Happy Lesbian Visibility Day –Afro 04/2016

The sound of the waterfalls caused the tuckered green gem rouse from her feathery bed, stretching her arms accompanied by a loud yawn. Peridot noticed the lack of another body next to her, recalling the events that led up to this moment; she scrambled to find her panties located under the blankets. She has succeeded in finding her clothing including her panties that she once tasted immensely the night before, she slipped on her hip-huggers and noticed something chaffing her ass, and she soon realized that someone placed a slip of paper inside her lingerie.

"What is this?" She tugged into the back of her panties to grab the folded note inside. Peridot's name held title on front of the paper as she unfolded it and read the contents.

Dear Peridot,

I had a fantastic time last night and I'm sorry for not greeting you formally this morning, you looked so cute sleeping so I didn't bother waking you up, Garnet wanted some help on the beach so I decided to make it up to you with a little gift. I have modified your panties to vibrate under my control using a special remote; there is an indicator which allows me to know if you are wearing them or no—

"Ooooh mm mm" Peridot yelped, Out of nowhere Peridot's panties vibrated in short rapid bursts, causing her to drop the note a floor. She pulled her panties away from her opening to relive the pleasure but it was no use, the vigorous stimulation traveled to her the fold of her ass making her squeal uncontrollably.

She managed to get the rest of her garments on and sped down the ivory staircase to exit Pearl's chambers. The door automatically opened for Peridot as she immediately steps through into Steven's beach house.

Green bare feet tapped calmly over the wooden floors of the shack, as she seen Amethyst rummaging through the fridge in the kitchen. She then realized that the living room was quiet missing the conversations of Steven and the others. Amethyst slams the fridge successfully finding what she was looking for and turns around to see Peridot sitting on the Couch awaiting a greeting.

"Oh Peridot, did you have fun with Pearl last night?" The purple gem stood with her hands on her hips.

Peridot broke a sweat, thinking that Amethyst knew all that unfolded last night, she knew she lost control of her desires and decided to spend the night with Pearl. But knowing Amethyst, she might not know the whole story entirely.

"Actually, we spent the whole night talking to each other, just getting to know one another, since we're a team now" Peridot explained as Amethyst sat next to her.

Peridot felt the need not to tell her other lover about Pearl being her newfound lover just yet or the group dynamic will become chaotic she thought. So Peridot felt like she needed to come up with something on the spot to mask what was really going on last night. "Talking huh, so you and Pearl are good friends now?" Amethyst said in a worried tone.

Peridot averted her gaze from the purple gem's eyes, she felt the suspicious feeling coming off of Amy, "Yeah, she's great" said Peridot as she smoothly covered the green blush formed over her cheeks. Amethyst noticed how off she is being so she brought up a follow up question,

"Did you tell her about us?" Peridot snapped out of her Pearl trance and immediately looked at Amethyst. "It didn't come up, you told me to keep it secret remember" Peridot explained, she crossed her arms caused by the predicament she's in. "Ahh yes of course" Amethyst replied

"Well I'm glad you two are getting along and all, just don't get too attached, I mean we still need to make up for lost time, and you know how much are alone time means to me" Amethyst says as she grips Peridot's leg. This feeling overwhelmed her thoughts; she wanted to tell Amethyst everything that happened last night.

"Amethyst, about last ni…" Peridot was interrupted by the front door swinging open to reveal Pearl; she was wearing a light blue sundress that fit her quite well to be honest.

She sat down next to the two gems, "Hey you two!" she exclaimed.

Peridot's mind spazzed for a bit as she couldn't contain her need to hug Pearl on sight right in front of Amethyst, Peridot wrapped her arms around Pearl's waist while sitting on the couch. "My Pearl, I missed you"

"Aww, I missed you too Peridot!" Peridot broke away from the hug with mild embarrassment, to look back and see the jealous purple gem behind her.

"So did Steven leave for his sleepover with Connie today" Amethyst asked this to dismiss the hug Peridot gave to Pearl.

"Yeah, he was very excited to spend three nights at Connie's, I pulled him aside and told him to become the perfect gentlemen" Pearl says crossing her legs. Pearl had something in her hand and Peridot notices it, a pink device with buttons was in Pearls grasp and she was waiting for the right time to press a certain button.

"The Steven will only be there for three days, I'm sure he'll be ff -INNEE" Peridot was soon interrupted with a flick of the button Peridot's vibrating panties activated inside her pants, causing her to grab a throw pillow to conceal the rumbling inside her tiny thighs. Peridot soon came off breathy as the hot sensation raised all throughout her lower extremities, her hips stirred only slightly trying very hard not to deliver cute whimpers as she was secretly being pleasured right in front of the gems.

"Is everything okay Peridot," Pearl said, trying really hard not to laugh.

