This was something I did for a contest but I ended up not submitting it, still, tell me what you think and what I would have won if I hap participated. ~(^-^)~

The Young Hero:

Our story starts with Hiro, our protagonist, a boy with a big ambition and a will to go beyond his confines to explore the world outside. As he makes his way from the edge of society to the vast scopes of green out yonder, he only thinks to himself where to go in this big world. As he comes to large rolling hills he is faced with an army plated in black and marching in line, moving stores to their Queen's palace of earth and stone filled with the younger generations of warriors, and returning to the wilderness whence they came. As he moves on, seeing as there is no imminent threat in the slowly marching army, our hero faces another obstacle, the beast, a large behemoth of a being with four clawed hands and a tail that ran smack into Hiro as he attempted to climb the castle it called home set on finding treasure and fame within its stark black framed walls. From above it attacked in heaps of goo and continued to assault Hiro with a steady rock and sway of its fluff armored body intent on making itself known to the hero as an adversary requiring immediate mention; however with a swift punch to the top of its slime covered nose the beast is subdued in a heap of sad dejection, to be seen again another day. All is now peaceful in the rich fields and the hero moves to claim his prize within the walls of the beasts yellowed stone castle when an even greater presence comes to Hiro, one greater than any enemy he had faced earlier that day. As it lifted him from behind he tried to scramble away from its impossible grip but even his large legs and arms were not enough to prevent the ominous being from taking him. As the being swung him around to face his enemy, an angel stood in the presence's place. An angel of good fortune and sustenance had finally come to take him from the green furrows and hills to be placed in a world of tranquil serenity. As it took him away from the battle field, the soothing tones to which it spoke with him was like a balm over his wounds of war and battle scared heart, that he may fight refreshed at a later date.

"Oh, Hiro, you silly baby, how did you get outside? Come now it's time for lunch and your nap, then you can play outside with Spot again, how does that sound?"

The End…

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