Ok, so as you know, this is a fnaf dares story. I will be including fnaf 1 characters for now and me. Mine character will be named Max like me in real life. You can imagine me how you want cause i dont really care.

"How's it goin' bros, my name is FOOOOXYPIE!" foxy yelled as he got the camera pointed directly at him. "Today I'm filming a challange requested by one of you as a special for 10 subs! Im here with my assistant Bonnie. Say hello bonnie!"


"So lets read the challenge! Ok the comment says "I challenge you to suck your own D"."

Bonnie, after looking at the comment bursted out laughing. "Do it!" bonnie says to foxy

"Im assuming that you meant desert, but you can't eat a desert its just too big..." foxy said a little confused

"Foxy, i didn't know you were that stupid" bonnie said still laughing

"Ok so what is a D?"

Bonnie whispered something to foxy's ear and foxy made a disgusting face...

"Uhhhhhh... no." foxy said and covered the camera with his hand.

Suddenly Chica came into the room and said "Guys, why the hell are you recording some stupid videos at 5 pm?"

"Umm, just a challenge" foxy said

"Nevermind, come for a while, the author wants something from you"

Bonnie gave chica a confused look and said "Wait, did you just broke the fourth wall?"

"Maybe, lets go"

They all went out of the room and headed to the main room.

"Guys I have an idea for a new fanfic!" Max said as he appeared from somewhere in the main room

"What is with you guys, always breaking the 4th wall?" bonnie said a little bored

Max ignored him and continued "As i said, the fanfic will be about like dares, the readers will give you dares and you guys will have to complete them!"

Foxy gave him an angry look and said "No! I don't want to be in a fanfic again!"

"And why is that?"

"Because last time in a fanfic I was geting killed like every chapter!"

"No you weren't"

Bonnie went into the discussion and said "How about we make a 'Foxy death count' in our fanfic?"

Foxy and Max gave him the "are you fucking serious" look

Suddenly, mike came into the room saying "Whats up guys?"

"Oh, great to see you, we are making a new fanfiction!" max said

"A new what?"


That's it for that chapter, i know that it is short but who cares? Submit the dares in reviews or PM!