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From neon lololol

XD I AM SO DARING BONNIE, FREDDY AND GOLDIE TO BECOME A GIRL FOR THE NEXT 5 QUESTIONS! oh also Goldie *takes out 5 nuclear bomb* use this to kill foxy 5 times

"Wait, what the hell?!" Bonnie, Freddy and Goldie who were all sitting on the main stage asked in unision, in an angry tone as soon as they heard the dare.

"Who the hell would want us to be girls?!" Bonnie asked, raising his voice, his face expression more angry but also a bit confused

neon lololol: Me

"What are you, stupid or something?" Bonnie asked

Suddenly a blinding light illuminated the room and Max appeared from nowhere

"What the hell are you doing Bonnie? Why the f*ck are you insulting readers?" he said looking Bonnie in the eyes

"Because he wants me, Goldie and Freddy to become girls!"

"So? What's the problem?" Max said, with hands crossed

"We don't want to be girls!"

"Sorry buddy, that's a dare." Max said, putting the swag glasses on "DEAL WITH IT" he said and dissapeared

Then another light illuminated the room and Bonnie, Goldie and Freddy immediately turned into girls. They all had female bodies and feminine voices now.

"Oh crap..." Freddy said with her feminine voice, looking at her body and her friends' bodies

"So it happened. At least it's only for 5 questions..." Goldie said

"Great, now we have to act like girls" Bonnie said, crossing her arms

Suddenly, Chica and Mangle entered the room, talking about something, but when they looked at Goldie, Bonnie and Freddy they immediately stopped dead in their tracks.

"OH SHIT, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!" Chica and Mangle yelled looking at the others then they both ran away

Then Max appeared again and teleported away with Goldie. They both appeared on a desert.

"Where are we?" Goldie asked

"Ehh, somewhere in Nevada, I guess. We're on a desert, who cares where it is" Max said

"So why are we here?"

"See this?" Max said pulling out a bunch of atomic bombs "You got this, and you need to kill Foxy 5 times."

"Why do I have to kill Foxy?" Goldie asked, a bit confused

"Because the dare requires it." Max said, handing the bombs to Goldie "Now, since I'm too lazy to resurrect Foxy over and over again, I'll just spawn five Foxys there."

Then he took out a smartphone, started tapping something, and suddenly five Foxys appeared in front of Goldie.

"Wow, how did you do that on your phone?" Goldie asked

"I can do anything on my phone, like in Watch Dogs." Max said "Now, DETONATE THESE BOMBS!"

Goldie then pressed the red button which she got from somewhere, no one knows where from.






Just after the whole thing exploded, Goldie and Max teleported back to the pizzeria. Dropping 5 nukes in the same place isn't the brightest idea, so I guess that half of the USA is radioactive now.

"So the Foxy Death Count™ goes to '7'!" Max and Goldie yelled as they got back to the pizzeria.

Yes, Foxy Death Count™ is a thing now. And yes, I trademarked it.

Also sorry that this chapter has only one dare, but I'm a bit tired, so y'know. Anyway, i hope you enjoyed the chapter, I'm out, PEACE!