This is a time skip and a bit more romantic than before but what can i say, girls can be such romantics when in love. ~(^-^)~

Time skip: Half Time!

Sera Pov:

As the battles came to a pause so the angels and demons could get food and rest I wandered around the arena building, I know it must be hard to tell but I liked this side much better then Le Benhurex it was much more entertaining and a lot cooler. I know I'm not the best person to express their feelings but I have many of them. I remember when I meet Beel for example, the first time.


As I looked up the cutest looking boy I'd ever seen stood in front of me. But that wasn't hard considering I was only four. I had been taken from my mother for a week now and I liked my father a lot, he was nice and cared for me quite a bit, but he wasn't mother or obo and aba, I didn't know if I could love him like he'd wanted. No one could replace mama, an angel had killed her 9 days ago, and then papa came 2 days later to take me. He said he had to come for me cause obo and aba couldn't take care of me without mama's help. But I knew it's because without mama, I would be too angel for them. They were very surprised when I was born. I had white hair and two tiny see through wings, the same wings all of us were born with. But one was the dark leathery bat kind of my mama's kin, demons. And one was the light feathery bird kind of my papa's family, angels. It was mainly unheard of for an angel to fall for a demon let alone have a child with them. It was against heavens law, so papa had to leave me with my demon kin. But when mama died god learned of my birth and demanded I be brought to heaven before the evil of obo and aba tainted my innocence, so here I was hiding from papa and his visitors. Till the boy came along.

"You're pretty." He said. I was surprised cause not many liked how I looked here in at heavens border. They said my angelic nature was tainted cause I have mama's gold goat eyes. This was the first time someone has called my pretty up here, obo and aba used to call me pretty all the time. And mama said I was perfect, she said I was perfect because no matter what I looked like I was made from love and that was what made me even more beautiful than any angel or demon could hope to be alone.

"The polite thing to do when complimented is to say thank you."

"Ah… Th-th-thank you?"

"Why is it a question?" He said tilting his head, he was very cute for a boy my age, with short black hair and lightly tanned skin. His eyes were the nicest part though, one was a sparkling orchid purple with a four leaved design in a much darker shade about his cat slit pupil, the other a churning red with a gold rim about the first eyes twin pupil, but this one was silver in color not black. It was the most intoxicating thing I had ever seen.

"Well anyway, what's your name?" He asked with pure conviction I was hard pressed to find myself these days. "Mine is Beelzebub-Christi the 80th prince of hell, son of Beelzebub-Christi the 79th prince of hell and Lilith of Eden fallen angel of heaven. But you can call me Beel, my name is too long."

"That was your whole name? Everything?" He nodded. "That's way too long! Mines way shorter! It's...ah… Uhm…" I didn't know what to do, I could tell him my angel name the one my father gave me when I got here and the one he calls me by: Seraphiel- it's not bad but it's not the one mama gave me, or the one god calls me I don't remember it well, it was in the old language but I knew what it meant, fallen demon spawn.

"Mivisera, Mivisera aboa Molonawak." Why I gave my demon name I shall never know but I wanted him to think my name was pretty, like he said I was.

"You're named after the one of the creations?"


"Which one was that again, I only know that it was in the old language."

"The god flower, said to be the most beautiful think to lay eyes upon and the most impossible of all the creations to obtain, a bud which only flowers in front of true innocence and kindness, meant only for the eyes of the high gods such as you, but only one was ever able to see it, Kavinbajam Swaniquak of old." Why I was named that I would never know, my mother said shed tell me when I was old enough but I'm still waiting.

"Nice, well I guess if it's you, you could do it."

"Do what?"

