Pearl was in a really bad mood after sword training with Connie earlier today. She just had a lot on her mind so she confessed to her young abled student that she wouldn't be able to give her a full lesson today. Connie understood completely, plus that would give her free time with Steven. Pearl loved seeing Steven care for Connie and vice versa, she thought about those two a lot and noticing how much they have grown as a unit.

"Could this be the reason why I am rather pouty today", Pearl thought out loud.

Pearl warped back to the beach shack located in Beach City.

The skinny white figure noticed that no one was home and soon realized everyone was out enjoying this great weather today. Garnet was out searching for Lapis and Jasper and will not be back until nighttime. Amethyst and Peridot were at the barn with Connie and Steven, leaving the lonely pearl in the comfort of silence.

"I need to focus on my meditation, so I won't feel lousy anymore" she said out loud. She noticed a framed picture of Rose, across the room and it really grabbed ahold of her attention. She held the picture whilst laying on the couch in the living room.

"Rose" she whispered to herself. Her palms and forehead began to sweat. "When you were here beside me, this world melted away..." she continued to talk to the framed picture of Rose. Her shorts felt a little tight around her slim thighs she thought. Without haste she wiggled out of her shorts and exposed her laced white panties, while laying down raising her legs in the air prominently.

A newfound feeling of intimacy began to wash over her as thought of playing with herself without being behind closed doors. She began to develop hot flashes of excitement, knowing that anyone of the Crystal gems would walk in and see her in a vulnerable lewd position. Pleasure raced through her body which made her fall back on the couch like she was in a weird trance.

"Rose!" she became very loud when she went beneath her panties slipping a single finger inside of herself. She started to gasp in pleasure as she began to ride her finger back and forward in an earth doggy style position. Her panties soaked from her wet folds, Pearls fingers began to move upward to her other sensitive hole.

"Rose, not there I'm not a dirty pearl" she began to fantasize that Rose is rather dominating lover which turned on Pearl even more. When Pearl was in heat she felt complete and loved exploring her body in ways she's never done before. She wiggled out of her panties and balled the laced lingerie and tucked it into her mouth as she muffled her moans.

"Mmph" she began moaning against her lingerie as she went into a full arch on the couch, grinding against her drenching slit, causing small puddles on the couch to form as she humps herself silly. Pearls petite ass sped up quicker and quicker as she fingered herself while teasing the ivory hole above, she realized how hot she is getting knowing that someone might walk in, but all that mattered to her was the sweet release that's bound to come.

Pearl still tasting herself with a mouth full of her used underwear began to spurt out in her orgasm sprayed all on the couch, soon the panties fell out of her mouth and onto the floor.

"OHHH ROSE" Pearl cried in excitement, she still had her fingers in her bottom curling against her walls, which gave her a jolt of intimacy throughout her body. Pearl looked over at the door breathless as her shaved white womanhood exposed was exposed for the world to bask in.

"Oh goodness I've made a mess, hopefully I'll clean it up bef..." Pearl gasped. The door flew wide open to reveal, a short green figure with very symmetrical blonde hair.

"PERIDOT!" pearl grabbed a couch cushion to hide her crouch and breasts

"The Pearl?" Peridot said in shock seeing 'The Pearl' completely stripped on the couch.

"Were you just pleasing your member" Peridot learned of this practice through Amethyst.

"Listen Peri", Peridot moved closer to remove the cushion to reveal Pearl's bear body, as Pearl feeling more embarrassed.

"Hahaha you are, this seems really out of character even for you The Pearl…"

Pearl grabbed Peridot, she was very light and walked towards the warp pad, to open her door using her gem.

"Put me down on the ground this instant, the pearl" Pearl said nothing and entered her room nude."