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The kitchen is quiet. Lily is slightly suspicious; Harry is meant to be baking. She had been hesitant to let him in the kitchen alone, but he had begged and begged and in the end she let him.

He's only seven, but he is a little grown up. He wanted to bake cupcakes, and she had let him – setting out all the ingredients in a row, putting the oven on a child proof setting, laying out the recipe. He had wanted to do it by himself, so Lily had left, peeking her head round the corner every two minutes, and her heart beating fast at the sight of her little son cooking by himself.

The baby cries, and Lily turns to the hallway with a sigh. Little Rose Potter, her crop of red hair covering her head at one, is sobbing to herself.

Lily lifts her up, and feels an immense surge of satisfaction as the baby stops crying, her arms around her mother's neck.

Lily wants to check on Harry – but she knows she shouldn't. He's being independent, cooking all by herself.

But surely a peek won't hurt …


Harry checks the recipe again. It calls for a cup of sugar, so he carefully measures it out, frowning hard as he tips the spoon of brown sugar into the red mixing bowl.

Surely a lick wouldn't hurt …

But no. Harry shakes his head firmly at himself. He won't even have the tiniest taste of the mixture. It is going to be a surprise for Dad, and he can't have any beforehand.

Harry finishes mixing the mixture, and is satisfied that it looks just like how when Mum makes it.

Tongue slipping out of his mouth and glasses falling off his nose, he carefully spoons the mixture into red cupcake cases, opens the oven, and slips it inside.

Harry closes the oven. He looks up to see his mum looking at him, Rose on her hip, with a huge sloppy smile on her face. "How long have you been watching me?" he says suspiciously.

"Not long at all," grins his mum. "Just came in to watch the last bit. Did everything go okay?"

"Yes," says Harry.

"I'm sure they will taste delicious!"

"Yeah," says Harry. "Can I go to Ron's?"

"Who'll watch the cupcakes?"

"Um … can you? Please?" He fixes his mum with his best smile, and knows he has her when she sighs and nods. "Thanks!"

"Where's my kiss?"

Harry gives a large sigh and gives his mum a kiss on the cheek, before sprinting out of the kitchen and opening the front door.

"Your coat!" comes the call from the kitchen.

Harry gives an exaggerated sigh. His mum always makes him wear his coat, though it isn't cold outside at all. He tugs it off the hook on the wall by the door, and shrugs into it; it's big and green and warms his shoulders.

Then he opens the door and sprints out into the cold Autumn air.


Ron is excited as Harry tells him all about the cupcakes that he made.

Then Ron says: "Are you going to ice them?"

"Of course I am," huffs Harry. Whoever heard of un-iced cupcakes?

"You're lucky your mum let you cook," says Ron. "My mum won't let me near the kitchen. She says I'll burn the house down on accident."

Harry is silent. Then: "Maybe you can help me ice them."

"I'd love to!" shouts Ron, his freckles standing out in his face like little suns.


Harry carries the cupcakes off the top of the oven, and puts them on the kitchen table. They are cool now; his mum took them out of the oven for him at the perfect time, and they are golden and smell delicious. Ron grins. "Can't wait to eat them! Do you have the icing?"

"Icing requires a little knack," says Harry's mum, depositing Rose on the table, where she sits with her thumb in her mouth. "I use my wand to whip it up. How about I make it, and then you can spread it on?"

"Okay," says Harry.

Harry, Ron, and Rose watch as Lily mixes up the icing, beating it with a spell. She lets them lick the bowl, with a whispered "Don't tell your mum!" to Ron.

When the icing is done, Lily hands both the boys a spoon and tells them to go for it. She ices one herself, carefully spooning on the sugar and smoothing it with the edge of a knife. Harry and Ron slop on the icing with spoons, patting it and making little patterns in the icing.

It is messy, but it is fun, and the boys end up with icing on the ends of their noses.

The cupcakes are laid out on the kitchen table. Lily wipes the icing off the boys, removing the evidence. The boys both take a cupcake and go outside to play, and Lily nibbles a cupcake while curled up in a corner of the sofa.

Her Harry did a good job.


"This is delicious!" says James, the half eaten cupcake on the table in front of him.

Harry beams with pride. "Ron helped with the icing," he explains, "But I cooked them all by myself."

"Well done!" James exclaims, beaming with pride himself. "Are you sure mummy didn't help?"

"Not even a little bit!"

Lily nods and smiles, spooning some mash into Rose's mouth. "You did a good job, Harry."

"They do taste yum," says Harry, taking a large bite of the cupcake. "Can Rose have one?"

"She's a bit small yet."

"When she's older I'll cook her a cupcake," says Harry firmly.

Rose gurgles, and the Potters laugh. Bits of cupcake spraying out of Harry's mouth.

James and Lily smile at each other, before rushing to the rescue.

And outside the house, the Autumn winds blow, and the stars shine, and all is peaceful.

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