Amethyst was puzzled at her spontaneous trembling, unaware of what Peridot was facing underneath her clothing. "Amethyst, if you would excuse me I need some fresh air" Peridot tried her best to walk to the door, in hopes that Amy won't notice the wobbling in her knees.

"What's up with Peridot?" Amethyst noticed how off she's being, considering she's been with Pearl all night, Amethyst had a feeling that Pearl did something to her, and her curiosity got the best of her.

"It's probably just nothing, don't worry Amethyst I'll check on her" Pearl said, Pearl went out the door leaving Amethyst alone on the couch. "Yeah right, something fishy" muttered under Amethysts breath, she went to the gem door to open the realm to her room, "I'll find out sooner or later" she said as she closed the door.

Pearl finds Peridot on the beach, the sun set on the sea line and projected a beautiful shade of pink in the skyline. A single blanket rested onto the sand, where the Peridot sat with her genitals exposed.

"I see you took my present off, it was a little too much for you was it?" Pearl said delivering a laugh.

Peridot greeted her with a smile, she held up the robotic panties in the air for Pearl to have. She sat next to the naked Peridot, and placed the panties to her face for a deep inhale. Peridot's face lit up as she watched Pearl play with the underwear, it was making her privates wetter by the second.

"Yeah the garments you gave me were making my butt numb" Peridot lifted her leg to pinch her left buttock to see if she had feeling left, "Among other things" she noted as she gently rubbed the nub of her own opening.

Pearl started to taste Peridot's leftover juices from her panties, "Well I'm glad you had fun in there especially at Amethyst's expense"

"I did" Peridot climbed onto Pearl's lap and gave Pearl a light peck on the cheek, as they gazed at the Sun. Pearl felt her lover leaking onto her as she nuzzled with the small green gem.

"I've been thinking about you all morning, Peridot" Pearl began pinching Peridot's ass in hopes that she will regain feeling, "I thought about you too, I couldn't hold back the hug I delivered you in front of Amethyst" Perdiot continued, "Speaking of Amy, what if she catches on to what's really going on?"

"Then we will keep it in secrecy, Peridot" Pearl said, "c'mon let's go to the barn for some real fun" the half-naked Peridot nodded her head with a smile, as Pearl picked her up newlywed style, walking over to the barn.

Pearl couldn't help herself to pleasure Peri as she carried her; she looked so cute and innocent with her panty-less body while Peri stared at her with "Do me" eyes, Pearl began rubbing on Peridot's clit which earned a loud moan echoing across the beach. "That feels so...mm-mazing" Peridot said squirming in Pearls embrace making her hips move against Pearl's fingers as the hot burning sensation became greater. The smell of Peridot's sex overwhelmed Pearl's nostrils causing her mouth to water, without haste her lips met Peri's intimates, "Nyahh…haaaaa" Peridot arched her back in her arms in a very lewd display while walking down the beach.

The two gems made their way down south of the beach, Pearl still eating her way to Peridot soul while carrying her towards the barn housing their experiments. The small gem felt her vagina tearing up about to hit her peak as Pearl's tongue danced on her opening earning some pretty promising moans.

"Pearl, ahh…keep going I'm about to…mm… mm burst" Pearl lapped up her last taste of Peridot and set her down in front of the barn door. "Not yet Peridot, the real fun lies inside of the barn" Pearl said kneeling down to reach eye level with her. Pearl pouted as her orgasm was denied by the whim of Pearl's hand, Pearl noticed this reaching for the vibrating panties in her pocket.

"Here, put these on for me" Pearl said as she helped Peridot into black lacey garments, she slid the panties upward towards her lover ass, wedging the panties up her butt for the full experience. She took the remote out for Peridot to have, "I need you wet for what is about to come Peridot, understand?" Peridot takes the remote and notices the different levels and buttons it came with. "Yes Pearl, I will ensure that I will be very wet for you" she said with a smile. Pearl was delighted to hear that as she tugged Peridot's panties upward giving her a deeper wedgie, "Ohh" earning a cute whimper. Peridot turned on her panties and felt her holes stimulated as Pearl held onto the back of the elastic like a leash walking into the barn and shutting the door.

Inside the barn was very humid and steamy for a night on the beach; Peridot opens her eyes to see candles laid onto the ground lighting up the barn with romantic lighting leading to a mattress. "Oh Pearl, I love it!" she said as she grappled onto Pearl's waist for affection. "I knew you would, now go sit on the bed over and play with your panties, I have a surprise for you." Pearl let Peri's panties free, letting the elastic snap onto Peridot's green ass, "EEP!" being in a playful state Peridot smack Pearl's ass making her cheek echo through the barn walls. Pearl gave off a blush as loved how hot she was getting, she broke into a sweat when walking to the back of the barn to retrieve Peridot's surprise.

