Mission: Impossible

by: Abood Ash

Author's note: Hello, Fanfiction readers, this is the second chapter of my Mission: Impossible adaptation. This scene adapts the mission briefing scene from the first film, where Jim Phelps explains the mission to his agents. It does sound promising. So, i hope you enjoy it. Please read and review.

P.S.: I do not own Mission: Impossible. It belongs to Paramont Pictures.

Prague, Czech Republic

Wednesday, May 22nd, 1996

It was evening in the city of Prague. Prague was the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic and 14th largest city in the European Union. Also, it was the place that Phelps and his teammates were supposed to meet. The group met at a safe-house apartment in Prague, where the mission and various roles were explained by Phelps to his agents.

"Your mission is to recover the NOC list, a CIA cover list of our cover operatives in Eastern Europe. It was stolen by Alexander Golitsyn. Golitsyn will be at the Prague Embassy tonight. To recover the list, you must infiltrate the reception, apprehend Golitsyn and bring back the list."

Phelps feared that if the list of covert operatives by in the countries of Eastern Europe would have been sold, it would be bid terrorists, arms dealets, drug lords and criminals.

"It would be bid upon by third world terrorists, arms dealers, drug lords, any and everybody who'd love to get rid of long-term coverts like us. If they're exposed, they'll be executed." Phelps added. "If anything goes wrong, I call abort, everybody walk away immediately."

In preparation for the mission, the team discussed their high-tech gadgets including a pair of glasses with a camera in its bridge, that could transmit video to Ethan's wristwatch, an earpiece, and a red/green piece of gum - potentially explosive. Jack showed Ethan the exploding gum.

"Hasta lasagna, don't get any on ya." Jack gave the gum to Ethan. "Just don't chew it."

To infiltrate the reception, Ethan had to pose himself as Senator John Waltzer. Waltzer was the senator of United States of America and the chair of the Armed Services Committee hearings, who was against the CIA's shadow organizations and covert intelligence operations. Phelps and the team watched one of his hearings on the computer screen.

"We were living in a democracy the last time I checked."

After watching the hearing, Phelps claimed that Waltzer had been diverted for fly-fishing to Ireland - so that Ethan could impersonate him at the reception. It was the time for the mission.

End of chapter. I hope you enjoyed it.