"Get Jahoel to sing of course, like he used to, when his wife was alive. I heard she died, I never knew her but if she was important enough to make an angel stop singing for god she must have been very special That's why my ma and pa brought me here so they could try to get him to sing, but he's been locked up in his music room since they asked why he wouldn't sing, it's sad to see such a proud angel fall so far into despair, they'd hoped they could keep Jahoel from doing anything outrageous in grief." All angels sang for god, not all were as great as others, but Jahoel's singing was said to rival the muses in beauty and even a naïve little girl like me knows the stories of the white knight Jahoel, and when he stopped the heavens lost joy and as such more souls ended up in purgatory and limbo than the pearl gates. How I could help I could not fathom but the way Beel talked of mama was nice. As he finishes and helps me up from the crying heap I was when he appeared we hear a voice in the distance.

"Beels? Beelzebub! Time to go!"

"Bye flower! I'll see you! And when I do I want to hear you sing!"

Later as I walked in I found papa in one of the rooms I wasn't allowed in. This one was pitch black with a piano in the middle and father on the stool a single candle lit to show his aged features.

"Seraphiel, you are not allowed in the inner chambers, what is it you need from me at the moment?" When papa was in the inner chambers he was always cold. Shunning me, I felt like I could never love this man, and like mama must have been mistaken in him being her love, she was too nice, kind and careful to love someone so broken.

"I heard that you stopped singing for God. Why? Why would an angel not sing for god?"

"Is that all?" He intoned with more and more aggravation seeping into his voice.

"Why not sing? Why do you sit there and not sing? Are you not meant to sing his praises? Why are you so sad? Is it mother? Is it because God calls it a disgrace? It it because she was a hell spawn? Is it because she burdened you with my birth? It it becau-"

"Shut Up! Be Quiet about what you do not understand! You Stupid, Ungrateful, Devil Child!" Once the words were out of his mouth he seemed to freeze, to be stuck in the fact that he had just said that to me. As he turned around to face me he seemed to pale and wither on the spot as he witnessed the scared tears that rushed down my face.

"No, Seraphiel I didn't-"

"So it is my fault, I'm the reason you don't sing, why you lock yourself in here and hide from me, why you changed my name and try to hide my eyes. You don't want me here, you don't like me here." As I talk the tears stop flowing and are replaced by a stone face of expressionless anonymity. "I'm sorry for making you feel bad, I won't bother you anymore. I apologize for my actions, I will be more respectful, and I apologize sire." I say as I back out of the room. The more I talk the more horrified the expression on papas face, that last time I talked to him like that was when mama left me with him for a month and had scolded me, afterwards his head maid had beaten me harshly for my lack of knowledge and told me how to act, from then until mama picked me up again the maid said I was the perfect child, un seen, un heard and proper, in truth I was more like a shell of a person and shut down, I had receded so far I was utterly expressionless. Papa was so sad from that and mama never let me near him again until a few months ago. He had gotten rid of the maid but they realized that the more I hurt the farther id recede till I became the living stone I was now. As I walked to my room I wished mama was here, she could bring me back. I woke later on to the sound of papa talking past my door.

"Lili, why aren't you here? Already a week and I've fucked up so bad; I never meant to hurt her. I wanted to protect her from what they all said yet I yelled it at her like it was true! Why am I such a screw up? How can I be a good father to her if all I do is make her feel like she is unloved, unwanted? You were always so much better at this than me. You were the nurturing one, the kind one, me I'm only a broken soldier now, nothing of the bold captain you fell for. How can I fix my mistake? How can I make it up to her? Help her through her burdens? How do I become you?"

"I don't think you can." I whisper behind the door.

"Mivisera? Is that you? Please! Open the door? Please? I need to apologize." He scrambled as he pulled himself up.

"You can't be mama." I said as I opened the door so I could look up at him.

"I know, I know I can't be your mama but-"

"You can't be mama cause your papa, papa can only be papa. Mama is gone, so she told me to love papa and hold papa close for her." I say as he drops to his knees and starts crying again. Sobbing as I put my hand on his head and hold him close, stroking his hair like mama did for me. As I do I hum, I hum the song mama always sang me, it was her favorite song.