Peridot kept her word to become as wet as she could by masturbating, her fingers tangoed on her panties already driving her wild with immense pleasure. "Mmm P…Pearl AHH" Her body moistened with her own sweat as the heat of the barn began to rise, in her efforts to become drenched were coming true. So much that she formed a puddle right onto Pearl's spare mattress hoping she wouldn't make herself cum before Pearl came back. Peridot felt pre cum leak out of her opening knowing that her big finish is right around the corner of her walls, so she turned her panties off and exhaled a sigh.

Pearl came back holding Peridot's present behind her back; she kneeled onto the mattress seeing Peridot's face light up to see Pearl in front of her. "I made myself wet for you Pearl see" Peridot spreads her legs for Pearl to watch a single drop fall from her damp snatch, making Pearl blush and giggle as she swiped a finger on her opening and tasting it. "mm yes" Peridot responded.

"You're my favorite flavor, Peridot." Pearl said sucking on her index finger, she drove her finger into Peri's steaming opening and took it out quick "hhAaaHH, ohh Pearl" Peridot said tensing her legs up.

"You should try it" Pearl held her finger up to Peridot's face where she opened her mouth to taste her own wetness, going further Peridot bobbed her head while sucking Pearl's finger, "Yeah I love my taste too, but you know what I really want" Peridot said moving her mouth away from Pearl's finger leaving strands of saliva attached to it. "Oh I know what you want, ready for your present" Peridot nodded her head in anticipation to see what Pearl was hiding behind her back.

Pearl revealed a double sided dildo, Peridot was in awe, she played with dildos before with Amethyst but she has never seen or even heard of a sex toy like this one. It was thick red toy, with fake veins running along the shaft, Peridot's mouth watered as Pearl applied lube to both ends.

"I want you to beg for it, Peridot" Pearl said stripping in front of her horny gem, leaving her light green panties on. "Pleeaaase, Miss Pearl" Peridot begged while stirring her hips giving Pearl such an innocent look. "Please, Miss Pearl what? My dirty little gem." The nickname caused Peridot to blush even more, "I want it, Pearl I want to hug that thick toy inside my tight hole" Peridot revealed.
"Mmm which hole, Peridot" Pearl's reply caused Peridot to think naughty thoughts knowing nothing has ever touched that particular hole before, but putting on a confident front for Pearl she replied, "I'm all yours Pearl you can do anything to me" "That's my girl" Pearl said leaning in giving Peridot a passionate kiss.

Pearl put one end into her opening moaning as she did it, "Ahhhhh, oomph"; her vagina swallowed half of it for Peridot to enjoy the other side. Peridot spreads her tiny legs as far back as she could, as Pearl probed her opening with the other tip of the toy. Peri bit her lip as the head went inside her with ease; she grabbed her own tits getting ready feeling her heart pounding right through her chest. Pearl continued to slide the shaft deep into Peridot's slit all the way to point where both genitals were touching. "Oh God, Pearl, mmmmm push harder" Peridot demanded, as the toy slid in and out as the two gems begin to moan faster by each incredible thrust.

After a few more thrusts, both their bodies glistened as the heat rose inside the barn house. The couple kept dancing around the dildo earning a more powerful gasp from one another, "Getting… mmmmm close, because I am" Pearl said trying not to moan louder over Peridot, "ha hahh mmm I'm almost there Pearl" Her breast rocked up and down as she pushed herself deeper in the toy, she felt a hand creeping up under her bottom.

Pearl's finger rubbed Peri's other hole, "Nyaahhhhh, Pearl wait it might hurt" Peridot protested to Pearl's actions which caused a smile to appear on Pearl's face. "But you did say anything, Peridot" Pearl replies, as she inserted her finger anally causing Peridot to yelp. Peridot loved the feeling she was experiencing from her other opening, it came with a sting but she thought it was a good sting. She felt her orgasm arising, but she didn't want the love making to end without inflicting pain on Perl as well.

Peridot reached for a candle, and dripped hot wax onto Pearl's torso causing pearl's body to quiver under each drop, Peridot clumsily got hot wax on her on breasts, "AHH" they both moaned as the hot wax splashed onto both of them. "mmmm I want to cum with you Peridot" Peridot nodded with consent as they both relinquished Juices simultaneously with the toy inside them causing spray to get over eachothers bodies.

Peridot slipped the toy out of Pearl's opening, tasting the dildo for Pearl to see, as she lay back on the mattress where they're eyes met.

"I love you, Pearl" Peridot says, causing Pearl's eyes to water right in front of her, in sudden realization that she had feelings for Peridot as well.

"I'm in love with you, Peridot" she muttered, after hearing those words Peridot leaned in for a passionate kiss as they heard the ocean waves crashing on the beach outside.