Chapter 2

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As the monsters drew nearer to him and he accepted his demise Naruto suddenly heard gunshots and a voice yelling "Get Down!" to which he did ducking to floor. A second later bullets riddled the monster blocking the window and the three advancing on Naruto and the three more that followed after them into the room.

Naruto looked back towards the window to see the same elderly man that saved him from the Hurker. The elderly man looks at Naruto and says "Let's go" with a wave of his arm. Not seeing an alternative Naruto gets up and jumps out the broken window right before the man shoots another three of the monsters that had just entered Naruto's old room.

Now out on the roof of the building his apartment resides in Naruto looks at the old man and says "Thanks for the save back there…but who ware you?" wondering who the old man that made the badass entrance is.

The old man looks at Naruto for a moment and says "I'm Walter one of few survivors still alive in the city though we likely won't survive for much longer" he says. Walter then reaches behind his back and pulls out a crowbar before tossing it at Naruto as he says "Here take this they followed us" as several more of the monsters climb up over the building's edge. Walter then takes a few steps back and says "There all yours kid show me what you got".

Naruto picks up the crowbar and looks back at Walter and says "What do you mean "Show me what you got?"" to which Walter just remains silent. Naruto just scowls before turning his attention back to the five advancing monsters. Tightening his grip on the crowbar Naruto charges the closest one and swings the crowbar at its head. The weapon makes contact with a meaty "Thwack" sending the creature's orange blood flying before it stumbles over the roofs ledge and splatters on the concrete ground several stories below.

Naruto then dodge rolls to the left to avoid a slash from the second monster. He then swings the crowbar upward at the monster catching it in the chin the prongs of the weapons head tearing the creatures own head from its shoulders resulting in a geyser of orange blood from its neck. Twisting to the left to avoid the third monsters claws Naruto raises his right leg and hits the creature with a devastating spin kick that sends it flying of the roof to its demise.

However Naruto is then forced to bring the crowbar up to block a slash from the fourth monster before he sweeps its legs out from under it. As the monster falls Naruto brings the crowbar up and skewers the creatures head. He then spins around and the creature flies off the end of the crowbar into the fifth monster and they both go flying over the edge of the roof and splatter on the concrete below.

Walter seeing this smirks a little and says "Not bad kid now meet me at the basketball court" he says referencing the basketball court next to Naruto's apartment.

Naruto raises an eyebrow and says "Why so you can silently judge me some more?" he says only to receive silence as his answer as Walter was already gone. He stands there for a moment with his eyebrow twitching and says "Who the hell does that old guy think he is? The leader of a village of super-powered ninja's or something?" before making his way down to the basketball court via grinding a telephone pole wire and sliding down and streetlight pole.

As he enters the basketball court he spots Walter standing next to a crate…and a dead body. Seeing this Naruto raises an eyebrow as he begins figuring the situation our "What is this some kind of test?" he asks.

Walter smirks slightly as he nods "Damn right this is a test. I met other survivors like you-but they failed and were more trouble than they were worth case in point" he says gesturing to the dead body of the man next to the crate. Walter then gestures to the crate and says "Break open the crate and take the weapon inside. Then wait here and get ready to shoot some OD" he says before running off to the other side of the basketball court.

Naruto just raises an eyebrow and uses his crowbar to smash the open the crate. He then reaches inside and pulls out a strange looking gun that looks like it was cobbled together with whatever was on hand. it had the handle and motor of a power drill connected to a record-spinner under which a record that rested just above a flat piece of wood. On the right side of the drill handle there were several other records lined up and attached to a conveyer arm. Seeing this Naruto surmised that the drill handle powers the record spinner and would make the record spin before being launched at whatever was being targeted. Then a new record would take its place and so on and so forth.

He then noticed a small engraving in the side of the of the drill handle that read High Fidelity which he assumed to be the name of the weapon. Naruto then raises an eyebrow and says "Weird weapon…Wait what the heck are OD?".

Walter who is now behind the metal fence outside the edge of the basketball court hears this "It stands for Overcharge Drinkers. My partner Floyd says that drinking Overcharge caused their Endocrine systems to go into overdrive which made them mutate. Now I'm going to throw some Overcharge onto the court so get ready for the real test" he says before lifting up a case of Overcharge and tossing it onto the court where it spills open.

As more of the Overcharge spills out and forms a puddle around the case Walter says "The OD are addicted to that stuff so they will be here quick. Your final test is to kill all the OD that show up…and survive of course" he says.

Naruto shrugs his shoulders hearing this and jumps up on a dumpster before using it as a springboard to get up onto railing of the basketball courts fence and begin grinding along it. Moments later the OD begin to arrive and head towards the Overcharge.

