"What!" I'd screamed over the phone in my hand, "You never told me about a fiancé!"

"Yes well your 16 years old, 17 on the schools anniversary. It's time you get ready to rule hell and take over for your father. I talked it over with him and he thought that Seraphiel was a good match."

"She's a f^ ing angel, for the love of Shiva! An angel! Why her of all people, come on mom anyone but an angel!"

"The hell did you just say to me! I will rip your teeth out one by one if you ever whine at me again and you remember the last time that happened!"

She was right it did hurt and I didn't grow them back for 10 months that's a long time eating nothing but mush sometimes being practically immortal was just as bad as it was good.

"Now," she explained "Seraphiel is the daughter of my friend, you remember Ardat right? She always stays with her mother and father? Now Seraphiel lived most of her life with her Seraphim father Jahoel but since she has demon blood in her she has powers from both light and dark just like you, you know I used to be an angel right? They're not bad people once they get off their high horses and descend to the mental status everyone else lives in so, Suck. It. Up. And if I hear another complaint I will go their personally and beat you so hard even I won't recognize you, and I'm your mother. Oh, and your father's stopping by to say hi, Talk to you later hon!"


I was alone.

As I walk back to my room, my roommate and dorm VP, Ali son of Alloces and the biggest fan of the American boxer (even went to the dudes funeral with his father for his 10th birthday), walked up to me.

"Beel, I heard you got your butt whooped by a Leben chick! That true?"

"No, It isn't, we both know I never get beat, and especially not by a Leben. No I just learnt that chick is my new fiancé." I sighed.

"What?" Ali laughed

"That's what my mom said. 'Your too old, you need to think about your future' and all that cr p."

"Ha-ha! Bro you got beat by you ma!" He bawled.

"An I'ma beat you into the ground if you don't stop."

"Ha-ha sorry man but that's hilarious! Hey, Is she about five foot six, blond hair longer in the front and shaved in the back, curvy like Dorothy the succubus, and holding a large duffle bag?"

"Wait how did you know about her? And what's with the duffle bag?"

"Dude she's standing in front of our door!"

Ali was right, there she stood stoic and quiet as all the other boys in the dorm stared her down trying to visually undress her without a hint of shame.

"Beel, Husband, I waited for you. I will be living with you from now on. Mr. Alloces the second, son of Alloces please take care of me and share your guidance," She said in such monotone I wanted to shove the words down her throat.

"No, you are an angel you belong in Leben, Le Bienheureux! You know with the others like you! Not in my room! And I have a roommate! Two boys, one room, two beds! No room for a little demon wannabe like you, now scram!"

"Dude, It's a chick ! You need to be gentle." Ali scolded me then he turned to Seraphiel "Are you Seraphiel? Yes? I'm Ali like you said, Can I call you Sera? Good, I'm gonna go inside now and Beel is going to take you to the head mistresses office is that alright? Good. Now Beel, I've got your mom on speed dial."

And that's how I got to walking Seraphiel, now dubbed Sera, to the head mistress.

As we walked Sera tried to strike up conversation on several occasions with her annoying monotone voice, but I was just too pissed to answer, so she would always end up silent by the end, but somehow she knew some very personal info from when I was like 4… must have been mom. By the time we got closer to the head mistresses office the air became chilled with apprehension and I could feel the licking fingers of ice tickle their way down my spine in warning. There are only four reasons one goes to the head mistresses office: one, to be reprimanded, two, to be expelled, three, to be transferred in, and four, to never see the light of day again. I was hoping I was only there for number three and that the rest wouldn't be mentioned but as the two great ceiling to floor oak doors, engraved with the pictures of all Collin De Plancy's beloved demons, creaked open and let off a breath of cold air as if awaiting our arrival I heard the voice of the head mistress call us through the threshold and instinct told me the other three weren't out of the question.

"Why hello, I believe you are my lovely new student Seraphiel Falle… the… Seraphim am I right?" called a voice cold as the air engulfing us with a feigned innocence and joy that was hard to disguise. "Well, don't just stand there, Come in. Come in! And bring Beel in with you." Said the voice of the hauntingly beautiful woman standing at the back of a room like an enormous library stuffed into a simple twelve by twelve space. The maneuver we did through the stacks and piles of books still eludes me but in the end we got to the large oak table at the back of the room overlooking the school courtyard through a two way mirror. As the woman turned around her ghostly but gorgeous features were presented in a warmer light and shone a woman with high cheek bones and a rosy color to her skin, black hair in a messy bun, a pair of studious glasses running down the bridge of her nose, and a set of small but endearing caramel eyes, the horrifying portraits of her in the halls of the school didn't do the woman a hint of justice, and the graffiti did so even less.

"So what do we have here? You my dear are not what you seem are you? And this is obviously Beel, Prince of Hell. Oh! That rhymed" she'd giggled clapping her hands together as if applauding herself for her triumph. "Well I guess since you just got here and Beel doesn't seem to remember I guess you can tell him on your own time, but remember my dear, a truth withheld does as much damage as a truth faked." She pointed to Sera.

"What? What are you talking about Mistress De Plancy?" I balked.

"Oh, Mistress De Plancy's a mouthful, and my mother, I am soo not my mother! Just call me Ms.P. I kinda like that. 's gotta ring to it right? Ms. P. Ha-ha! ..." As Ms. P chattered away, clearly avoiding my question, I couldn't help but stare at Sera's unexpressive face, wondering what it is she could be keeping from me. I mean it's not like I'm not all that interested or anything, you know… just curious… just curious.

"Well, that was a fun talk! Now back to the reason you're here! I need some help; I've been having some problems with some of the students. See there have been some students getting seriously harmed in some of the challenges recently as you well know Mr. Beel and I need you and Sera to investigate. If you can solve the mystery and find the culprit and/or culprits then I will give you the thing you desire most, but if you can't then you will just get suspended, or expelled whichever!" She giggled again.

Wait… what?! I thought.

"Wait… what?!"I yelled. "What do you mean! That's not what we came here for! I came so you could get her a room in the dorms! Not to solve some mystery for you! I want nothing to do with this! I'm not your dog and I'm not her fiancé! I can't do this!"

"Oh, but you will" She said ominously, "Not only will you do this for me but willingly do so, because I can see the future you know, a power only humans can obtain to my extent, …And if you don't you'll be expelled and I don't think your parents will appreciate that, do you?" She said with the same cheery and joyful voice she had before but her eyes showed the truth to her words. "Don't worry, Sera has a room in the dorm and you won't have to go to classes as long as you do this for me! What do you say?" She inquired with a sense of the earlier ice creeping into my skin sinking its teeth there and latching on so that I had no choice but to agree. Today couldn't get any worse right? Oh, yeah it always does when the main character says that doesn't it? I guess I was right cause look who shows up as the door creeps open.

"Hi, son."