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Name: Hunter x Hunter

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Chapter Fifteen: Two School Girls

"Seriously?! Let me get this straight. All four of you failed the first version of the Second Phase of the exam. Menchi lost a gasket at the fact that no one understood the art of Gourmet Hunters and in retaliation; #255 went to attack in retaliation, but inevitably got swatted away like a fly by Buhara before Menchi could kill him. The chairman of the Hunter Association came to the Second Phase in order to stop Menchi from failing all but one applicant and had her create a new exam on the fly which ended up being the 'Jump Into the Canyon and Get an Egg Challenge'." I reiterated in a putout tone with my arms crossed as I stared Gon and Killua down, "Did I mention the fact that all four of you failed the Second Phase of the exam the first time through!" I shouted at them, "The two of are bright young boys that are capable of just about anything you put your minds to and because of this, I have high expectations of you 'cause I know you can meet them. Yes, I know that the examiner wasn't thinking clearly, but you at least know the basics of cooking right?" I questioned as I looked between the two.

"Um... no?" Killua said, hesitant to answer.

"I can roast things in a campfire..." Gon said in the same hesitant tone.

My felt my left eye twitch at this, "Just so we're clear, you both are going to learn the basics of cooking and how to make a proper meal from scratch, capiche?"

"Capiche..." they both said, avoiding eye contact.

I let out a sigh. That was exhausting... Well, better steer this conversation into smoother waters. "So, how fun was it to jump into that canyon?" I asked with a smile.

The both of them seemed to perk up at this, their eyes once again gaining that sparkly look they get when they're excited about something.

"It was awesome!" exclaimed Gon buzzing with so much excitement at the thought of the experience that he was bouncing on the balls of his feet.

Killua looked at Gon with a smirk at how giddy he was being as though he was above that kind of childishness when in reality, he was buzzing with the same excitement as Gon.

I shook my head in amusement as I listened to them recount their adventures during the retake of the Second Phase. As I was listening, my eyes had strayed to my left and saw Kurapika standing over by his own station not too far away with Leorio boiling his egg. Kurapika had decided at that moment to look over his shoulder towards me. I felt my cheeks start to heat up at being caught and looked away.

So embarrassing!

I checked out of the corner of my eyes to see if he was still looking at me and quickly diverted my eyes due to him still looking at me.

Apparently, I had completely zoned out of the conversation too caught up in my own little world of embarrassment, but had caught on pretty quickly to my plight and was enjoying every minute of it with that smirk of his.

He let out a chuckle, "Hey Gon," signaling Gon to come closer he whispered in his ear (not that I noticed). What did make me notice their private conversation was Gon's giggling.

"Huh? Why are you two giggling like two school girls who got a peek inside the boys' locker room?" I inquired, curious while at the same time disturbed by the fact that they more than likely scheming something and that scheming had something to do with me.

They both glanced over at me before turning to each other and giggling.

I hate these two sometimes... As I ran my fingers through my hair in exasperation, I looked to the sky and saw the sun start to turn a beautiful golden yellow and red. Back home, I never would have been able to watch the sunset like this.

Before long, the eggs were done boiling and were ready to eat.

"This is damned good. Much better than the eggs you buy in a store." Ninja Guy said with his mouth full of food.

Ugh... gross...

"I can see why they're called dream eggs." Kurapika commented as well sans the mouth full of food.

Beside Kurapiaka, Leorio and Killua both stood by eating their eggs as well. Both of their faces filled with joy and content at what they were eating.

They must be really good then. I thought with a small smile as I stood there without one.

"Hey, Todo-san." I looked over to my left and saw Gon over by Bleach who I now just noticed had tissues up his nose to keep from bleeding all over himself. Huh, guess his name is Todo. "Would you like a bite?" Gon asked the man as held out his somewhat eaten egg.

Todo-san wordlessly took the egg from Gon's outstretched hands and took a bite. He let out a gasp, "It's delicious..." he said in surprise and wonder.

This is when Menchi decided to walk over to the two and speak up, "Now you've experienced the joy of discovering how good something can taste. We're risking our lives for that joy."

Todo-san turned to the scantily dressed woman, "I was completely outclassed this year. I'll be back next year!" he said as he bowed towards the woman in respect.

Gon stood between the two with a smile on his face, proud of what the man had discovered and what he helped the man discover.

I felt someone tap my shoulder, "Huh?" I turned and noticed it was Kurapika.

"Hey, um... I accidentally grabbed an extra egg during the retake and was wondering if you wanted to eat it so that it doesn't go to waste." he offered as he held out the extra dream egg to me with a slight tint of pink on his cheeks.

Is he blushing? No, he can't be! It might just be from being out in the sun. Shut up Brain! Don't rule anything out. You never know.

"Sure." I replied as I took the egg from him and proceed to peel off the top portion of the shell. I stashed the egg shells in my pocket to dispose of later and took a bite out the egg. As soon as the egg hit my tongue, my tongue exploded with exquisite flavor, "Oh my gosh this is good! Thanks, Kurapika." I said with a beaming smile.

Kurapika gave me a small smile as his cheeks got reder, "Your welcome, Mai."

I felt my cheeks and neck grow hotter as he smiled at. Well... I guess I'm hopelessly in love with this dork... and my guess is... he on some level feels the same for me...

42 Applicants Remain

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