"Mivisera? Wh-what are you singing?" He said timidly.

"Mama's favorite song, she said an angel sang it to her as if she were his god and that his true god was not the only one he was supposed to sing to. She said when I felt bad I should sing the angel song, because it was made with love, like me so we two, song and me, were made for each other."

"Y-your mama said that?"

"Yes, she sang me this song since I was a baby, papa. Do you know it? I kind of wanna here you sing it… But you don't have to, you probably don't want to, never mind, you don't have to papa. I'm sorry I should t have asked." I say as he looks at me wide eyed at the suggestion. As I start to pull away from him he pulls me closer and does the same head patting to me.

"I would be honored to sing for you my dear, I would love to. Would you like me to?" He asks as if I might say no.

I simply nod as he picks me up and lays me in bed and curls me up to his side as he leans on the headboard. As he starts the notes are ragged and rough but by the time he starts the lyrics it is smooth and sound just like mama said it does, like a song from an angel to their own personal god. I wonder how papa knows the words as he sings since I never told him but it was probably a common song up here.

As I start to doze off I ask where he learned the song he tells me, " that was the song I wrote for Lili, your mama when I asked her to love me forever and be mine, we couldn't get married so we did essentially the same but in secret so that the higher gods wouldn't find out, that was the song id made for her because I was so in love I could no longer sing if it were not to her, she was my own personal god, and any other even God himself felt like a laughable imitation of her. One day I will tell you of how we meet but since you are already asleep I hope you dream well my little angel, my new god, my Mivisera." As I sleep I mumble to him, "You called me… Mivisera, so why Seraphiel?"

"That is the angel's word for the god flower, Seraphiel faleme Barvan. So you are Seraphiel Falle."

That was my fondest memory, not as wonderful as the one with mom, not as colorful as the ones with obo and aba, but that memory with dad was the greatest moment in my life from then on he would sing to me, and with me, and treat me as a father should till the day he had to leave me. That day was the day I was finally un-able to stop myself from receding so much I could never claw myself back out. As I wander I end up in a music room with only a piano and bench in the middle and a couch to a more darkened shrouded corner. The piano was old but well-kept and cleaned, as I sat and started the notes so familiar to me they were like speaking in my native tongue, I remembered all the times papa and I would sit in his music study and sing and play and practice as he taught me to play piano. As the lyrics came out the smile on my face felt like an old friend and was as comfortable there as my stone expression usually would be.

"~Yes, I do, I believe
That one day I will be
Where I was right there
Right next to you

As I sing, I can see Mama, and Papa, the way they would look if they had gotten the chance to be together. Happy and in love; staring into each other's eyes as if the universe were locked within. I wished someone would love me like that once but I know that it is just false hope; I am of both Angel and Demon, so I am welcome by neither.

And it's hard
The days just seem so dark
The moon and the stars
Are nothing without you

Your touch, your skin
Where do I begin?
No words can explain
The way I'm missing you

I remember meeting Beel the second time too. He was hurting some naïve stupid angels and I was worried they might get seriously injured, so I used a spell to put them to sleep. I walked up to him and I knew the shock of seeing him wasn't on my face, but it was there.

Deny this emptiness
This hole that I'm inside
These tears
They tell their own story

Told me not to cry when you were gone
But the feeling's overwhelming, it's much too strong

His shirt was unbuttoned, the school dress code is black blazers and white shirts for demons, thou unlike Beel most wore all black, While my dress as I have been sectioned to the angel side is white blazer black shirt, which means most angels but me wear all white. His shirt was torn open, showing the lean and hard muscle his powers and hard work has given him in the years we haven't meet.

Can I lay by your side?
Next to you, you
And make sure you're alright
I'll take care of you
I don't want to be here if I can't be with you tonight

I'm reaching out to you
Can you hear my call?
This hurt that I've been through
I'm missing you, missing you like crazy

He looked different, mostly because his eyes were a plain demon black brown iris and pupil.

