Reason for Rewrite: When I was originally writing this, there were some plot holes that were quite obvious and would have become apparent to Y'all as the story went on. There was also a direction I wanted to take this story but was unable to due to these plot holes. I have only just figured out how I wanted to fix them so Y'all will be happy to know that there will be extra chapter added to the beginning giving Y'all a longer story. Plus, my writing style has changed a little so it was gonna happen anyways.

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Chapter One: What's Cookin'?

The day my life changed forever was on the day of my neighborhood's local fair. I had been walking through the fairgrounds when I passed by a booth being manned by a young boy no older than twelve.

"STEP RIGHT UP AND TRY YOUR LUCK AND SEE IF FATE IS ON YOUR SIDE! Hey, miss! Why don't you give it a try!" I turned to the boy. The first thing I noticed when I looked at the boy was his bright, sky blue hair and startling silver eyes. That's not a combination let alone color you see every day... Must be a millennial thing.

"Who, me?" I asked cause he surely couldn't be calling me I mean, I'm the one that awkwardly thinks that I am being called on but in all actuality, it was the person behind me.

"Yes, you!" he cried out all the while pointing at me enthusiastically. Well, that debunks that theory... "If you win you will receive a prize that will change your life forever!" He said with a smile.

Well... there's no harm in trying it out.

With a shrug I reply, "Well, I guess there's no harm in trying, but I have to warn you, I'm not very good at these kinds of things." I said with a small chuckle as I walked towards the boy's booth which was only a plastic folding table with a plastic, black sheet that could be bought at the dollar store covering it. Behind him was handmade cardboard sign saying, 'Pendulum of Destiny'.

"Don't worry about it, I have a feeling you'll win for sure." there was a flash of mischief in his silver eyes as he said this, but it was gone before I could decipher what the gleam in his eyes meant, "So, are you ready to and win?"

"Sure, I like winning," I replied nonchalantly with a shrug and a small smile on my face.

He dug into his pocket and pulled out one of those pendulum thingies you use in scrying. It was a light blue crystal connected to a silver chain. It was quite a pretty thing.

"Okay, this is a fate based challenge. It only works if you are fated to win the prize." He said giving me the most serious look I've seen on his face yet.

"Eh..." I gave him a blank look. Me winning this challenge is based on if I am fated to win... What a load of horse hockey! "You're kidding me right?"

"Dead serious." Still giving me that no-nonsense look. He didn't seem to be lying and my gut was telling me to trust this guy and my gut has never steered me wrong so...

I sighed, "Fine, get on with it."

He took my hand, facing it palm up, and hung the scrying stone above it. All of a sudden, the stone began to sway and glow light blue. The boy's eyes instantly lit up with excitement.

"YES! It worked! Guess what!? You win! Congratulations!" He said with a beaming smile.

"Eh... That's it?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yep, expect your prize to be delivered by Monday morning, Mai!"

"Wait, how did you know my name!?" I exclaimed.

"Oh, by the way, the name's Sora." He ignored me! "I hope we get to see each other again soon. It was nice meeting you!" as soon as he finished speaking, there was a giant gust of the wind that blew my short bright red hair into my face, temporarily blinding me. When I looked back at where the boy (or Sora as he introduced himself) had been, he along with his booth were no longer there.

"EH?! WHERE DID HE GO!?" I exclaimed. Why was no one else but me noticing this?!

"Mom, I'm home!" I called out as I opened the front door and toed off my shoes.

"In the kitchen!" the distant voice of my mother called. Entering the kitchen, I enter to see my mother chopping up scallions on one of our many wooden cutting boards. Hearing my footsteps, she turned towards me and gave a beaming smile, her emerald green eyes twinkling in the sunlight streaming through the kitchen window, "Hey, welcome back."

My mom looked just like, or more like, I looked just like her. From her bright red hair that shined like a crisp red apple and bright green gem-like eyes. I was all her. Albeit her hair was far longer than mine with her's reaching the middle of her back and mine just above my shoulders, we looked just alike. We had the same petite stature and small frame graced with womanly curves. It was a wonder people could tell us apart.

With a sigh, I plopped down at the small kitchen table, "Yeah, it's good to be back."

Her bright smile turned into a frown instantly, "What's wrong?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing. I just met some weird boy at the fairgrounds."

Her frown abating a little, she grew curious, "How was he weird?"

With a shrug, I recounted my strange encounter with the blue-haired boy. Once finished, I looked to my mother to see what her reaction to the little weirdo would be. What surprised me was the fact that she was chewing her lip in apprehension, "Mom... your chewing your lip again." Something about my story must have bothered her. She sat up a little straighter at that and stopped chewing her lip, but I could see her picking at her cuticles instead. Okay... something is really bothering her. The question is: what? "Mom?" I said giving her incredulous look.

"Uh, well..." she stammered as she shifted in her chair feeling uncomfortable under my stare, "I think it best your father is home before we have this discussion..." she finally said.

With a sigh, I stood up from my chair and stretched, "Well, no use worrying about it now, so what's cookin'?" I asked dropping the previous topic entirely.

"I'm making steak and baked red potato. I haven't put the steaks on the grill yet so if you could help me with that it would be much appreciated," she said as she went to stir the currently boiling potatoes.

"Sure thing." and with that, the sound of cooking filled the kitchen until dinner time.

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