Naruto presses his weapons trigger and the record begins to spin however he holds his fire until a few OD have gathered around the Overcharge and begin lapping it up like dogs. He then takes aim and releases the trigger resulting in the furiously spinning record to be launched towards the OD. It catches the first OD in the torso easily slicing through and bisecting the mutant before continuing on and slicing off the head of another OD that had just lowered its head to begin drinking. The record then continued on before bouncing off a dumpster and heading back towards the OD. It then proceeded to kill another two OD by slicing them in half at chest level before finally crashing into the ground and breaking.

Seeing this Naruto's eyes widen before he whistles "I have heard of killer music but that takes the cake" he says as the OD begin to notice his presence "Uh-oh don't think their too happy about being interrupted while getting their drink on…huh why am I suddenly picturing a incredibly busty blonde haired chick after saying that? Oh well I can dwell on sexy woman that I wouldn't mind banging later…its playtime now" he says with a grin as he is flooded with adrenaline for the battle ahead.

Naruto continues to grind along the fence as he pulls the trigger again holds it as a new record is loaded in and begins to start spinning. After a few seconds he releases the trigger and the record goes sailing off slicing through several more OD. For the next several minutes the cycle continues as Naruto grinds along the rail and shoots the OD that gathers around the Overcharge or chase after him.

However as the OD's numbers dwindle down to four Naruto pulls the trigger again firing off the last record his weapon had. It sails through the air and slices off the head of one OD before bouncing off a wall and slicing the legs out from another.

One of the remaining OD reaches the section of fence in front of Naruto is grinding on and begins to climb it however it is stopped when Naruto pulls out his crowbar and smashes it into the side of the OD's head crushing its skull in a spray of orange blood. The last standing OD manages to get up on the fence and runs at Naruto. However it soon meets a swift end as Naruto swings the crowbar and beheads it.

He then leaps off of the fence and does a flip in the air before coming down and landing on the head of the crippled OD that had its legs severed crushing its head in the process and sending orange blood flying.

Naruto grimaces seeing this "Ah what the fuck now my shoes are covered in your brains you mutant bastard" he says as he kicks each of his legs in an attempt to rid his shoes of the gunk covering them. After getting his shoes somewhat clean for the moment Naruto takes a look around at the 45 dead OD in various forms of dismemberment littering the basketball court.

He smirks and says "Oh yeah Naruto " The Super Sexy" Uzumaki 45, OD 0…Now where the hell did that old man run off to?"

Walter then chimes in from behind the fence and says "Well how about that your still alive. Well come on kid were heading back to my base" and begins leading Naruto up the street to said base.

As they are running Naruto thinks of something "Hey where are all the cops, national guard, hell even the damn news helicopters this is like Christmas for them?" he asks.

Walter scowls hearing this "Wake up kid Fizzco controls EVERYTHING."

Naruto raises an eyebrow in confusion and says "Well can't we just call for help or something?"

Walter shakes his head and says "It's not that easy. When the incident happened Fizzco cut off all communications to the outside world in order to hide what happened here. However I have a plan to change that."

Naruto's eyes widen "Wait so Fizzco did all of this on purpose?" he asks.

Walter once again shakes his head "No not on purpose. But they are doing a helluva job covering it up. Rest of the world thinks we're all dead from some kind of virus. Now come on we have to keep moving" he says as they enter the parking lot to a factory.

They run over to a wooden barricade blocking the entrance to the inner courtyard of the factory and squeeze through it. The two then make their way up to a platform and over to a dark-skinned man standing behind a makeshift storefront.

The man spots the two and looks at Naruto for a moment before turning to Walter and asking "Hey who is this?"

Walter just gruffly responds by saying "Our new partner".

The man just shakes his head with a grin and says "Well alright my names Floyd".

Naruto just nods with a grin and says "Names Naruto nice to meet you".

However before anything else can be said loud crashes can be heard from out in the parking lot of the factory. Hearing this Walter scowls and says "Intruders…Go on kid and take care of them" to Naruto.

However before he goes Floyd says "Here kid so we can keep in contact" and throws him a ear-piece that looked similar to a hearing aid with a small microphone attached.

Naruto just shrugs his shoulders and puts it on before running back towards the barricade where he spots several men wearing gasmask and makeshift body armor which for some strange reason has red lights on it. They are all armed with assault rifles as well.

Naruto then climbs to the top of a ledge so he can get a high-vantage point and asks "Who the hell are these guys?"

Floyd's voice comes through the headset and says "We call them Scabs. They're criminals or people who lost their minds when the outbreak started who will shoot you for no good reason. Best way to handle them is simple…shoot first" he says.

Naruto grins savagely hearing this and says "Well alright then, let's get started" before jumping down into the parking lot.

End Chapter

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