You told me not to cry when you were gone
But the feeling's overwhelming, it's much too strong

As he looked at me my heart stopped and I know he couldn't see it, but I blushed like a four year old again. I knew something was wrong when he saw me though; maybe it was the spell god used on my eyes so the gold goat eyes would change to a nice angelic blue/green with human pupils. The way he reacted though hurt, I knew he wouldn't remember me, but I still hoped.

Can I lay by your side?
Next to you, you
And make sure you're alright
I'll take care of you
I don't want to be here if I can't be with you tonight

As I told him I was his fiancée the horrified look on his face was heartbreaking, his mother called me the day before to tell me of it, and I remember how I felt so much emotion I was finally able to show true emotion in my voice as I yelled yes into the DCP, Dimensional Communication Phone.

Lay me down tonight
Lay me by your side
Lay me down tonight
Lay me by your side

As he backed away, shaking his head in the most stupefied way I knew something was wrong. I just knew I should have used my real name, but I was so used to my angel name by now it slipped my mind, after I went to heaven Papa, only called me Mivisera out of public so people wouldn't make fun of me. He's been gone for six years now, and in those years I've sung to remember, just like he said, and have slowly forgotten them both. But I know that if I sing I can see them both so clearly, I sing to them like their my personal gods, just like papa sang to mama, and just like I will sing to my god when I find them.

Can I lay by your side?
Next to you
You ~ "

"I guess you really are an angel, huh?"

"I am, but this doesn't come from my father, it comes from my mother." As I say it I could feel the loving and nostalgic emotions place what felt like a smile on my face, but I also thought I was smiling when I meet Beel at school a while ago, that didn't seem to work out.

"So was she a good singer?"

"No, in truth she wasn't all that special," at the incredulous look I got I think I giggled, but once again I couldn't be truly sure. "No, she gave me the memories I sing with and for, her and father both. And I guess my personal god as well, but he doesn't remember me. I don't think he'll ever remember me." As I talk I could feel what felt like a truly sad expression curve Beel's features, I wished I could go up to him, but I could not.

"Why not?" He seems to whisper in a far off tone.

"When I meet him again while I was here, he didn't remember me, and yelled at me. He didn't love me, or like me, or even hate me, he truly showed me the opposite of love." As I spoke Beel had pushed himself of the door frame he was leaning against and walked over to me. He sat down on the other side of the stool and as I looked into his eyes I knew he was my Beel, the mismatched eyed, short black haired boy I meet a long time ago when I felt like I had no more gods to love. Even if now his eyes were dark brown, even if now his bangs were curling about his chin while the rest made a small ponytail at the nape of his neck, even if now he was taller, leaner, more muscular as the toned abs and biceps rolled under his shirt like the article was solely made to show them off. He was still my beloved Beel, who called me flower, who said an abomination was pretty; who picked me up and told me mama was special. Still my Beel. As we stared at each other I felt the contacts I was required to wear move, I was meant to wear them to hide my goat shaped golden eyes while I was still here, the longer I stayed the more the old spell god gave me would wear off, and then the contacts I wore to make up for whenever the spell would fade would be useless. I was only here a while longer then god will take me back, and if I was not bound to someone, I would be bound to god as he'd bound Mary Magdalene once he found she'd tainted his son with the knowledge of human intimacies, forever subject to those intimacies at gods hand, that how he treated all his reckless and 'problem' angels and saints.

I wish Beel would save me.

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SERAPHIEL- Sara-fee-elle

MIVISERA ABOA MOLONAWOK- Me-vee-sara Ah-boa Mole-o-nah-wok

SERAPHIEL FALEME BARVAN- Sara-fee-elle Fall-ey-may Bar-van

KAVINBAJAM SWANIQUAK- Kah-viin-ba-gam Swan-eh-ku-ai(like Kuwait the country)-cah