any ways onto my pathetic attempt at a prologue.

10-24-2020 Afghanistan.

A large army convoy was moving through the sands. It contained almost the entire 101st US Airborne. They had been driving to a new home, Thule Air base(I know it's in Denmark but it moved. Blame Trump.) Why high command said they had to drive was up for debate. They had maybe half a day of travel left when insurgents attacked for the seventh time. It started with when a rocket screamed its death threat to the turret of an Abrams. The tank shrugged off the hit and began to turn to engage. The 30 plus Humvees swung there Pintle mounts around. Soon tracer and grenades lit up the area where the first rocket had come from. The LAVs opened up with there 20 mike mikes as more rockets flew in. The flaming projectiles were soon joined by heavy caliber machine gun fire. The 101st and its escort fired back with every thing they had.

For a while the fight was quite even till a loud Wruzz was heard. Suddenly the an entire line of Humvees was lit up by 30mm AP rounds. Later investigation believes this to be a GAU-8, nobody is sure how this weapon was gained ,used, or mounted. Next to the weapon in the dunes, an Arab whispers a prayer to Allah to take these heathens from this earth. A rocket leaves his meager cover and detonated in front of a swerving Humvee. The car does not emerge and the insurgent cheers, for his prayers have been answered. A split second after a 20mm shell hits and spreads his flesh across the sand.

Team RWBY was a strange group. Composed of two groups of almost completely opposite personalities, like the childish and hyperactive Ruby Rose and the reserved and "proper" Weiss Schnee. It was today that they had decided to go exploring in the Emerald forest, mostly on a whim from Ruby, the team's leader. About midway throughout their adventure, they we Interrupted by a huge pack of Ursa. Unfortunately for the Grimm, the huntress were a bit zealous in their attacks leavening the poor monsters little more than flaming smears on the ground with bits of bone here and there. Most of the blame could be shifted to Yang, well After a Ursa got a lucky slash that got a small clump of hair.

As the team ran from the raging inferno they saw a very odd site. A spinning, twisting vortex of silver… Stuff. "Ok am I the only one who is seeing this?" Asked Yang. "I see it sis." Said Ruby as she moved closer to the hole in reality and heard something. It sounded like gunfire, a lot of heavy gunfire, it wasn't the common popping sound of most guns hunters use, it was a much deeper thumping sound pierced by sharp cracks with a delicate layer of explosions."Ruby I don't think you should go near that." Warned Blake. She replied "I'll be fine." As she inched closer to the anomaly she could make out voices shouting orders. Then a low growling noise started to rise above the other noises. Peaking deep into the vortex she could just make out sand and smoke and something else. Wait was that a car!? With a small burst of speed she jumped to the side of the portal as a massive armored car flew through.